Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Applebough! Your days are numbered!


Applebough and I have a bone to pick.

First of all, just look at him.

He sits around Dalaran selling the same old fruit every day. He's got his cute little shop with the cute little wheels, his cute little blood elves and draenei coming around buying his fresh apple juice, telaari grapes, his tundra berries. Like he's SOMEONE.

Well Applebough, let me tell you this.

Just because your leaves are greener than mine, and you're slightly larger in stature than me, and you get pretty girls to buy stuff from you, doesn't mean you're better than me!!! RAWR


But if we look further into the true nitty gritty of the situation and do some deep soul searching, or psychoanalysis (either or), we can see that really it comes down to one issue.

I mean, look at me.

I'm dull. I look downright *scrawny*. My leaves....they're always brown.


I just wanna be like Applebough....

Here's what I propose to you (you, aka, Blizzard).

Make our leaves change with the seasons.

How *cool* would that be!

Check it out:

Summer druid, activate!

Spring druid, activate!

Fall druid, activate!

Winter druid, activate!

And yeah, I know that 1. Winter druid looks like she's got 4 huge dreadlocks coming out of her head, and 2. Spring druid looks like she's got green maggots crawling on her head, and 3. Summer druid looks like she's got a green spraypainted afro on her head. Just go with it. I'm sure Blizz can fix them up a wee bit, make 'em look more professional. You know. Maybe use something other than Paint. (And yes, Maer, I know that you told me about that other program, but when I found out about it I was already like 90% done with my painstaking Paint job. Next time, I'll go with your suggestions =D)

So until Blizzard hears my plea, all I can do is stare at Applebough with envy, and pray that one day, he starts selling his green leaves. And glue. Or tape.


15 remarks:

Keeva said...

To be honest I don't really understand why NE druids aren't the purply ent, and the Taurens the current skin. Y'know, to follow the whole.. elves are purple and cows are brown theme.

I just want a better cat model.

And maybe let me show my weapons in tree form. Or something.

coil said...

Winter tree: snow-covered!

SneakyFox said...

oooo, snow covered....

Averna, you could always go and download the skin pack to make the images different (I know that requires more work than should be necessary, but at least it's something you can change for the time being) and it doesn't require you using mspaint to fake some leaves on your head. ;-)

SneakyFox said...

BTW, nice touch with changing the colour of the emblem around your neck.

Bell said...

I would love for fall to have red and yellow and brown leaves.

4shley said...

This post is full of win and awesomesauce. And barky arms. *Seasonal* barky arms. Win.

Corgii said...

I agree with you and Keeva. I actually saw a screen from the official site once where there were purple treants that looked like the Nelf version. I thought having differing colors would always be nice, but I actually never considered having the tree form change with the seasons! How creative! I love it =D

And yes, weapons in tree form would also be lovely ><

Sevei said...

lol This post is full of win :P I would be cool to see and I like the idea of a snow covered tree too, very festive lol

Maerdred said...

Oh, don't worry. I wouldn't have done as well as you did. even with

I just hope they get off their butts and give us new forms some day.

@Keeva, Weapons in tree form FTW! not linking to it, but I have a specific beef with Blizz about that.

Averna said...

@Keeva: Yeah, why *aren't* we the purpley ent? That makes way too much sense. And yeah, gimme SOMETHING in tree form. A weapon, something.

@coil: You know, I tried to put some snow on the winter druid, and it just looked awful. Not saying the idea isn't awesome (cause it is!), just saying that the Paint job I was doing with it was too crappy for words. =P

@SneakyFox: Downloading the new skins is an option, but a slightly risky one. Blizzard has officially stated that they are against ToS. If you did use them, would you really get banned? I don't know how strict they are with it. But my own personal policy for myself is better safe than sorry.

And one more thing: I would never QQ about this ever again, IF: Blizzard made that scuba diving helm that you get from that quest in Tanaris visible in all forms. All I want is a kitty and a tree wearing a scuba diving helmet. Bahaha.

Keredria said...

Not only do I want us to change with the seasons, but I think we should be able to provide food for raids like mages do. I did a post a long time ago where I said I wanted us to be able to harvest nuts and berries. It'd be hilarious if our guildies could pick up stacks of nuts and berries off our head or something.

sylly said...

Woohoo! lol this post is the shizznits! I absolutely hope that when blizz says they're working on new forms they don't leave out the rotten broccoli set! Thanks for the chuckle...

Sydera said...

I've actually put this very suggestion repeatedly on the suggestion forum.

What I wanted was green leaves with apple blossoms for spring, green leaves with apples for summer, red leaves in fall, and snow on my branches in winter.

Malon said...

I like the basic skin, but some variation in colour and foliage would be nice.

Anyway, stop picking on Applebough. He/she/it is a bloody hero, and my favourite person to chat to in Dalaran.

Sent on behalf of Friends of Applebough.

Jong said...