Sunday, July 26, 2009

What the F?


I haven't been following Comic-Con all that much, but uh, what the eff is this? How messed up is that?

Edit: EA apologized.

Seriously, seriously messed.

Ok LOL: Edit again: Here's a quote from user Antiterra from the comments section of the article:

Dear EA,

Everybody already understood perfectly that you weren't asking contestants to rape someone, and that the prize wasn't a night with a prostitute.

You see, the reason many people don't like your promo is not that they were "confused", but rather that your contest is just stupid beyond words. Nothing to do with sex, everything to do with idiocy.

If the best way you found to generate interest in your game is "BOOOOBS!", you must not have a lot of faith in its merits.

One circle a month? I can't wait for the Gluttony month (3rd circle) when you'll ask us to eat bacon-filled doughnuts bathed in corn syrup until we puke our guts out"


Anyway, back to your regular scheduled program. I'll have a guide up for Gen Vez soon. Sometime this week. We got him down to 14% last week, which is pretty awesome, considering we had horrible placement of saronite clouds, AND let some searing flames get through - so on our raid tomorrow, Flipperman is going DOWN.

Oh, side note: Last night a handful of guildies and I went to Mt. Hyjal. We one shotted Archie.

It was fun. =D I didn't even need to use mah tears!


7 remarks:

lissanna said...

There's a reason why I used to "dress down" for comic con when I still lived in the area, lol. That said, I haven't seen them do something quite that bad. There are a good number of females that attend the 'con, since they have a lot more than just comics on display (movies, pop culture stuff, anime, etc).

Saeren (Thrall) said...

Incredibly offensive - bad move by EA...and did I mention, incredibly offensive?

Aertimus said...

Maybe they will redeem themselves by picking a female as the winner... Or maybe that would just be worse! Advertising around the Seven Deadly Sins... that just seems like SUCH a terribad idea.

Kae said...


I hadn't heard about that. Poor form, EA.

AJ said...

/cheer for Hyjal fun!

(I was so depressed that killing Archimonde at 80 was a joke.. We worked so hard on a real kill before!)

Aertimus said...

When did you get the favicon??? Very nice! I normally use chrome but happened to log in in Firefox.

Lath said...

Flipperman hey? I like to call him General Gaybo.... seriously such an annoying fight especially if your rogues/warriors whoever, miss a kick & waste all your mana. Good luck downing him!