Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thank you, Jong.


Allow me to quote the brilliant Jong:

"Healers are your sugarmommas. They’re your doctors. I’m not talking about some pussy dentists who sit in air-conditioned offices all day. They are Airborne Ranger Combat Medics who are all up in the frontline crossfire with you. They’re applying a 4-point tourniquet to your leg while giving CPR to the fading warlock next to you with bombs exploding all over the place. Give them the proper respect they deserve. AR EE ES PEE EE CEE TEE find out what it means to me.

"Don’t link the damage meter. No one cares. Link the healing meter after an intense fight and throw out empty fluffy compliments. Don’t just say, “nice heals”. FLUFF IT UP. Say “holy sweet jeebus! how is that even possible?!?” or “OMG them chain heals were CLUTCH”. As of 3.1 giving out compliments cost no gold. I just checked the realm patch notes and it’s still going to cost no gold in 3.2."

I mean, yeah, I know, he's only complimenting us to save his own ass because he wants sweet heals coming his way, but I don't care. <3.

That is all. =D


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Kae said...

Ahhh the infamous Healing Priority List, that doesn't *technically* exist but......

I know a healer who actually put a scrap of a post-it-note on the computer screen, covering up another player's health bar, so that they didn't accidentally heal that player in the midst of whack-a-mole.

Don't anger the healers. :)

Averna said...

Kae, I seriously LOLed. On pugs where people are stupid or mean, I'm all like oh HELL NO, I'm SO not healing you anymore. But then I do anyway, because I see omglowhealth and I can't help myself >.<

Love the post-it note idea... hmmmm. >:D

Keredria said...

OMG that is the best thing ever!

When we ran 5 mans while leveling, and someone would link the damage meter I would demand the healing meter be linked as well. Then when it came across with me doing 98% or so of the healing, my response would be "Booyah".

Lissanna said...

I hate healing meters. They are on my list of things to QQ about soon...

Raíne said...

I do believe that made my afternoon.

masterkevosavi said...

I agree with the don't piss off the healers comment.

If someone in a pug is being stupid and they've been asked to stop, I will let them die. Usually I tell them I'll let them die too. Then if they are still being jerks, I let them die again. Shift into bear form. And vigorously teabag their corpse.

I find that even those people afterwords gain a new found respect for their healers.

~Beck said...

My guild is very good about thanking their healers, especially after taking a dip in a slag pot.

I never see tanks getting their recognition though... which is strange seeing as their the frontmen for this rock show.

I wonder how many O.o I'll get for posting the damage taken meter. <.<

thanners said...

Awesome. (c: Although, the healing meters part isn't always kind to me.

Lance said...

Wicked post indeed, I am about to write about it as well :p

StaggerLee said...

There can never be too much love thrown around!

Funny thing you should mention it Beck, I have a tank and a healer, I often get whispers about good healing, but never about good tanking, and I am really not that good a healer, not significantly better than I am at tanking anyway.

And on a sidenote - meters are evil, just don't!
I want a meter that works like this: The bad thing is dead and we can move on = WIN.

Kae said...

Regarding the tanking-thanks, I do make an effort to meekly say "Thank you for saving my life!" when someone rescues me from a horrible, splintery doom :) I like to use positive reinforcement to encourage tanks (and the CC!) to come to my rescue! ...though post-its make good threats ;)