Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Patch 3.2 - here? now? wha buh?


I feel so behind on everything wow related. Patch 3.2 is here?! When the heck did that happen?! Between dealing with job related things, health related things, parties, company, appointments, real life in general - I haven't even been on the PTR yet. I downloaded it, sure. I even tried to log on once (there was some issue, I needed another patch, didn't have time to download it, said I'd download it later, blah blah blah). Needless to say, days went by, which turned into weeks, and now all of a sudden our officers are asking us to price new gear, and there's a 10 man coliseum run being put together for sunday, and people are talking about epic gems, and emblems, and mounts, and I'm still sitting here like "huh? wait, so guys! aren't there like, new cat forms or something?"


Even my blog has suffered a bit. I used to literally post every single day. If I didn't have a topic to write about, I'd surf around a bit to find one. Now I realize a week (or more sometimes) has gone by and I haven't put up anything. It astounds me that I still have ~350 subscribers (thanks guys! BFF4evalol).

Hey, stop holding your breath. This isn't a "lolbye guys, real life happened, subscription's gone, blog's archived, peace" that has happened to so many other blogs. I'm still here, I'm still posting. I'm definitely still playing wow. But maybe I'm not doing this stuff every day. =P I mean, come on, posts every day are kind of nuts, anyway.

Also, I might slowly shift the focus of this blog. I still love my guides. I still love figuring out the math on stuff. But math takes a long time. Hell, I remember going onto the PTR and casting like 93082453954 Nourishes just to see if it stacked with the 4 piece tier bonus. It took forever. So maybe - maybe I'll do less math, and more funny posts. I mean, I just grouped up with a toon called "Bigassbutt" to kill Hogger with my level 13 paladin. I'm serious, his name was Bigassbutt. He invited me to a group and I automatically declined the invite, because 1. I hate people who invite you to a group without telling you what it's for or why, and 2. who wants to group with someone named that? Then I realized that this was a serious golden opportunity for my blog, and I was like (in whisper) "dude sorry, I misclicked. Can you reinvite me?"


We proceeded to kill Hogger. No mention of his name was made. It was hilarious. So, you know, maybe I could write about stuff like that.


Less math, more awesome. More Bigassbutt, obviously.

But *sometimes* I'll still have math. Sometimes I can't resist the lure of figuring out whether 3% crit is better than 2% haste or something. You know how it is.

Anyway, guys, thanks for sticking around even with my less-than-regular posts. I appreciate it.



7 remarks:

Kae said...

<3 Av!!

When I was first leveling as a baby druid in Elwynn/Westfall, I met another leveling druid named Obesity. I wasn't keen on his name, but he turned out to be really cool, and we kept in touch. He had to change his name as he leveled, and I eventually convinced him to join my raiding guild, and he became the premier "glass kitty cannon" in TBC :) I still chat with him over IM from time to time to see how life is going.

Post as you will, though, it's not supposed to be a hectic job :D

Littlebark said...

You got caught in the "Patch 3.2 blast" too then? No one told me that the patch came out today. They just kept saying "soon". Bah.

Aerivore said...

Ditto on Littlebark's comment. Last night I checked Mmo and they said, "This week or next" but it was still speculation. Come back in this afternoon and stared at my patch downloader, stuttering. O_o

But hey!


Mounts at 20!

Alt-love galore!

coil said...

I got your "big ass butt" right here - 3.2 beartank, look out!

Sunday's 10man is actually only going to be a 9man... 2 tanks, 2 healers, 5 DPS, and my huge bear ass.

Jiyambi said...

Hey Av. I'm a long-time reader, first time poster, and I just wanted you to know that while I of course enjoy your hard-numbers resto druid posts, I also enjoy your musings and stories just as much. Thanks for making this fun blog, and keep it up!

Aertimus said...

Guides and lists get people to a blog and build credibility. Personality and fun keep them there. At least thats my opinion...

Also... I totally understand the math thing. Sometimes I'm like "I'm done! I'm gonna let Av do all the math!" Then the spreadsheets and calculator have more appeal than the post-raid bowl of ice cream and can't stay away!

Kae said...

@Coil: ROFL

Yeah, the increased rear of the bear model will take some getting used to.