Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oh, god, 3.2 is here, what do I do?


Here is a quick basic run down of what resto druids need to remember for 3.2:

1. Use your innervate early and often. It will last only 10 seconds now (as opposed to 20) BUT have a 3 minute cool down (as opposed to 6).

2. Say goodbye to your 24,000 bloom crits. The bloom portion of Lifebloom is being reduced across the board by 20%.

3. Empowered Touch now increases your healing power of Nourish by 10/20%. Think about respeccing to take this talent! If you use Nourish quite a bit (hell, even if you don't), this is a great spell to take. Plus, it'll still boost your Healing Touch. Good for those NS + HT kodak moments.

4. You can now shift into cat or bear AND see your mana bar!

Compared to 3.1, this patch doesn't mess around with our spells and talents as much.

Anyway - that's all for now. Just wanted to put up a quick recap. Let me know if I forget anything important!


4 remarks:

Aertimus said...

I had pleasantly forgotten when I awoke this morning that they had nerfed our blooms again. THANKS Av :P

L. Williams said...

Truthfully this doesn't really affect much negatively... With all the transitions in our mana regen I actually think Innervate was OP recently... I like having the 3 min CD with less mana generated - allows for more custom play and more targets to get Innervate in raids.

Keeva said...

I immediately slipped into innervating myself like it was the new water.

It's going to be even hotter when I'm soloing stuff as feral. I don't need LOTS of mana, but I often need a bit of a boost to throw one heal, or shift back into another form. Having it on a shorter cooldown (and now that it isn't based around your spirit) means it is super sexy for me as a feral.

Aertimus said...

I am using it almost every 3 minutes, even just during trash. Its pretty sweet.