Friday, February 19, 2010

Shout out!


So it’s a Thursday night, and I’m raiding with our 10 man achievement group, busting through Blood Princes, kicking ass and taking names, the usual, when suddenly I see THIS:

I know, you're all like, so what? What's so special about this situation? Other than the fact that you have no buffs, no mana, and Pallymar's about to die? (I think *I* just died. Whoops).

But wait, wait. Let's zoom in a bit here.

Like Rhysauce says: ":O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - (even though I'm pretty sure he was freaking out about the trinket that dropped. =P)

This is when Pallymar actually bit the dust, I believe.

So here is a shout out to J.J. in Montgomery, Alabama, for being awesome and reading my blog.

How weird/awesome is it that:

1. This guy plays WoW,
2. Not only plays WoW, but reads WoW blogs,
3. Not only reads WoW blogs, but reads MY blog,
4. Happens to be at the same place at the same time as Vig,
5. (Who happens to be on the same server as me)
6. (AND in my guild!)
5. And this JJ guy not only happens to be at the same exact place, but happens to be talking about WoW,
6. Not only happens to be talking about WoW, but happens to mention my blog,
7. AND Vig is in hearing distance.
8. AND they're at a freaking chili cook off?! I love chili!! WTB!


Also, very flattering!

So, HAI JJ! Good to psuedo-meet you!!!

(On a completely separate note, have you guys looked at the new patch notes? They did NOTHING to druids. Is this a first? I thought for sure they'd fiddle with lifebloom again just to keep the status quo.)


8 remarks:

Kae said...

Wow... that is pretty small-worldish :)

Dan said...

You forgot that said conversation only happened because I mentioned that I'd just made chili in guildchat.

I see how it is :(

Averna said...

@Dan: Pfft. I didn't notice in guild because I was too busy healing your bear butt.


Averna said...

Bah. Stop having the same name as Aeman.

(...sorry Tal)

AJ said...

Thanks for drawing attention to Pallymar. Noticed how he tried to save your ass over his? NO MOAR!!

Jaedia said...

Lol, I love moments like that :D

(in other news, my word verification totally reminds me of Susan Boyle, or 'subo' ._.)

Pissoir said...

Reminds me of the classic, Silverstein wins the internet audio clip.

Az said...

they are buffing Starfall...supposedly alot