Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So I'm leveling an alt (lol what's new)


...on a different server. I'm not sure why, really, but sometimes you just need a break, you know? Something different. Some place where NO ONE knows you. Besides, Keeva started to do it, and it sounded like a neat idea. Starting from scratch, with no help from anyone - no gold, no bags, no nuttin. Just you, your quests, your professions, and the AH.

So I've got my baby paladin up to level 16 now, and I'm cleaning up some quests in Westfall when I see some guy asking for DPS for Deadmines. Hey, I'll DPS! I'll even give you some 10 minute might buffs! Wooo!

So I join and he's like "Ok, you can heal" and I'm like o.O because I have ONE extremely weak and mana gobbling heal that I can use - Holy Light. I can get about 4 off before I'm outta mana. I don't even have Flash of Light yet. Note that I don't have super awesome gear, because I don't have a sugarmomma main on this server to buy me sweet greens and blues. I'm still in some grays and whites and have a couple greens here and there.

But in we go, and it's actually pretty awesome. I haven't been in a low level instance with low level toons in a LONG time. When I was leveling, I had people run me through all those places and I was just told to stay out the way and loot stuff. So it was kind of neat having to work through this instance together. Unfortunately, my Wild Growth clique click didn't work, probably because 1. I don't have the talent yet, and 2. oh wait, I'm a paladin. >.<

Eventually we wipe due to a silly body pulled boss, and some people have to go, and then suddenly a lvl 70 druid is in our group. Turns out he just OFFERED. We didn't even ask. Odd, right? But hey, I gotta raid soon on Averna, so I'll take a speed run at this point.

Then Mr. Rawrbear starts getting an attitude.

[Party] [Rawrdruid]: DONT HELP
[Party] [Rawrdruid]: just stay
[Party] [Avernaspally]: what are we, dogs?
[Party] [Avernaspally]: "stay! sit!"
[Party] [Rawrdruid]: yeah ur dogs
[Party] [Avernaspally]: o.O
[Party] [Rawrdruid]: stop hitting things
[Party] [Rawrdruid]: WTF about DONT HELP do u not understand
[Party] [Rawrdruid]: DONT HELP and DONT MOVE
Avernaspally helps Rawrdruid.
Avernaspally helps Rawrdruid.
Avernaspally moves.
Avernaspally moves.
Avernaspally moves.
Avernaspally helps Rawrdruid.

And yeah, I spammed stuff like that for a good 20 seconds. Bahahahahahah. I mean, hey buddy, I can understand you not wanting us to get aggro, because you have to taunt them o- OH WAIT. We were doing FINE before you came in. You *don't* actually have to taunt them off us, as long as there are only a few that we can handle. And we didn't even ASK you to come in here. So don't get all crankface when we try to do the instance the way we want to, even though you're a lvl 70 bear. And yes, if one of my party members looks like he's going down and you're too far away with your big bad lvl 70 self to taunt a mob off, you're damn right I'm gonna throw out a heal. And yeah, I might pull aggro. I'll deal with it. I have Divine Protection. I have Lay on Hands. If I die, I die. You have a brez, for crying out loud. Let's make things interesting! If we're making your job THAT difficult, 1. leave, and 2. don't volunteer for stuff like this. /end rant

This paladin is leveling a lot more slowly than my first paladin did. And I'm dying a lot more. I'm guessing it's because I have crappier gear and no Gift of the Naaru to rely on - and I keep trying to take on multiple mobs who are multiple levels above me. =P But it's still a lot of fun. Also - you can make a LOT of money on the AH as a leveling toon. I have 17 gold already! That's just from selling Linen Cloth, Light Leather, Copper Ore, and various meats from animals, pretty much. Crazy.

I'll keep you all updated as I level her more. I'm kind of bummed that the Midsummer's Festival came right at this moment, because I really want to just keep leveling my pally, heh. I'll have to find time to squeeze in both. =)

Oh, and thanks, Keeva, for the alt inspiration! ^^


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Tracy said...

Heh, I'm doing the same thing too but I've decided to level an alt on a pvp server. Haven't leveled on a pvp server before so looking forward to it.

Starting from scratch, being poor and taking it slow.

AJ said...

So *that's* where you were before the raid... ;)

Averna said...

@Tracy: When you get ganked, resist the urge to throw your keyboard out the window or something. The feelings of rage will pass. ^^

@AJ: ROFL. Yes, but I had already finished Deadmines well before then, hehe. I was just finished up some unfinished business on the AH!


Matojo said...

I'm so tempted to do the same thing on another server where I don't know anybody - probably another RP server - but I am so, so bad at off-server alts, ha. I look forward to hearing about more of your experiences!

Anonymous said...

[Party] [Rawrdruid]: DONT HELP and DONT MOVE
Avernaspally helps Rawrdruid.
Avernaspally helps Rawrdruid.
Avernaspally moves.
Avernaspally moves.
Avernaspally moves.
Avernaspally helps Rawrdruid.

Haha, awesome. (c:

I'm actually levelling an alt at the moment--a druid (which is how I stumbled across your blog, while looking around for druid infos :P). It's been fun. Ran my first instance with him (*cough* Hellfire Ramparts) with a level-appropriate group and people who it seemed weren't alts of people who were already experts at the game, so it was really quite enjoyable.

Ixobelle said...

lol, seriously... angry higherups boosting crack me up.

Zeta Thompson said...

I do that on serval games. It gives you a new perspective on the game sometimes, especially playing a different class. Have fun with it and as for your lvl 70 lamer. (cause as you noted you miss stuff when someone does it all for you), Just make a note of his character and wait. You'll get a chance to show him what you know

Exavion said...

First, love your druid loot post, have been using it a lot.

I was just reading your post while I had a long flight with my pala alt :). I also started from scratch but stayed on the server just picked the other side (ally). Looking forward to smashing some of my unsuspecting hordish friends. :)