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Resto druid raiding reqs!


Edit: Now with more tooltip!!

Our guild has always put together raiding requirements for various tiers of raiding. Raiding reqs are the minimum levels of stats, spellpower, hit cap, enchants, etc. that a guild member has to meet in order to be able to raid. Reqs help do a few things:

1. They give those new-to-end-game members a goal to shoot for. When you've just hit 80 and you're in mostly greens, it's a nice way to figure out what stats you need to improve on overall.

2. Reqs make sure that we can theoretically beat an instance. Ideally, if everyone meets the reqs that are put forth, we'll be able to get through the content.

3. They allow our Class Leaders to be extra picky and make sure that no veteran players are slacking off slightly and missing an enchant here or there, or using an old gem they haven't replaced. Typically this doesn't happen, because most of our veteran players are all min/maxers =)

For the most part (with a couple exceptions here and there), if you don't meet reqs, you don't raid, period. But if there's a situation of "either one person who's undergeared raids with us, OR, 24 people don't get to raid at all" kind of thing, then yeah, we'd probably let someone undergeared join us. This actually happened to me when the guild was in Black Temple - we were short on healers, and our raid leader whispers me and says "wanna heal BT?" I swear I almost fell out of my chair, I was so happy (I'd never raided anything but 10 man Kara with the guild.... hell, when I got to BT, I think Pete had to tell me to expand Grid out to show all 25 people >.<). Then of course afterwards, I beat myself up for being last in healing on WWS (errr DUH Averna, of course you're last, you're in KARA gear and blues/greens, they're all in like tier 87million or something). But overall it was such a thrill being able to raid with them like that.

Anyway, I digress. In coming up with reqs, it's kind of difficult to find that exact number of 'If you're over this, we will win, if you're under, we fail' though. Is 1600 spellpower enough? 1650? or should it be 1597? 1592? Or what if someone is a really good player and can get away with 1500? So a lot people have wondered, what are the baseline numbers that I *need* to have to get into a 25 man run? That being said, I put up my T7.5 raiding reqs for resto druids a while ago, and I thought you all might be interested in seeing them. These requirements are made *without* the assumption that you will be doing Naxx 10 man. Essentially, you should be able to meet these reqs with crafted gear, rep rewards, and drops from heroic 5 mans. Note that this is for all current 25 man content (T7.5): Naxxramas, OS, and Malygos.


Resto Druid Requirements

Keep in mind that this is the first time I've put a list of requirements together, so please feel free to PM me or talk to me in game about any questions you might have.

Note that all of these stats are IN TREE FORM.


Bonus Healing: 1600 (which comes out to be 1477 spell power, if you're looking at your wowarmory and therefore don't have the tree buff on)
Health: 13000
Mana: 15000
Mp5 while casting: 260

Haste and crit are nice B stat bonuses to have, but there are no strict requirements on these.
For a benchmark: Over 310 haste and over 13% crit is quite good. Keep in mind that haste rating also affects your global cooldown, so haste *is* in fact applicable to instacasts like Lifebloom and Rejuv. If you're looking at different gear with haste and crit, haste is better to have than crit chance.

EDIT: If you have the [Majestic Dragon Figurine], you can essentially add +180 spirit to your stats, which is basically +32 mp5. So you can figure that in while figuring out whether you meet the 260 mp5 cut off. Also, 180 spirit gives you about +30 extra spell power (give or take a point) in ToL form because of your ToL spirit aura, so you can factor that in as well.
Essentially, if you have the trinket, you can still meet reqs by having 228 mp5 and 1570 SP (in tol). If you're just barely meeting reqs this way, it means that you MUST wear that trinket for raids.


11 points in the Balance Tree to get to Nature's Splendor are required (5 in Genesis, 3 in Moonglow, 2 in Nature's Majesty, leading to 1 in Nature's Splendor)

Improved Mark of the Wild (2/2)
Nature's Swiftness
Improved Rejuvenation
Empowered Rejuvenation
Living Spirit


[Glyph of Swiftmend] is the only glyph that is required.
[Glyph of Lifebloom] and [Glyph of Regrowth] are recommended. If you're planning on using the Regrowth Glyph, you should look at having the 5/5 Improved Regrowth talent. I originally was requiring this but I'd rather not tell you guys how you should spec. [Glyph of Innervate] is also nice if you're having mana issues.


Food: Bring at least one stack of 20:

[Tender Shoveltusk Steak] or [Firecracker Salmon]
[Mighty Rhino Dogs] or [Spicy Fried Herring]
[Cuttlesteak] is also a good choice.

Spell power food is preferable, but Mp5 food or spirit food can be used if you find yourself consistently running short on mana.


[Flask of the Frost Wyrm] (preferable)
[Flask of Pure Mojo] (if you need the mana regen)
[Runic Mana Potion] (at least 15)
[Runic Healing Potion] (at least 5)

[Spellpower Elixir]
[Elixir of Mighty Mageblood]
[Elixir of Mighty Thoughts]
[Elixir of Spirit]

If you're using elixirs instead of flasks, you must have both battle and guardian elixirs.


All gear that can be enchanted, must be. Enchants should be +spell power, +spirit, and +intellect, with a focus on +spell power. Enchants that require Abyss Crystals will NOT be required (although after the patch, enchants in general should require less mats and/or less expensive mats, so keep that in mind as well), however, all enchants need to be WotlK quality. Obviously there are more enchants than you'll ever use here, but wowwiki has a complete list of enchants by slots HERE.

EDIT: An [Eternal Belt Buckle] WILL be required. Gem it with something appropriate (spell power, spirit, etc). Gems you put in this socket DO count towards your meta-gem requirement. These buckles can be found on the AH, plus a few people in guild can make them.


Gems! Go for socket bonuses when appropriate (which is quite often). Here is a good list of what each color gem offers resto droods. Note that I list the blue, higher quality versions of these gems along with the "perfect" counterpart of the same gem, which is typically a LOT cheaper, and only a couple points short of the blue quality gem. Blue quality gems are strongly encouraged but not required. If you are NOT using the blue quality gems, you must use the "perfect" quality instead - anything under the quality of those is not acceptable.

Red: [Runed Scarlet Ruby] or [Perfect Runed Bloodstone]
Yellow: [Brilliant Autumn's Glow] or [Perfect Brilliant Sun Crystal]
Blue: [Sparkling Sky Sapphire] or [Perfect Sparkling Chalcedony]
Orange: [Luminous Monarch Topaz] or [Perfect Luminous Huge Citrine]

Green: You have a lot of options with green and purple gems. With these you can pick and choose what stats need a boost and gem accordingly. Some options:
[Timeless Forest Emerald] or [Perfect Timeless Dark Jade]
[Dazzling Forest Emerald] or [Perfect Dazzling Dark Jade]
[Seer's Forest Emerald] (very nice gem) or [Perfect Seer's Dark Jade]

Purple: [Royal Twilight Opal] or [Perfect Royal Shadow Crystal]
[Glowing Twilight Opal] or [Perfect Glowing Shadow Crystal]
[Purified Twilight Opal] or [Perfect Purified Shadow Crystal]


11 remarks:

Syll said...

This is a great resource page. Thank you for it! We have a much more limited version of raiding requirements, without all the discussion of enchants and gems, so that is great. I'm starting to think ahead to raiding requirements for Ulduar, too. Hard to assess though without knowing what will actually hit the live realms.
Good stuff here. Thanks!

SneakyFox said...

I like that you listed a 'cap' per se of spellpower. I whispered for a heroic UP run the other day and the rogue told me that since I didn't have 1900+ spellpower I was useless for the five man run. I was highly appalled.

Peli said...

Haha SneakyFox.

While 1900 Spellpower is certainly nice to have and it does make Heroics doable while you're comatose, it is certainly not a requirement for any T7.5 content, much less heroics. Sadly, druids tend to be on the low side comparing Spellpower straight up against other classes. I don't even have 1800 Spellpower out of tree form, but I easily outheal our Guilds' Priests and Paladins that have over 2k spellpower unbuffed.

In all honesty, if a player has their head so far in the sand that they think that that kind of a requirement is needed for a simple Heroic, it's not worth running with them because they're probably the type to constantly pull agro and be an all-around noob anyways.

Casey said...

This was a very interesting and well thought out resource. One thing that would have been great is for you to use links for the different foods, glyphs, etc. so someone like myself could get a quick visual on what they do (I don't have them all memorized yet). Thanks for the article.

Averna said...

@Casey: I know. I was lazy.

Thanks for giving me a kick in the butt though - I'm gonna go through now and link them all =)

Maxpower said...

This is great! Thanks for putting this up! I'm leveling my first Drood through Northrend and this is a great point of reference as I heal my way through the 5-mans. I really enjoy your site. Its a great resource.

Roman said...

There's also a helpful Druid Gem Compilation thread on Elitist Jerks. But it lacks this blog's charm anyway. Thanks, Averna!

Jason said...

For the elixirs, the TBC Elixir of Draenic Wisdom is still arguably the best guardian elixir out there. With full buffs, and the correct druid spec, it translates to 39MP5, 4 spl dmg, and 450 mana, compared to the Elixir of Spirit which translates to 41MP5 and 5 spl dmg.

Liferoot said...

@ Sneakyfox Tell that Rogue when he pulls 1900 dps on Grobbulus you'll get 1900 spell power. LOL.

A very nice guide indeed, no question about it. One question, do you think the health requirement you have is high enough to start raiding Ulduar? We had to set a higher bar in my guild because fights like Malygos were tearing people up. Now granted we run 10 man raids.

One other thing that I wanted to ask about - has anyone run the numbers with what info is out there to see what sort of mana regen impact 3.1 is going to have on Druids?

newdruid said...

This is an awesome page for druid resources. I really like how you've covered all types of stats and gems. My question is this though, what kind of armor should a druid be wearing in the 60s, cloth or leather, or whatever gives good spellpower or int stats? This is my first druid and I'm not really sure how to equip her. Thank you very much.

kokokatze said...

Great job! I enjoyed reading.

As a treelol in my guild's 10man naxx runs, we've gotten to the point where I'm picking up all the unwanted cloth and leather caster gear, so I've set up my outfitter with a "haste (505)," "crit (585)", "mp5 (~390)", and "SP (~2k)" outfits. I'll change them out depending on raid grp and which boss we're on.

They all have (with out even trying) about 1500sp.

iow, I like having gear where i can say "oh patch... he needs the big heals, i'll put on SP gear" or "man, our dps sucks tonight... this is gonna be a long fight so put on the mp5" and a boss like Loatheb where mp5 is completely unneccesary you can put the haste on to get as many heals in the 3 sec frame time. etc etc
--koko resto druid for past 3 yrs :)