Saturday, July 25, 2009

Check out these sweet blogs!


I've run into a few newish resto druid blogs that I wanted to highlight here. I'm thinking I might do this every so often - shine a spotlight on some new, awesome blogs that deserve your readership! So, if you've got a new blog yourself, or know of a neat blog that could use some recognition, feel free to send me an e-mail at!

First up: Twig Heals. Beck provides some really nice resto druid guides to Ulduar that are WAY more concise than mine, so if you've ever been slogging through my ramblings and have thought to yourself, "For crying out loud, Av, get to the point. Tell me where to move and who to heal!" then you should head over to Beck's site and check them out. He's also got a nice little post up about how to track your very own Time-Lost Proto Drake! Beck, I like your style. Keep it up!

Next up: Halcyon Topiary. Aerivore's blog focuses not just on resto druid theory crafting and healing guides, but also on wow as a whole. There are some great posts about what it means to be casual vs hardcore and opinions about the nerfs in Ulduar. Not only that, but it looks like their guild has downed Yoggy. Not only THAT - but they're trying Algalon. Hot damn. Keep an eye on this one!

And last but not least: The Tree Unleashed. Littlebark's got a great writing style. I loved reading through her PUG adventures, and her opinions on faction changes. She recently posted a "Pre-naxx" gear guide for resto druids, so if you're a new 80 or have a druid alt and want to try your hand at healing some raids, you can make sure your gear is up to snuff! Definitely add this blog to your reader - it's worth it!



5 remarks:

Aertimus said...

Good job stepping up and doing this! I have always felt like we should do more as a resto community to welcome new blogs. I have always felt too overwhellemed by the number of new blogs springing up to do anything about it, but thats really a poor excuse. Props to you for being the bigger tree!

Averna said...

Aw, thanks Aert! My only concern is that I've missed a whole bunch of them that deserve just as much recognition - because you're right, there are so many! Hopefully they'll email me and I'll get some more posted soon =P

Littlebark said...

Awww! Thanks Averna ^.^

Aerivore said...

Thanks, Averna! Wasn't expecting this when I popped in today. =D

Beck said...

What a thrill! Thanks for mentioning my little blog Averna! I'm a big fan. :-D