Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My hunter is badass


I KNOW that every two seconds I'm coming up with a new post that has to do with "omg I love my alts" and "look at how many alts I'm leveling" and "holy crap, alts," and "so I have this new alt."

So bear with me. Also, I'm completely flat-on-my-back-stay-home-from-work sick, so this post might be a little disjointed. Raiding tonight will be fun. "*sneeze* Wait, what are we doing?" "Av, you're on tank healing." "*cough* Ok. Who's the tank?" "Uh, the huge bear there." "*sniffle* Hold on guys. I need to hack up a lung. THROUGH MY NOSE."

Guys, my hunter is badass. She's got the Stained Shadowcraft Spaulders and the Charmed Ancient Bone Bow. She's got Mason's Fraternity Ring from that ZF quest. She's got a ravager pet that will eat your face off, AND she has a bear pet named Kitteh. Who will also eat your face off. Watch it.

Check out this killer bow action:

And my bear, wailing on some elemental dude:


The reason I'm excited about this is because my hunter is now level 53. Now, most of my alts stop getting leveled around level 28, and even if they make it THAT high, they should feel lucky. My warlock's sitting at 13, I've got a rogue at 9, a paladin at 21, and a priest at 10. Having a level 53 toon is a big deal! It's my highest level toon other than my druid (and my barely played death knight). It means that I've almost made it through the painfully slow grind that is Feralas/Hinterlands/Un'Goro. And I haven't lost interest! I still want to keep playing. It's amazing.

I always thought that playing a pet class would be annoying. Why would I want to keep track of two (player and pet) when I could just keep track of one? What I didn't realize is that two = I TAKE NO DAMAGE LOL.

It's awesome.

It's times like these that I wish BRK still wrote his blog. Let me link you on over to the late Out of Mana for a little nostalgia. Interestingly enough, it seems that Meg's blog might be reviving itself? Most exciting news I've heard all day.


6 remarks:

Fuyuko said...

My alts are the same way, which is why I am so excited about my DK. I guess there's a hump in the middle where, not only does 80 not seem quite so far away, but your class also starts to develop some personality.

I hope you feel better!!!! <3

Aertimus said...

I don't think I ever made it past the 40s either with an alt. I'm glad you are enjoying it so much that you want to keep playing, even when you should probably be resting!!! Am-I-right?

4shley said...

Gogogo baby hunter!!!!! I wore that bow and that ring back when I was a baby hunter leveling to 60. Oh, and don't forget the Royal Seal of Eldre'thalas. Huge accomplishment. :P

Glad you're having a great time with it!

Nefernet said...

\o/ Have a great time with your hunter ! My first character was a hunter and I'm still playing her as my main and having fun. I tried other classes but only the druid managed to get passed the 13th level, because I levelled her along a nice dwarf warrior with my boyfriend (he dragged me through level after level... Bless him...)

And for the death knight, I rolled mine at last a few days ago and did the beginning zone in one week-end, taking the time to read the quests and making comments aloud in a roleplay fashion. My boyfriend gave me odd looks that day...

I discovered it was quite a nice class to play. I like the playstyle and the fact I'm not dying on every single stupid mob in my melee range, and I can deathgrip nasty casters... That the first melee class I'm able to play relatively well.

I may give a try to tanking with it, maybe...

There are plenty of good hunter blogs around there. BRK did a good job and emulated many hunters to create their own blog and take his job once he retired. :)

Icedragon said...

WOOT! I'm not the only one that stops alts in the 20's!

Yeah, when I got my first alt into the Un'Goro stage I was like 'Yeah! I can hit 60 now!' then I had a fallout because of raiding and time being spent elsewhere. My second druid is still parked at ~52 or so near the shiny cave. Best of luck to you, hun!

Jong said...

Amg my hunter runs with a bear too! He's a polar bear named CocaCola. He's not a raid pet, I don't care, because I like bears.