Friday, April 16, 2010

Having some non-raiding guild fun


On our guild forum, we have a variety of different boards. Guild chatter for general posts, Class Discussions for all things class-related, New Member Applications for, well, new member applications. I'm sure your guild forum, if you have one, is similar.

We also have a board for Guild Events. We post raid rosters here, and any other events that are going on. For months, this is what this forum has looked like:

ICC25 [insert date here]

Over and over again. For months!

So I've been trying to come up with a fun guild event. Something that doesn't have to do with raiding. Raiding is great and all, but sometimes you just want to have something that is completely different, and that includes more members than just raiding mains.

Here are my ideas:

1. Guild PvP in Dire Maul or Gurubashi Arena. It's weird when you walk in there and everyone's nameplate turns red. Wtf, why is my raid leader mauling me in the face? GAAAH! ./tree cower

We've done this in two different ways, from what I remember. One way is to make a toon, level it to 10, and go at it. We've done 2v2 teams, and free-for-alls (hint: roll a druid and shadowmeld until everyone else is dead. Another hint: this usually doesn't work). The second way is to bring your level 80s and have it out that way.

Additional awesomeness: If the fight gets too long and the people on the sidelines get bored, everyone is entitled to help the match along by aoeing the area. This usually brings the fight to an quick and deadly end. ^^

2. A 25 man level one Hogger raid. My co-healer Pallymar brought this idea to the table, which I know is old, but it was the first time I had ever heard of it (!). I think this would be hiLARious. Between all classes we'd have about 10 spells/abilities total. I feel like he'd just one-shot everyone. The other problem is that level 1 characters can't form raids anymore (booooo). Which makes me wonder, could a level 80 form a raid and invite level 1s?

3. An obligatory naked gnome race. What is it usually, run from Ironforge to Stormwind, right? As naked and as fast as possible. Winner gets my undying respect.

Any other fun things you've done with your guild? I'm looking for ideas!


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Joyce Ann Martin said...

Oh oh oh! Something that we did way back was a hide and seek thing of sorts -- the organizer hid a toon (and killed it, so that its corpse would stick around) somewhere in the world. Then they created 3 clues to help find it. The first person/team to find the corpse (and to prove they were there, correctly tell its name from mousing over the body) was the winner. ^^ It was great fun, even if I failed utterly because I thought the first clue was referring to Desolace and not the Barrens. :D

Deyndor said...

I'm pretty sure that anyone under level 10 can't join a raid, sadly.

I like the guild PvP idea, that sounds like it would be a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Costume contest! My old leveling guild did this once. Ban all wands and shape-shifting abilities, but with craftable items and some unique looking items (equipable mugs, bones, fish, etc) people can really use some creativity to make a hilarious costume.

MaudDib said...

Our guild likes to do Conga lines through the major cities. WE also play flight form chicken, but dont limit it to just druids.

paperclip said...

My guild has done scavenger hunts where you break the group up into teams and send them off to search for a list of unique items. It takes some prep work, but was a lot of fun. You can also raise the difficulty level by structuring the list as riddles rather than just item names.

reedwand said...

I used to handle events pre TBC on off raid days to keep the guild social. There were a few things.

We held a wedding, one toon proposed to another. There were flowers, booze, rings, screenshots and a hunny moon that was cut short when a druid cat was caught in bed with the bride!

We held a poker tournament. There was previously some addons directed at games ingame, one being poker. You could invite other players online to a game and play it out with a set amount of chips. Our guild tends to meet in the Blue Recluse in SW, where the tournament was held. The winner could choose gold from the guild bank or 1 of 3 mystery boxes, which either had a rare pet or some grey item.

Weve done the rat race. Tag teams around Azeroth. It was a bit similar to the Amazing Race if you have ever watched that but on a much shorter scale.

We have had a lore competition on the forum, though not the real "lore" a member created a story but used some of the lore and characters involved to give clues as to where Mr X went and why.

I held a "where am I" over 7 days, I took a screeny of myself in a particular place. Some were incredibly hard as I am an epic explorer. The contestants had to give 10g for entering the comp and could stand a chance at winning 200g. They then had to find my location, take a screenshot and then mail it to me. This was quite fun.

Whenever we kill a new boss, the screenshot is held on the forum asking for captions. Members post or pm a comment in 5 days, after this the screeny is set up as a poll lasting for 7 days where at the end the screenshot is posted with the winners comment and again they win something and their name is mentioned in the screenshot.

i love fun stuff like this, brings a different side to the game other then phat lewts!

ps sorry i apologize for the waffle again!

Arrian said...

Our guild usually goes to another server, start a bunch of taurens and do a bull run from Thunderbluff to SW. It's a total blast, even the corpse run through STV. Last time we did it, we corpsed ran into SW Auction house, ressed on the podium and danced... Nothing more amusing than 40 naked taurens dancing in the SW auction house.

Glacey said...

Level 1's CAN join a raid. My server held a naked gnome race not long ago, just had to have the lvl 80 raid leader.

We raced to Undercity :D