Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm just THAT fun to kill.


Dear Level ?? people who gank me:

Why? Is it fun? Do you like seeing how you can one shot me? Does it make you feel leet?

No, I'm serious, I just simply don't understand the fun in one-shotting low level toons from the opposite faction. I've never done it. I don't get it. It's not fun to me - you're just inconveniencing someone else's life. THERE IS NOTHING FUN ABOUT THAT.

Really, readers, please, fill me in here. If you're one of those people that ganks lowbies, let me know why it's fun. I want to know. Really.


This is where my boyfriend points to the whiteboard we have in our apartment, in which three things are written:

1. Did you read your vehicle's abilities? Y/N

2. Did you read the quest text? Y/N

3. Did PvP happen on a PvP server? Y/N

He'll point to number one when I complain, "I seriously can't do this bombing thing. There's no button for - oh, wait."

He'll point to number two when I exclaim, "WTF? I didn't get credit for this quest? I totally killed this guy and...." (point) ".....grumblegrumble ok, let's see... oh I needed to use this totem thing on him. DAMMIT"




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Roman said...

Yeah, some find it quite amusing. Well, I suppose I should've started playing on a PvE server. This whole PvP thing annoys me, though it taught me how to kick asses. But still, I prefer to greet and hug instead of killing)

...but when my rogue friend killed a 80lvl DK in the air, flying by with a light feather on him, that was just plain aaaaaaaaawesome =)

adcantu said...
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Ircowmoo said...

I play on a PVP server as well. We always have these problems. PvP happens on PvP servers. But its not PvP when an 80 in arena gear kills a lvl 20 in greens IMO. Its just PvFK (free kills)

Roman said...

It's rather PvHC (his\her complexes) :D

Brian said...

The Internet...because being a jerk in person can be dangerous.

"'re just inconveniencing someone else's life" is exactly the point. For some people, bugging other people is fun. It's a power thing. Going around one-shotting lowbies who can't possibly fight back, knowing it pisses off their players when they do so, makes them feel powerful. The only reason one-shotting lowbies is more "fun" than one-shotting low level mobs is that the mob doesn't have a person at the other end of the connection throwing up their hands going "UGH".

Of course Averna's boyfriend is right. PvP servers are for PvP. That's why I rolled my characters on a PvE server. I want to play when I play, not get camped by some 13 year old boy named "DKpwn".

Beck said...

PvP on a PvP server is fine. But PvL (player versus lowbie) is just pointless and wrong.

I know we're just pixels on a screen, but I don't understand why these people (or people who are rude on the phone or insulting in IM) don't realize there's an actual, real, living, breathing person on the other end.

Can they seriously not find something even remotely more fun and entertaining to do in game?

Bell said...

I suppose simply because this hardly ever bothers me, I don't think anything of it. Sometimes I one-shot them, sometimes I let them go. Sometimes I follow them endlessly while they /spit on me and then kill everything around them, and when they stop /spitting I destroy them.

I've even had someone come on my blog and ask me what I killed them with, because it was awesome looking (Typhoon). To's all in the spirit of fun >.>

Boize said...

That whiteboard is a pretty awesome idea.

coraline said...

I'm actually thinking about abandoning/transferring my lvl 42 druid because of this. I rerolled on a PVP server because I wanted to join a friend's guild. I even thought it might be fun and challenging to test my skills against other players - but I was so naive, I didn't expect to get oneshotted 10 times while I try to rez and escape to a flightpoint... and it frustrates me more than it should.
I just don't get why this is funny, other than a lame "Wow, I am more powerful than you, because I am 40 levels above you!" (well, duh). But if all the "skill" needed to play on a PVP server is your ability to cope with sociopaths - I don't think it's worth my time.

Bwah, sorry for the rant, but you touched a nerve here. ;)

Maerdred said...

I've done it once or twice. Everyone needs to get ganked at least once.

Generally I'll avoid the lowbies or even just run up on my mount, emote something silly, kill the thing that's beating on them and run away.

It's totally different on a PVE server though. if I see a lowbie who's flagged, it's free game. When his main logs in and destroys me I take it as fair game. PVP happens on PVE servers too.

Fuyuko said...

Coming from a PVE server (which I prefer) to play on a PVP server with friends, having someone say "PVP happened on a PVP server" prolly aggravates me more than the initial ganking, hehehe.

Also, hylabloi is an awesome word verification, hehehehe.

Inishi said...

Hmmm, killing lowbies can be part of an rp event as well. With my pvp guild we frecuently 'lock down' cities, by killing all npcs and players we can target. Then we pretend it's under siege and kill all npcs and players we can target around it. They are not the focus of an attack at a town, but they are pretty little decorations. As well, that when we attack cities any lowbie who can be targeted is asking for it. And to top it off, it helps when the guild makes a screenshot of enemy skeletons/corpses.

Elarya said...

That whiteboard comment is completely hilarious! I just hope Pally doesn't pick up on it because he has one next to his desk and I don't want that to be me! LOL :)

Inishi said...

Oh! I forgot to mention I play in one of the few RP PVP realms : D. Nothing like casual rp in Ashenvale while pretending an undead rogue is *not* camping me.

Sylly said...

lol at the white board, Averna. I suspect that in my house number 4 would mysteriously appear overnight one night (in what may or may not be my handwriting).
#4. Point to this board again at your own peril!


That being said, no... I am not and will never be a ganker. The only time I kill low level people from the other faction is if I wander into a zone and find them engaged in some asshattery like killing the local flight master. Then, they must die. Oh yes. They must die.

Ouizie said...

I think one of the reasons some people do it in PvE is because they imagine the faces they're making as they die. My way of thinking is if they're PvP'd they want it to happen.

On PvP servers, it's probably more of a revenge thing. "I got ganked all the way to 80, you should too!" Except now there's those who leveled PvE and transfered to PvP... Those who did that and kill lowbies are just mean. :p

pocketdruid said...

Does he point to the whiteboard as often as you send him a "l2barkskin" tell in-game?

Cuz then I think it might be deserved. =)

Pookies said...

LOL Av! This is why I have vowed never to level another toon on a PVP realm again. Seriously. I tried to bring my little gnome mage up on Bonechewer (because he's my herbalism bitch), but he got ganked so much in just getting to level 70 in Borean Tundra that I've totally abandoned him. Maybe I'll xfer him to another realm to level him up and then xfer him back .....

Pookies said...

^ I meant level 71, of course.