Saturday, March 7, 2009

There are interesting places in Dalaran.


Today my fellow druid friend discovered a few places in Dalaran where few have been, and took a few screenshots for me to see (and gave permission for me to post them ^^).

Meet Vern. Everyone say "Hai Vern!"

Fortunately, he didn't seem hungry.... at least not for bark (she didn't dare shift into cat form). Slightly less fortunately, there is no way out of there. But slightly *more* fortunately, her hearth stone was up.

She also enjoyed watching duels from the top of this building:

Seems like a nice view from here!

And then there's this:

I sure am glad she took that Treading Water 101 class, because the view behind her went a little something like this:

Swim, Night Elf, swim!!

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