Sunday, March 8, 2009

Feed me!


So I just recently added feedburner to my website.

See the little icon over there on the top left?

Well, right now I have zero only 13 subscribers.


So if you read my blog, and you like it, and you want to follow more updates (and I update regularly! Like, once a day! Great to troll at work!), please subscribe! In my opinion, google is the best option to use, especially if you already follow blogs through blogger - it will just add my site right along side those others in your google reader.

Thanks guys!

EDIT: Looks like feedburner doesn't do live updates, it's only once a day at midnight. Hopefully tomorrow it will count all you people who are following me via blogger =)

EDIT #2: If you want to be included in one of those numbers there on the feedburner icon, you can't just follow me via blogger - you *do* actually have to follow me via feedburner. Lame. You know, only do it if you want to.

Which I know you do.

/wave hand jedi style


14 remarks:

SneakyFox said...

I've got you subscribed. I want to challenge you as a fellow tree. Strip almost naked and do 5-man pugs (if you can 'Bear' it *snicker* sorry... >.<) Tell me what is the lowest +spell power you managed to run each instance. My personal best was +813 in tree form doing heroics (yes there were occasional deaths but no wipes). Add gear as you see fit. Msg me back on my site or e-mail me at I want to prove that wowheros is wrong with their suggestions of recommended instances when it comes to us druids.

Averna said...

LOL. Seems like a pretty hilarious challenge. I don't know if the PUGs would enjoy it...

"haiguys i'ma hael u in mah nekkid gear k?"


Then watch as one by one, the puggers mysteriously "disconnect" =P

SneakyFox said...

Don't let them know, once you hit tree, start removing your gear, hell do it with your guildies if you like. I just pug more than I run with my guild due to life restraints.

They can't see your nakey if you are in tree form ;-).

SneakyFox said...

I'm Silvermoo of Tichondrius btw. Feel free to review my gear (if wowarmory is actually updating right...) I'm in the guild RTFM, sometimes you have to look up the guild to find me (I think they have it out for moo...)

SneakyFox said...

I'm clogging up your msgs here but your subscribe thing is irritating the hades outta me, I've subscribed through google reader and homepage and it still says 0 followers...

Argh! *Goes cat and shreds it*

Jody said...

Actually, you need to get everyone to sign up again using your feedburner link... just being signed up won't flag people who were already following you.

Also, don't tie your self esteem to that little counter, it can be wildly erratic and appear to add/lose 100+ subscribers in a day.

Aertimus said...

If you only have 13 subscribers, I'm lolkittydps.

But I also thought if you put the code in your page it would reroute your subscribers through feedburner. I feel like the day after I put mine in I had like 50 subscribers. And there is no way they all subscribed that day.

To echo Jody - feedburner numbers can seem random. Some days I post something I think is good and loose 50 subscribers and I go crying to my husband "They don't like me!" So if the fluctuations are real or fake - know that some of us are here to stay!

Corgii said...

Don't cry! I added you, I added you!

*encouraging tree hug*

Casey said...

I recently invited a friend to play WoW and since I've always wanted to try a druid, we're doing the druid thing together and taking advantage of the 300% xp gains through the friend link. I wanted to let you know that I'm now following your blog because it seems like one of the nicer druid blogs.

PS - Thanks for adding those tooltips in your previous post :)

Lorangriel said...

How realistic are these numbers when it comes to trees? I don't quite remember where my gear was after I just hit 80. Is that pure heroic gear (ilvl200 blues)? Or will quest blues (ilvl174) and a couple of crafted epics (ilvl200) and some crafted greens get you there?

Running Elk

Averna said...

@Lorangriel: If you're talking about the 400 per tick lifebloom, honestly, to get those numbers, you need a lot of best in slot (or close to BiS) 25 man gear. =/

Averna said...

Edit - if you have buffs and stuff, you can get over 400. Just if you're unbuffed and want to get that 400 per tick, you really need to have some good 25 man gear.

Just wanted to clarify about the buffed/unbuffed.

Aertimus said...

Not sure why this question was on this thread... My Lifeblooms tick for exactly 400. Unbuffed in tree form I have 2189 Healing. Yes, most of my gear is from 25 man Naxx. I have a few pieces from 25 man Malygos kicking around.

Averna said...

Aye, Aertimus, we're very similar. Right now I've got 2195 SP in tree, unbuffed, and I got most my gear from Naxx25, with the exception of my staff (OS25 +2) and maybe 2 other pieces from Malygos 25.