Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Resto druid Ulduar relic?


First off: as of right now, there still is no Resto druid relic on the PTR. Didn't mean to get your hopes up.... I know, I'm a very mean tree. Sorry =( See, I've been on the look out for any kind of new druid relics that might be out there, dropping from bosses in Ulduar, but so far, no luck. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like there is a total of four that have been reported: Libram of the Sacred Shield, Idol of the Corrupter, Idol of the Crying Wind, and Steamcaller's Totem. But none yet for us trees.

Depending on how you choose to heal after The Great Lifebloom Nerf of 2009, the current relic we've been using, Idol of Lush Moss, might not be all that viable anymore.

So what should we use after 3.1? Last I heard, the Idol of the Raven Goddess doesn't work with our ToL aura anymore, so that's out the window. The Idol of Awakening, which drops from Gothik in Naxx25 might work well, especially with the Great Mana Regen Nerf of 2009 - we may need all the mana we can get our little barky hands on. There's also the Idol of Pure Thoughts to consider, which you can buy from the Grizzly Hills vendors using Venture Coins.

Although, hey, if we're going to let Lifebloom run out and bloom everywhere and on everything (kinda sounds kinky, don't it), perhaps we should start looking at the Deadly Gladiator's Idol of Tenacity, which is (obviously) the PvP relic for healing pvp druids.

Or perhaps most people will just keep their Idol of Lush Moss... regardless of whether you let LB bloom or not, it's always going to tick first.

What do you guys think?


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Sydera said...

I'll be switching over to the Idol of Awakening when 3.1 hits. Lifebloom might be situational enough that we don't use it all the time or on all bosses. Rejuv is already a frequent cast for me and I expect it to take on even more percentage of my healing.

Roman said...

I'll keep mine for the time being. The Idol of Awakening could be used, but I'm not sure yet. Deadly Gladiator's Idol of Tenacity looks cool and if it was accessible via PvE play, I would consider wearing it instead. Didn't play on the PTR, but it seems that we will be forced to let LB bloom.

Averna said...

@Sydera: I may very well do this too. I use rejuv *lots*, so I think it would really save me a decent chunk of mana. I'm doing a Naxx25 with my guild tonight, cross your fingers that it drops for me =D Also: hai! I know you, you're like, famous! You guys over at world of matticus are awesome!

@Roman: aye, not everyone rocks out PvP. As such, it would be silly if that PvP relic became *the* druid relic to use in PvE. If that does happen (which I don't really think it will), Blizz would really need to look at putting a comparable PvE relic in the game.

Sylly said...

I'm still waiting to see if they'll add an idol to the Naxx drop list. There's one for boomkins, so maybe...? Crossing fingers, toes, roots, branches for better options!

Bell said...

Heh, you took my idea of looking at idols!

coil said...

Guestcat nitpicks: there's a second idol on the PTR, the Idol of the Corruptor. Both it and the Idol of the Crying Wind are placeholders right now - identical to T7.5 drops.

I'm still waiting for a tanking idol that's not a L74 rare, personally. >.>

coil said...

Oh, you did mention it.

...I am ashamed.

Averna said...


It's otay, I forgive you. <3

....don't ever let it happen again.


Roman said...

Blizz seems to think that resto druids are cool. So cool, that they don't need any trinkets. They need to have their mana consumption doubled and their mana regen nerfed =)

Lissanna said...

I made my guild DE the rejuv idol right before the great lifebloom nerf, and said something akin to "why would anyone want that piece of *****". I'm still kicking myself, because now when it drops again, I'm going to have to try and get it. I think I might cry if I never see it drop again.