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The Ultimate Ulduar Loot List for Trees


The Ultimate Ulduar Loot List for Trees has eluded me for some time now. Either I had other things to do in game or in life, or I had other blog posts to write, or (let's be honest here), it just seemed too daunting to put together *all* the loot available and analyze it.

But hey, if Pallymar is able to do it, I shouldn't have a problem, right? ;)

A few N.Bs:

1. This ain't just a "loot list". If you just want a random list of what might drop off a certain boss, check out Wowwiki or Wowhead. What this is, is an *ordered* list of items from best to worst. For example, number 3 on the list of boots is better than number 4, and I'll tell you why. If you ever wanted to know whether that two-hander is better than a combo mainhand + offhand, or if that hard mode 10 man drop is better than that 25 trash drop, well, this is the place to look.

2. I didn't include cloth drops. Let's not take loot away from our wonderful clothie friends! It's their only option! Might there be a time when you have an option to roll on cloth because no other cloth-wearer wants it? Sure. But it's unlikely, at least until you've got Ulduar on farm.

3. I DID include cloth BoE crafted loot.

4. For the most part, I put loot in order from best to worst. If there was a "tie", I tried to label it as such. I labeled loot that was obviously Best in Slot. I occasionally included loot from tier 7 content, if it was relevant.

5. I disregarded the tier-piece bonuses when putting them in order of best to worst, and just looked at stats. Obviously there is more to these tier pieces than just stats, so please see my paragraph at the end regarding this.

6. Asterisks after items indicate that it only drops on hard mode. I also denote whether something drops in 10 man or 25 man. So yes - I list both 10 and 25s, but I am writing this from the perspective of a heroic raider. Sometimes 10 man loot is better than 25, and I wanted to illustrate that, however, I'm not going to be comparing Hero's Dreamwalker gear with Ulduar 10 man gear.

7. Keep in mind that these orders are NOT hard and fast rules. You might take something that's "less good" than something else, because maybe you already *have* a ton of spirit, or crit, or whatever, and don't need/want any more, therefore, this other "lesser" weapon over here is better for you, or maybe you don't want to break your set bonus, or something like that. In other words, take your current stats, etc, into consideration. Be smart.

8. If items had the *same exact* stats for everything except differed in the haste/crit department, I typically put the haste item ahead of the crit item. Keep that in mind.

Let's begin!

Weapons and weapon+OH combos

1. (lol, BiS) Val'anyr + Ironmender (Quest reward) + (25 - Kologarn)
2. Staff of Endless Winter* (25 - Hodir)

3. Guiding Star + Ironmender (25 - Razorscale) + (25 - Kologarn)
4. Soulscribe + Ironmender (25 - Yogg-Saron) + (25 - Kologarn)

5. Icecore Staff* (10 - Hodir)
6. Rapture (25 - Iron Council)
7. The Lifebinder (25 - Freya)

8. Plasma Foil + Ironmender (10 - XT) + (25 - Kologarn)
9. Stormtip + Ironmender (10 - Iron Council) + (25 - Kologran)

10. Devotion (10 - Yogg-Saron)
11. Pillar of Fortitude (10 - trash drop)

(note also the offhand Igniter Rod (10 - Ignis) is a good, but lesser choice for your offhand).

I put these in order based on the sum of main hand + offhand vs. two handers, and I think I've got a pretty good order here. Note that I divided them up into groups- and the weapons in each group are quite similar to each other. Val'anyr paired with any offhand is going to be the obvious BiS winner because of the proc. Of course, only a small percentage of readers are actually going to get Val'anyr, so let's look beyond that. The clear winner here is the two hander, Staff of Endless Winter. It's a hard mode drop, and rightly so - it's hands down BiS behind Val'anyr. Amazing spell power, two blue sockets, AND a spell power socket bonus to boot.

Next are two maces that have NO spirit. *gasp!* Their sheer spell power bumps them up to this slot here. Soulscribe has no mp5, so I've got it right behind Guiding Star. If you're set on regen, go for the SS, but keep in mind you'll be rolling against Paladins on this. If you win it and they look at you funny, let 'em know our spirit has been nerfed. They'll get over it soon. =)

Icecore is next, due to its awesome spell power, sockets, and socket bonus. Closely behind it are Rapture and the Lifebinder, both neck and neck.

Next we've got some combos. You have two choices for each: two daggers and two offhands. Keep in mind that the Plasma Foil is better than the Stormtip, and the Ironmender is better than the Igniter Rod. In fact, after adding up the stats for all four combos, it turns out that Ironmender is *so* good, that pairing it with either weapon is going to be better than any combo with the Igniter Rod. So if you're going to roll on an offhand or a main hand, keep in mind that the Ironmender is hands down BiS for offhands, and that the Plasma Foil is BiS for main hands.

Devotion, followed by Pillar, are at the very bottom - no sockets, and only 487 spell power. A sad drop for those guilds who get all the way to Yoggy, only to find Devotion. You'd think we'd be rewarded with something slightly more awesome.


1. (BiS) Bracers of the Broodmother (25 - Razorscale)
2. Shackles of the Odalisque (25 - Razorscale) (cloth)
3. Bindings of the Depths (10 - Gen Vez)

"But Averna, you said there'd be no cloth drops on this list!" Yeah, I know, but there were only TWO options for bracers, and I wanted to give you guys a third, JUST in case it drops and no one else wants it. The Broodmother bracers are best in slot by just a bit, followed closely by the Shackles. In turn, the Shackles beat out the Bindings in both spirit and spell power, so if you get the chance to snag them, it's a good upgrade. There are a few other cloth bracer drops, but all have hit on them, and therefore didn't make the list.


1. Savior's Slippers (crafted: tailoring) (cloth)
2. Boots of Wintry Endurance (crafted: leatherworking)
3. Spellslinger's Slippers (crafted: tailoring) (cloth)

4. Boots of Hasty Revival (25 - XT)
5. Boots of the Petrified Forest (10 - Iron Council)

Interestingly, the top three boots are all crafted. *All three* have 2 sockets (blue and red), 81 spell power, and a +7 spell power socket bonus - they're really quite similar. What puts Savior's over the top is the +57 spirit. Wintry Endurance boots are next, at +49, and Spellslinger's are last at +41. If you need haste though, the Spellslingers are the way to go - the first two will only grant you some crit.

However, Ulduarian crafted items are insanely expensive (~6 runed orbs for each, which go for about 1-3k on the auction house - EACH), so your next best options are the Hasty Revival boots. With only one blue socket, they're not as good as the others, but they'll still be an upgrade from T7 content. The Petrified Forest Boots are, at best, a sidegrade (compared to Boots of Septic Wounds, for instance, they're actually *slightly* worse).


1. Drape of the Sullen Goddess* (25 - Freya)
2. Shawl of Haunted Memories (25 - Yogg-Saron)
2. Cape of the Unworthy Wizard (25 - Kel'Thuzad)
3. Asimov's Drape (25 - Mimiron)

Yup, that's right - I have two "2"'s. Honestly, Blizzard dropped the ball on giving us any good cloak upgrades in Ulduar. Our KT cloak is JUST AS GOOD as the Yogg-Saron cloak. o.O Also, the number one cloak there doesn't even have any spirit on it. That's how bad our cloak itemization is. Bah.

Regardless - if you have the Unworthy Wizard cape, I would keep it. The Haunted Memories shawl is very much a sidegrade - you gain 4 intellect and lose 8 crit rating. It's really a wash. If you feel you can lose the spirit and be alright, then go for the Sullen Goddess (but you can bet that a million other classes plus your mom will be vying for it - and will probably raise their eyebrows at you if you roll as a resto druid, lest you explain that there are NO OTHER GOOD CLOAKS FOR US).


1. Belt of Arctic Life (crafted: leatherworking)
2. Cord of the White Dawn (crafted: tailoring) (cloth)

3. Belt of the Crystal Tree (10 - Iron Council)
3. Flamewrought Cinch (25 - Ignis)
3. Belt of the Sleeper (25 - trash drop)

4. Unravelling Strands of Sanity (25 - Malygos)
5. Belt of the Living Thicket (28 Emblems of Conquest)

Again, the top two are crafted BoEs. Arctic Life and White Dawn both have two sockets (/drool - if you add an eternal belt buckle, you get THREE) and the same spell power - but Arctic Life will grant you haste as opposed to crit, and more importantly, more spirit, which pushes it up into BiS.

After the first two, I had a hell of a time ordering them. After a good hour of deliberation (yeah, I know, I'm insane. Just pick em, right?) I decided to put all three in one spot. The socket on the Crystal Tree could potentially push it over the top if you use a spell power gem, but the int and spirit on it are pretty low.

I like the Malygos belt a lot because you get a good helping of spirit AND a dash of mp5. To me, they go together like cinnamon and sugar. Mmmmm. You know you're getting solid mana regen with that baby. Keep in mind though that you're potentially giving up haste or crit. And finally, the badge belt, which to be honest, isn't worth its cost.


1. (BiS) Gloves of the Frozen Glade* (25 - Hodir)
2. Grips of the Unbroken (25 - Gen Vez)
3. Handguards of Potent Cures (10 - Flame Leviathan)
4. Conqueror's Nightsong Handguards
5. Valorous Nightsong Handguards

Gloves of the Frozen Glade are solidly best in slot here, followed by The Unbroken gloves. Potent Cures are definitely better (stats wise) than the Conqueror's Handguards, which is interesting, because they're 10-man-first-boss loot - but not by much, so don't feel too bad swapping in number 4 for number 3 for a tier bonus.


1. Conqueror's Nightsong Headpiece
2. Unwavering Stare (25 - Auriaya)
3. Valorous Nightsong Headpiece
4. Cover of the Keepers (10 - Auriaya)

This is a great progession from 1-4, very clear cut as to what's better than what (I love it when it's like that. Makes my job here easier =P) It's also obvious that if you're trying for a 2 piece or 4 piece bonus tier set, you should make the helm one of your chosen pieces.


1. Conqueror's Nightsong Leggings
2. Leggings of the Lifetender (25 - Freya)
3. Wildstrider Legguards (39 Emblems of Conquest)
4. Valorous Nightsong Leggings

Conqueror's Nightsong Leggings beat out the Lifetenders, but *just* barely. They've got a spell power socket bonus and a bit more intellect which juuust puts them over the top. I would recommend that if you put together a conqueror's tier bonus set, you add these legs in. The Leggings of the Lifetender trump the Wildstriders due to more spirit and a nice red socket for spell power itemization.


1. Shoulderpads of Dormant Energies* (25 - Flame Leviathan)
2. Conqueror's Nightsong Spaulders
2. Malleable Steelweave Mantle (25 - Mimiron)
3. Valorous Nightsong Spaulders
4. Valorous Dreamwalker Spaulders
5. Shoulderguards of Assimilation (10 - Mimiron)

Dormant Energies take the cake here with high stats, two sockets, and a spell power socket bonus. The next two are pretty much *exactly* the same - same socket/socket bonus, same haste, same spell power, and practically the same stats. As such, I'd recommend getting your hands on the tier piece (they're both listed as number two, but keep the tier bonus in mind) if you end up with a choice between the two.

The Assimilation shoulderguards are nothing to write home about. Even our current Valorous Dreamwalkers (tier 7.5) are better.


1. Vestments of the Blind Denizen* (25 - GenVez)
2. Conqueror's Nightsong Robe
3. Phaelia's Vestments of the Sprouting Seed (25 - Iron Council)
4. Valorous Nightsong Robe
4. Vest of the Glowing Crescent (10 - XT)

Holy sockets, Batman! Look at that BiS chest piece! Hands down, Blind Denizen is awesome. However, if you want to keep a tier bonus, or can't get to GenVez hard mode, the Tier chest is still pretty awesome. Phaelia's is third, and is only very marginally better than the Valorous Nightsong Robes and the Glowing Crescent due to its higher amount of spirit. If you've got number 4 making your set bonus, I'd think long and hard about ditching it for Phaelia's or the Crescent. It just might not be a good enough upgrade to be worth it.

As for the Glowing Crescent, it's got a great heaping pile of spell power - 124, plus a red socket, PLUS a spell power socket bonus. No matter what combo of gems you use in the Valorous Robes, you won't be able to match that spell power (it's a few points off, I believe). I'm wary though, because of the Crescent's measly amount of spirit. The Valorous robes will allow you more flexibility due to having two sockets, but it won't pack the spell power punch like Crescent will. After a lot of deliberation, I finally put these two at a tie.

Also note that ALL of these robes are itemized with crit, so you won't have to make a difficult haste-or-crit decision here. =)


1. (BiS) Glowing Ring of Reclamation (25 - Flame Leviathan)
2. Lady Maye's Sapphire Ring (10 - Iron Council)

These are pretty much your only options for rings unless the vendor starts to sell them. Reclamation for 25s, and Lady Maye's in 10s.


1. (BiS) Sapphire Amulet of Renewal* (25 - Hodir)
2. Watchful Eye* (10 - Iron Council)
3. Evoker's Charm (19 Emblems of Conquest)
4. Unblinking Eye (25 - Iron Council)

If you put a Seer's Forest Emerald in the Watchful Eye, it puts it on par with the other two necklaces, however, the flexibility you have with the socket elevates it slightly above them. All of these also trump the BiS neck from tier 7, which was the heroic Malygos quest line neck, the Life-Binder's Locket. Its lack of spirit wasn't too worrisome back in Naxx, but post 3.1 we need all the spirit we can get.

A note on Trinkets and Idols: There are so many different trinkets, it's really hard to order them in any which way, so unfortunately for you, readers, I'm not going to even try. It really depends on your other gear and what you're looking for. I will say though, that spell power trinkets are still king, but having a spirit one at your disposal is really great for those longer fights. Also, the only resto druid Idol in Ulduar is the Idol of Flourishing Life, which, if you use Nourish *at all*, you should try to pick up. If you're looking for a 'boost-my-healing' idol, it does way more throughput healing than the Idol of Lush Moss.

Oh, also, check out Lissanna's post about trinkets here - it gives a good rundown of what's available and what your best bets are.

A note on tier bonuses: Our two piece and four piece set bonuses are pretty hot. You can get the two piece with Emblems of Conquest (helm and chest can be purchased at the merchant in Dalaran), but if you want the four, you're going to have to rely on drops. Now, I'd say get the four in whatever way you can, with any combo of pieces, but if you DID have a choice, I would go with the legs, chest, helm, and shoulders - the gloves are probably the weakest link in the bunch, so if you're gonna ditch one, ditch those.

Personally, I'm going to get the 2 piece and see where it goes from there. I would love to get all four, but it's tough when 1. we only raid twice a week, 2. we might not even get to bosses that drop tier pieces, 3. even if we DO get to those bosses, they might not drop them, and 4. even if they DO drop them, I might not win the bid.

TL;DR: Do I think the four piece is worth it? Yes, I really do. It's an amazing buff to our rejuv. Should you pass on other gear in order to "save up" for the four piece which may or may not drop right away? Well, that's gotta be your call. You know your guilds' loot systems and how easy or difficult it will be to get the tier pieces.

Now, if you see something that looks funny or doesn't sit right with you, or if I linked something wrong somewhere, let me know! Comparing all of this gear made my brain kinda fuzzy, and it's very possible I overlooked something.


21 remarks:

Aertimus said...

Great list! It is daunting to read all that data and make your own list instead of relying on filters and weights to do it for you and trusting them blindly. I started making mine as soon as data started rolling off the PTR, so I was able to make an initial post about a month ago, but I didn't get around to updating mine hardcore until this weekend too. Wonder why we both had the free time this weekend?

First - mad props for ranking all the way down 5 in some cases or 12 for weapons! I was like heck no, we are drawing the line at 3ish.

Second - I totally agree with your list, (including including 10 man gear when its better) except that I include cloth in mine, but if I pull the cloth they are nearly identical. I'm going to bid on it if I think it is appropriate, feelings won't be hurt, and it is a big upgrade for me. I don't think druid's should write it off all together, just keep in mind we are second in line.

One little thing - Shoulderpads of Dormant Energies is a Hard Mode only drop.

Okay now the only thing that isn't sitting right... Why isn't Guiding Star on your list as a weapon? Even though it lacks the spirit of Plasma Foil and Stormtip, it has (raw) 15mp5 and 63 spellpower which TOTALLY make up for the 40ish loss in spirit.

Then, when you put Guiding Star with Ironmender (which you agree is the best off hand), it trumps Lifebinder and Rapture by 55ish spellpower. MAYBE pick up Rapture if you are having mana issues and the haste will hurt you more than help you. But no way is it better than Lifebinder.

So what are your thoughts on Guiding Star? Just want the spirit? Or saving it for the resto shamans since it is hands down their best in slot and only probably our best in slot (pre-hard modes and legendaries)?

Again - great list with great comments. Thanks for such a quality blog and taking so much time to do so much game research!

Averna said...

I mentioned Soul Scribe as a weapon that drops that doesn't have spirit.... I could mention more (like Guiding Star), but then I'd feel the need to mention Constellus and Pulse Baton, etc etc etc.

Besides, taking a weapon with no spirit is a HUGE hit for resto druids. Personally I don't think it's worth it. You really, really need that spirit for regen and healing power in tree form.

The other thing is that since it *doesn't* have spirit on it, it IS better for other classes (like shammies ^^) to have - and I'd rather have them take a good weapon, than have me take a weapon that's only mediocre for myself.

Thanks for the input!

Aertimus said...

I left Constellus out of the discussion because its a hard mode only item anyway, and most people are a long ways from there.

If you factor in spellpower from spirit on Plasma Foil in ToL form (and we will even throw in Kings), Guiding Star has 54 MORE healing power in tree form. So we don't need the spirit for that.

The mana regen from the spirit is nice. It gives me about 20mp5 from spi/int. But Guiding Star has 15mp5, so Plasma Foil only gives 5mp5 more.

5mp5 vs 54 healing power? I wouldn't have given that a second thought. If I'm missing something major, could you show me your math?

Also, if the argument is save it for shamans I totally respect that position - but please don't tell resto druids this weapon is only mediocre for them.

Again - I agree with this ENTIRE list (and almost all of your blog) so my mind is boggled by this one disagreement. Its nice to have someone to talk numbers with.

Averna said...

Well, unboggle your mind - I just simply hadn't done the math ;)

You didn't miss anything major, and you're actually more right due to the fact that our innervate won't be spirit based come the next patch. Great for non-spirit people you want to put an innervate on, however, it makes spirit even more obsolete than it already is....

I don't have time right this second, but I'll update the post soon =D

Thanks for bringing this to my attention!!

Anonymous said...

Great guide, cheers.

Will help me pick what to spend my DKP on :)

Anonymous said...

Quickly turning into my favourite resto blog, after Resto4Life finished.

Gotta rate you #1 alongside Tree Bark Jacket :)

Averna said...

@Anons: Aw, thanks guys!!

@Aertimus: After your comments, you really got me thinking about spirit and its role and itemization in our gear. I much too frequently disregard gear without spirit, but maybe we need to start doing the actual math (like you did) to figure out if that spirit is worth it (which, thanks to you, we've seen is *not* worth it, in the example you gave).

Anyway, expect a post about it sometime soon. =D

Oh PS - I checked out your gear list, and it's great =D

Tolkraft said...

I agree with Aertimus about the Guiding Star.

I'll pick it up over my Torch of Holy Fire once everyone in my guild will have a decent weapon.

Otherwise, i found your list very interesting, accurate and helpfull.

Thanks to both of you for your blogs.

Lissanna said...

Thank you for beating me to this! I've been passing on a lot of loot because I just didn't know if I should take it or not. I was about to make my own gear list (I started once or twice and then got frustrated & gave up), and then saw that it was already done here, so now I don't have to spend the time on it! I probably disagree in some places (like the weapon stuff), but that's where personal preferences kick in...

Averna said...

@Lissanna: I really do have to back in and change up some of the weapon info, so take that list with a grain of salt for now. Once I fix it up, maybe we'll be more on the same page =D

Lyrr said...

My personal BiS-List:

Forethought Talisman will be changed with Show of Faith (25-Yogg).

Cloak will be changed with the 10-Algalon Quest reward.

Only 2pc T8.5, I will never use Rejuvenation as a Raidheal, und I do not need that tiny bit of healing on the tanks.

Haste looks nice with 469 hasterating.
Manaregeneration will be fine b/c of the 2 trinkets.

Fire Orchid Signet may be changed though, there's nothing better on chardev atm.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your work in putting this list together. I would like to point out however, that several pieces from Malygos25, Sarth +2/3 and Kel'Thuzad should be in your list, since they are on par or better than the 10 man Ulduar drops. ie. Blanketing Robes of Snow (iLvl226), Headpiece of Reconciliation (iLvl226), Arcanic Tramplers (iLvl226), Torch of Holy Fire (iLvl226), etc. I feel your list may lead some to believe that the best gear can only be had from Ulduar.

Anonymous said...

in regards to weapons without spirit...i believe that guiding star is VERY viable option for a resto druid. from what it sounds , from your last paragraph of the list, you havnt see the later content in ulduar (not being offensive, just stating what appears to be so)...i am running with about 350 less spirit than i could be and i feel i cold take off another 200 or so, raid wide mana regen and mp5 over spirit are such viable alternatives to stacking spirit. even doing fights like general, fighting on yogg and all of the keepers i dont even find myself innervating. so i DO believe that for a complete list, weapons without spirit are viable options.
Longtrang < Empire >

Averna said...

@Anon: Oh, totally. My guild has only gotten through Freya and Hodir thus far. =D

Also, I wrote a post a few days ago regarding the Guiding Star. It's the post above this one.

I just haven't yet had the time to go through my entire loot list and change it all.

Fultree said...

Thanks for the guide. You put some solid thought into this list, and me and my guild do appreciate it. Thanks for the tree love.

Cusper said...

OMG, thank you for this list... it is AMAZING! I am probably going to be making one for balance druids soon, but will be making a link to yours for my other half (dual spec).

I am in full agreement with your entire list and how you ranked them. Thank you so much!

Daniel Adler said...

Lovley job, thanx alot

Aertimus said...

Good catch on Soulscribe. I totally missed it. I agree that it is just as good as Guiding Star, and the one to take if someone is happy with their mana regen. Thanks again!

Bill said...

our BIS is actually the chest from General V.

Vestments of the Blind Denizen

You gain;

6 Int
10 Spi
18 Armor
69 Haste
7 Spell Power
1 Socket(blue)

over the nightsong robe

Orbitz said...

Crazy list, now I see why you threw those questions at me. Gives me at least 2-3 more posts to blog about! :)

lxsli said...

Great list! I have another weapon poke though... Constellus! 19mp5 is really a ton. And tbh, I have no problem eating my own innervate.

Staff of Eternal Winter
100 Spi, 614 SP, 104 crit

Constellus + Ironmender
53 Spi, 19 mp5, 675 SP, 29 crit, 36 haste

The main diff for me is 61 SP + 36 haste for 71 crit rating, I'll take that trade.