Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A useful resto druid macro.


I just made my first macro!

I use Barkskin pretty often in Ulduar - there's so much raid damage going out, it's nice to pop it on myself and then focus my heals on everyone else. And in PvP it's an absolute must - it's the only way I'm gonna survive a rogue's opener.

If you're an herbalist, you can make Barkskin even more awesome by popping Lifeblood right after it too.

Add a Fel Blossom and BAM, you've got a pretty great oh shi- button.


/cast Barkskin
/cast Lifeblood
/use Fel Blossom


A couple things to consider, though - using a Fel Blossom will set off the cooldown of any healthstones you have hanging around. So if you want to save your healthstone for later in the fight, I'd think twice about popping this macro. Also, you have to make sure you actually have the Fel Blossoms on you, in your bags. If you don't have them, it'll just do Barkskin followed by Lifeblood. Similary, if you're not an herbalist, it'll just do Barkskin... which kind of renders this macro useless for you (sorry).

Neat, huh?

Quick question - do Fel Blossom and Lifeblood work when you're stunned, like Barkskin does? I'm guessing they don't, right? And I know you can use Lifeblood in arenas.... can you use Fel Blossom? PvP readers, help me out!

And also, an amazing macro guide that Ice put together on Druid Main: Macro Anatomy and More Macro Fun. Check them out!


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Natuu - Kor'Gall EU said...

Nice one indeed, 2 remarks though:

- Fel Blossom requires herbalism as well.
- use /castrandom rather than /cast. Reason for this is that you won't get those annoying error-message/-sounds when spells are on cooldown, it will just skip the line :D

No, I don't think that those spells are usable while being stunned. On the other hand... I've never tried it either...

You mentioned the Healthstone in your topic, why not add it to the macro?

/castrandom Barkskin
/castrandom Lifeblood
/use Fel Healthstone
/use Fel Blossom

This will use the Fel Healthstone and put Blossom on CD. Next time round you don't have a Healthstone anymore, thus skipping it and uses the Blossom.

Some real food for thought here, need to look at myself, and start thinking up some more macros :D

Averna said...

Lol, it does in fact say right on the tooltip, "requires herbalism." Haha, my bad! And nice comment Natuu - you've got some good ideas there. Thanks!

Phil said...

For /cast you can use /castramdom
what about for /use? For example if u want to use a trink...
Can I make a macro with /useramdom 13?

Averna said...

@Phil: I am usually a failbomb at macros (I don't have a solid grasp of what code to use and why it does what it does), which is why I was so excited when I had a macro actually WORK for me. =P Long story short, I can't help you out with your question. =( Maybe another reader can?

Kae said...

/userandom is a viable command, but both it and /castrandom still give me error messages on-screen when the spells or items are on cooldown.

Icedragon said...

Yay, Averna is learning! Hope my posts are helping a little too :)

Nomi said...

just added this one, thanks! I'm pretty new to being a tree and any help I find on the interwebs is always appreciated. Thanks for posting!

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