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A Resto Druid's Guide: Mimiron


"We haven't much time, friends! You're going to help me test out my latest and greatest creation. Now, before you change your minds, remember, that you kind of owe it to me after the mess you made with the XT-002..."

Teehee. Yeah, we did kinda pwn him, didn't we. Sorry bout that. AND YOU'RE NEXT!

Mimiron has a ton of different phases and a ton of different abilities. It's quite a doozy. Keep in mind that a large percentage of his abilities will one-shot people if they're not standing in the right place or moving in the right way. So if you get into phase 4 with half the raid dead, there's a fairly good chance that a lot of those deaths were completely avoidable by the people who died. I'm not saying the healing isn't hard - it IS hard, and people WILL die if you don't lay down some crazy leet heals. But I mean, one of his abilities does 5 million damage. Yeah. "MMK LET ME JUST LIFEBLOOM U BEFORE U GET HIT BY THAT K LOL" not so much. I just don't want you guys to do what I did, which is completely beat myself up over not keeping the raid alive. Sometimes it's NOT the healer's fault. I think this fight is a good example of that.

Also, be prepared to swear up a storm during this fight.

Ok, so with that in mind, let's see if we can break it down into chewable parts here.

Phase 1: Our guild puts two healers in each section of the room. See how the room is divided into 3 sections of pie? (mmm, pie) There's the right section, the left section, and the back section. 2 healers for each section. You and the other healer in your section will want to spread out a bit to cover the whole area.

What do I need to look out for in Phase 1? Aw, look! The Leviathan MKII! It's like a mini Flame Levi. Cute! Also, deadly. Don't stand near melee range. There are two things that he does that will affect the melee - first, he puts down Proximity mines in a circle around him. Secondly, he does an 15 yard AoE Shock Blast that will one-shot you. The melee have to run out when he casts this AND avoid the mines - you simply have to stand out of range the entire time and heal stuff =)

So what am I healing? Two things. One: the tank. The tank will take standard damage, until Plasma Blast. Plasma Blast is kind of like Steelbreaker's Fusion Punch, except no one can cleanse it, and it does more damage. Yeah. You want every hot you've got rolling on the tank PLUS you want to spam Nourish. All of your healers need to be spamming every heal they've got into the main tank at this point. It's scary. You will freak out. Weeeeee!!

The second thing you'll be healing are people who get targeted with Napalm Shells. You have to be fast with these guys - get the Napalmed person hotted up as quick as you can. You'll need some Nourishes to top them off, too, and maybe a Swiftmend if they get really low. It's massive damage. Note that you're probably only responsible for the people in your slice of the pie. If someone across the room is getting Napalmed, you're going to be out of range - you'll need to trust your other healers to heal them up. It's scary. You will freak out. Woohoo!!

Keep doing what you're doing, pray a bit to the healy gods, and hope that you can get through phase 1 with no one dying. Once you DO get through phase 1, there's a little break where he talks a bit, and you can take a breather. Phew!

What do I need to look out for in Phase 2? Phase 2 is the VX-001. Once phase 1 is over and the Proximity Mines explode for good, you can move up more towards melee range. Moving towards the center helps get more people within your range to heal, and it also helps when you run away from the P3Wx2 laser barrage (more on this later). Your ranged DPS should also group up on you, to form a tightly knit group. These people are your responsibility in phase 2! Don't let them down! There are a few things you need to be aware of in this phase. First, there is a lot of raid damage going out with Heat Wave. Rejuvs around the raid and WGs can help heal up quite a bit of the damage, but you'll probably find yourself playing catch up with Nourish after a while.

If someone in your group is targeted by Rapid Burst (basically the VX-001 turns towards you and starts rapidly firing lasers at you), you're going to need to heal up everyone in your group quickly. Nourishes and Swiftmend, with a dash of Barkskin on yourself if you're getting low on health is a good way to go. It helps to always keep a rejuv on everyone in your group just in cause VX-001 decides to Rapid Burst your group. You don't want to be caught unprepared.

And Rocket Strike. Rocket Strike does 5 million fire damage to you if you stand in it. LOLFACE. It is a glowing red circle on the ground. Do. Not. Stand. In. It. I know you WANT to stand it in, just to be cool like Kologarn. But no. Get out get out get out. Stop what you're doing and run.

Ok, so you're healing people through the Rapid Bursts, you're WGing the melee through Heat Wave, and you're dancing around the Rocket Strikes. Now what?

Watch for his Spin Up. It's a four second cast, and once he's done spinning up, he'll unleash his P3Wx2 (that's right, pewpew!) Laser Barrage. Look where the cannons are pointing. Pain and damage and all things evil in the form of lasers are going to pour out of those cannons while they do a slow clockwise 120 degree sweep of the room. They'll one shot you, so, run away! If you look up at the cannons and they're pointing towards your left side, then you're going to be fine where you are, because they're going to sweep towards the left. But if the cannons are pointing towards your right side, they're going to move directly into you, so run away clockwise! A few times, I've shifted into kitty and dashed just to make sure I got away fast enough. If you think you're pretty close to getting hit, I'd recommend the same. Note: remember how I said before that you should move up a bit and get closer into melee range at the beginning of this phase? It's because taking a tighter route around him during the Laser Barrage will get you to safety quicker than taking a LONGER route around the outside/middle of the room. A tighter circle = a shorter route!

Phase 2 sounds pretty evil. Is Phase 3 any easier? Eh. Not really. It just gets more chaotic from here on out. There are a lot of adds that spawn, and there are a lot of tanks running around to pick them up. Let's break this down.

First, you're fighting the Aerial Command Unit, which is a flying... head. You're going to need a ranged tank on it - preferably a warlock, although we've had a priest or a mage tank it at various times in a pinch.

Every two seconds, the head will fire a Plasma Ball at the ranged tank, which hit pretty hard. If you're assigned as the designated healer for the ranged tank, you're going to want to roll all of your hots on her, plus hit up Nourish when necessary. It's constant heavy damage, so concentrate on keeping your hots from falling off.

What about the adds? Meanwhile, the rest of the raid is picking up adds. There are three different kind of adds:

1. Junk Bots, which appear from the green portals. These aren't too dangerous.
2. Bomb Bots - these target a specific players and chase them, and then explode after about 15 seconds. They'll do over 20k damage to everyone around them, so get away from them! These should be kited away from the rest of the raid. Make sure that whoever they're targeting has some hots on them to counteract the aftermath of the explosion..... if they survive.
3. Assault Bots - these appear from the orange portals. These have the potential to do a crapton of damage because of their Magnetic Field - but that should be dispelled, which makes our job easier =) These also drop a Magnetic Core thingy, that can be used to draw the Aerial Command Unit down to the ground, where it will take increased damage.

So, if you're assigned to heal the ranged tank, you're going to want to really focus on that. Lots of hots and Nourish. There will be one tank designated to deal with Assault bots, and the other tanky people are going to be picking up the Junk Bots. If you're assigned to any of the tanks picking up adds, make sure you roll your hots on them and don't let them get out of range. They move around quite a bit to pick up spawning adds. If you start to get Grid/Healbot tunnel vision, you might suddenly see that the tank isn't in range. Oh crap. So make sure you stay right with them.

Note... if you get Grid/Healbot tunnel vision at really ANY point in the fight, you're going to die. It's true. This ain't Patchwerk anymore, where you just sit and click. You need to have massive situational awareness in this fight. Don't get tunnel vision!

What's with Phase 4? All the pieces that you just killed now come together to create the V-07-TR-0N. You'll want to group up in a similar fashion to Phase 1 - in your designated slice of pie with one other healer, with a few dps grouped up on you. Phase 4 is basically everything that happened in phase 1, 2, and 3, except now they happen ALL TOGETHER. There are two tanks - one is the main tank from phase 1, tanking the bottom part, and the other is the ranged tank from phase 3 taking the Plasma Balls.

Here's what you need to look out for.

1. The Proximity Mines and the Shock Blast will still happen, but that's for the melee to look out for. Just stand at range like in phase 1, and you'll be fine.
2. You'll need to look out for Rocket Strikes - the red circle on the ground that will do 5 mil damage to you.
3. Rapid Burst from Phase 2 will still happen - make sure to be quick about healing you and your group.
4. Spin up + P3Wx2 Laser Barrage. Keep in mind that you CAN'T "cut corners" and run in a tight circle around him to avoid this, because the proximity mines will be there. I've definitely eaten a proxy mine before doing that and it's really, really, annoying. So remember that you'll have to run wide. This is where kitteh + dash really comes in handy.
5. And the Plasma Ball on the ranged tank.

What's NOT going on in Phase 4? Well, there's no Plasma Blast on the main tank, so tank healing isn't too strenuous. And there's no Heat Wave doing AoE damage. There are also no adds to worry about.

So basically you have to stay out of melee range, heal the ranged tank, avoid Rocket Strikes, heal through Rapid Bursts, and avoid the pewpew laser barrage. EASY AS PIE LOL. Oh, and did I mention that each part needs to die within 10 seconds of each other?


[Asimov's Drape]
The token for [Conqueror's Nightsong Handguards]
[Malleable Steelweave Mantle]
[Pandora's Plea]


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Fuyuko said...

I've only been to this fight once, and I was bad and got confused with the rapid burst, and ran through the raid. >.<

Don't confuse it with the pew pew lasers!!

Jong said...

Great guide Averna. Get your yoga mats out because it's time to visualize the fight. This is my favorite fight. I'd like to think I'm a butterfly, because butterflies never die to mines.

Pookies said...

I love Mimi. He's the cutest little boss that Ulduar ever saw.

"Gaze upon its magnificence! Bask in its glorious, erm ... GLORY!"


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StaggerLee said...

Heh, Funny how a healing guide to a fight I am probably not gonna heal any day soon leads to the Scourge chat-log.

Well, it certainly made my afternoon much more fun - thanks.

Anonymous said...

I agree with every word. Thanks for a good write-up, especially the link to Kologarn, it made me laugh really hard :D