Saturday, September 5, 2009

Isle of Conquest. I dig it.


For a while now, my boyfriend Pete has been badgering me to rock out the Isle of Conquest with him, for a number of reasons. First, it's way more fun to do battlegrounds with people you know. Secondly, it's way more fun for a really good DK to own face in BGs when said DK has a dedicated druid healer in the same room as him. We're pretty much unstoppable. It's fantastic.

So I logged in on Averna (hey, Av, long time no see!) and he got us queued up.

Pete: "Ok, we're gonna go docks first."
Me: "Ok."
Me: "......"
Me: "Wait."
Me: "What's docks."
Pete: "/facepalm"

It reminded me of the first time I did AV. I didn't have an epic mount. Pete's advice to me? "Follow everyone else." Oh, ok. Wait up guys!!! Wait for meeeeeeeeeeee-

And so, the noobiness began all over again. Pete was great about explaining stuff to me though (he's pretty good at being patient with things like this). Next thing I know, I'm parachuting down into their fort, I'm rocking out in a demolisher, and I'm in some stealth catapult cannon thing, launching into their base. This last one is by far my favorite thing to do. I catapult in, shift into cat, and immediately prowl. Then I just stealth around in there, laughing on the inside because I'M IN UR BASE LOL.


Now, this isn't actually the most advantageous thing to do, because I can't KILL anything in there (sigh, if only lifeblooms could be used for evil). So I'm that player that you all probably yell at in BG chat. Sorry. I'm still learning! There's a curve, here!

And until I actually learn how the entire BG works, and I jump ahead on that learning curve, you better believe that I will be IN UR BASE.

Teehee. ^^

Ok, that *never* gets old for me.

Anyway, so far, the Isle of Conquest has been nothing but awesome sauce. As my awesome guildmate Norda put it, "It's everything AV should have been."


7 remarks:

Boize said...

If you're in their base, you can pick up the Huge Seaforium Bombs and plant them next to a gate to damage them from the inside.

You get a nice achievement for doing so too (A-bomb-ination).

Averna said...

Oh! I did that once. It was awesome. But then I got severely rolled.

Still fun, though =P

Littlebark said...

I don't know if I like or hate Isle of Conquest yet. But then again, my boyfriend doesn't explain it calmly like yours does. That's when I take my heals and heal that mage, waaaay over there. Yes, the AFK one.

Plus. Everyone always kills the tree because said boyfriend leaves me by myself to guard the hanger. Yeah, let me just heal this paladin to death.


Droodjerky said...

Nice to see you're still around. Was a little worried with the lack of posts.

And I think Blizzard did a great job with Isle of Conquest.

Fuyuko said...

Holy cow, I logged on and tried out Isle for the first time the other night with no one to ask questions....

.... and I was so lost. @_@

thanners said...

It is pretty cool. I've only been in there once so far, and only just recently. And yeah, I totally felt the same feeling of "what.. huh? where?" It was still awesome, though. I just rode around pillion in my friend's chopper. (c:

weedwand said...

My boy (awesomo paladin) casted divine intervention on me in the base that was totally crawling in horde. They danced with me for the full 3 minutes, at which point i bent over to kiss my buttcheeks goodbye!