Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What do you remember about being a newbie?


I read this post on miss elf's blog, which starts off "I was thinking about being a new player again today, and the stupid things I did."

Which got me thinking about all the stupid things *I* did. Ah, the good old days.

  • I never knew who could tank, or heal. I knew that everyone could do SOME kind of damage, but I also figured that because I could heal and tank, everyone could heal and tank. Hence me whispering mages, "Can you come tank stocks? Or heal?"
  • I also thought that being a tank meant you did the most damage. I never understood why anyone would just want to pew pew from afar. Wouldn't you want to do as much damage as possible? Why doesn't *everyone* tank?
  • When I was level 9 or so I spent all of my 5 silver on a crossbow from a vendor. Then, I spent awhile killing mobs and turning in quests to get more money, so I could buy a quiver. And arrows. Then, 25 seconds later:
    Pete: "Oh. Yeah, druids can't use bows or guns. No wands either. You can only use certain weapons."
    Me: "....."
  • I didn't understand that you gained rested xp over long periods of time, usually when logged out. I remember questing with a buddy and being like HOLD ON WAIT. And then running into an inn, sitting there for 6 seconds until I got the "You feel rested." message, and then running back out. "Ok - I'm good to go now!"
  • I didn't know what talent points were until Pete kindly showed me at level 18ish.
  • I was always so amazed that people knew where to go when they were in Stormwind. They'd say "Meet me at the bank." I'd wander aimlessly and end up in Old Town while they wondered, "Where the hell is she going?" Eventually I learned that I could ask the guards where to go. Joy!
  • When I wanted to go from Darnassus to Stormwind at level 20 or so, I took the boat to the Wetlands. I proceeded to spend about 2 hours corpse jumping through the Searing Gorge and the Burning Steppes. Once I made it as far south as I could go, I realized that there was no way to get over the mountains and into Elwynn Forest. Then, I found out about Ironforge and the tram.
  • I had such a hard time getting used to hitting enter before typing anything else in guild chat. Now, I do it whenever I'm talking in gmail or on AIM.
  • When I first saw a bear dancing around (it was probably Aidiah or someone, the guild was outside ZA about to go in ^^) I thought it was the coolest thing EVER.
  • I figured out that you could run by clicking both mouse buttons at level 55 or so.
  • My very first time in Alterac Valley, I had NO idea what I was doing. Everyone is yelling to loot the dogs, and then people are saying DON'T loot the dogs, and then people are calling each other names but then laughing, and then they're saying don't cap Frostwolf, and I'm like, who are you calling a Frost Wolf and why would you cap him?! I also didn't have an epic mount, thus lost crusader's aura pretty quickly, and got incredibly lost in the middle of the battlefield and died many, many times.
  • Turns out I used to suck pretty hard at battlegrounds in general. I used to heal in battlegrounds by hitting shift-tab to tab-target through all my friendly targets. Once I tabbed over to someone who had low health, I'd stop, look at my keyboard, hit 4 for lifebloom, nod to myself in satisfaction, and then keep tabbing around.
  • I thought that Wild Growth was a party heal for the longest time. =P

So what do YOU remember about being a newbie?

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14 remarks:

4shley said...

Oh man.

I remember thinking that using aimed shot during boss fights was unfathomable - surely I would pull aggro instantly. I remember thinking that using multi-shot in instances was also incredibly dangerous - surely there is a sheep hiding in there somewhere!

So basically, I would dps without using any specials. Very effective and I never ran out of mana ever - imagine that!

Luthvian said...

ah!! *hides from tag*

I'll work on it, lol, I promise

Phil said...

@4shley - Autoshot ftw!

Kae said...

Oh dear... I suppose I should get to work on memory lane :)

Doomkin_at_Heart said...

Yea, the 'ol not-finding-out-about-talents-until-late-teens is about right :)

I remember thinking that I might need to change what spell I was using in order to get a mob to drop a quest item. "Maybe moonfire-ing them makes them not drop it..."

Averna said...

Hahahaha. \

@doom: I had heard somewhere (a non-credible source, I'm sure) that using physical damage on mobs would cause them to not drop a quest item (say you needed their hearts or something), because physical damage would "ruin" the quest item, whereas using spells would keep intact and it would drop.

So I'm all specced and geared as a feral and I immediately shift into caster form and moonfire/wrath everything. Takes me another 30 minutes to get the quest item, so OBVIOUSLY using spells helped.


Adsski said...

Oh that made me laugh, I remember well my newbie days, I walked around for miles and miles doing my quests trying to find where i should be, re-reading the quest log for clues.... And the Sealion form quest, well that was an Epic journey of exploration that took days.

And then someone whispered me at about lvl 30 and asked, why don't you have the questhelper Add-on?

Add-on? what are they? I replied.

Needless to say that was a game changing moment lol.

Trazer said...

@ Adsski

If you keep it to yourself, I found out about questhelper at 68 ... Alt+tab /thottbot ftw!

But surely it was clear to everybody that those Feral talents were making me stronger and get more life, so what if I was using spells to kill stuff, and never really had anything beating on me ...

And using that incredibly expensive food and drink?! No way - I'll just stand here and wait for it to regen, that should make me rich in no time!

Notabear said...

Leveling as resto was the WORST idea ever >.< I feels your pain.

Fleas said...

I leveled my first hunter to 30 in The Barrens. I always thought that if you went into contested territory, there was just a group of lvl 60s waiting to gank me.

I revisited that hunter, recently, he had a lvl 14 gray weapon, and a green quality Santa Claus hat.

Icyslush said...

I had trouble getting to Stormwind too. I asked someone and they said "Just take the subway from Ironforge." I thought "thanks a lot, smartass. If you can't give a real answer there's no need to make fun of me!" I didn't believe them.

So instead, I went to the wetlands, walked to the end of the dock....

and swam. Took me over an hour. Since I was going there to get seal form, I figured it was thematic. >.<

Kae said...

Okay Averna, posted up my replieses :)

Lol Icyslush, that is awesome. Did you find that random dock and cabin nestled along the base of the cliffs with no NPCs around? I wonder if it's still there...

/logs in to go for a swim

Icyslush said...

@Kae: It was years ago and while I don't remember the cabin I do remember thinking "wow, this is really boring. maybe they'll dress this up later."

I also learned a lot about fatigue. :(

Matunnos said...

@Doomkin, ya, I used to think that some quest items wouldn't drop if I was in bear or cat form, so I "needed" to stay in NE form, lol.