Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Coliseum Champions: LOL.


Last night was my very first night raiding in Coliseum.

Let me tell you, it was really odd. Most other people had been there, so instead of me giving pointers to others, they were all giving pointers to me. I had read the strat, but it all seemed pretty complicated, so pointers were definitely appreciated.

The first encounter, the Northrend Beasts, was pretty fun. I actually found myself out of mana. I had to use a potion! o.O I quickly learned that I need to use my Innervate even sooner than I had initially thought, to make sure it's up a couple more times in any given fight.

Eventually we found ourselves face to face with the Champions. This encounter is such a hoot. There's just so much going on. It's so weird to have a PvP mindset here, too. The warrior shifted his attention to me at one point, and our raid leader, Tal, was like "Av, kite the warrior through the frost trap. No - no, the other way, the frost trap."

I'm sitting there, thinking "Ok, I can do this!! Wait. What's kiting. Oh, right. Ok - so - cheetah form will be good for this! Ok, go cheetah form. Wait. I can't go cheetah form, we're inside. Oh, that's a load of crap. But I can go cat and dash! Ok, great, cat form.... and then.... ok, now dashing.... ok, now where's that frost trap. Um. I'll just.... run him through this big white patch! Oh - wait, that's a BAD white patch. I'm slowed now. Oh, wtf. Oh! I'll use Nature's Grasp! Oh. He's immune. Oh, wtf." Meanwhile, Tal is probably facepalming his face off, while the warrior is whirlwinding me, while I frantically LB myself (which, in turn, shifts me out of cat-dash, sigh) and finally he shifts his attention elsewhere. Hahahaha. Oh, my god. So much fun.

I felt super useful despite the kiting tragedy, because I hibernated the hunter's pet, and I cycloned something at one point. Oh, and I rooted something, too! =D

It's just seriously awesome to be doing something other than throwing rejuv at everything. Hehe.

Overall, it was a blast. Our three hour raid was over before I knew it. This was awesome, because before I took my little break from wow/raiding, there would be raids where I'd look at the clock and think "Ugh, 2 more hours of raiding.... sigh." That's when I knew that maybe I needed a little break. =P

Can't wait to get back into it and raid again on Wednesday!


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Fuyuko said...

Hehe, I got that way about raiding before I stopped. It's partially the reason I decided to completely stop raiding (and even kind of stop playing) to study for the test instead of budgeting time.

I miss you guys though. Maybe I'll sign up next week.

Dan said...

He went away from you because I taunted him to get his attention for a couple of seconds, then death-gripped him away when it came off cooldown.

You may be a pee vee pee noob, but your delicious healing keeps my gnome butt from ending up on the floor. :D

Littlebark said...

That fight is such a pain for me. None of the opposing faction ever likes me!

On a side note: It's good to have you back, Av!

AJ said...

"I miss you guys though. Maybe I'll sign up next week."


Pookies said...

WB Av! I saw you online the other night, but only as you were logging off .....

Pookies said...

P.S., It is really easy to go OOM during Northrend Beasts, especially in P1. There is a shit ton of damage (especially if you're 2-healing it). We just got this on heroic yesterday and it was a test in remembering to use my Innervate early and often, that's for sure!

Norda said...

All of Crusaders Coliseum has been very fun, my favorite raid in Lich King so far.

sylly said...

this post had me giggling! thanks! =)

jeffo said...

These guys (the Champions, that is; beasts weren't too bad) gave us a royal pain in the butt! First time we took them down, I spent almost the entire fight watching from the floor. Someone wanted to battle rez me, I said 'don't bother, half my gear is red (oops)'. I guess I was helpful because I could call out 'interrupt the heal!', etc.

Stodder said...

So basically all of your answers are exactly the way I feel about my own tree! Minus the specific people you mentioned. I do not know them. That would be a little weird.