Monday, May 18, 2009

A Resto Druid's Guide: The Iron Council


The Iron Council: you've got the Steelbreaker, who's sitting there all fat, lazy, and content on his big blue rune. Then you've got Runemaster Molgeim, who's waving his arm like "Hey! Pay attention to me! Call on me! Me! Look! I'm special! See? Look! Looooook!" And Steelbreaker is all like "/yawn". And Stormcaller Brundir is like "I may be small, but I am formidable in my own right! I shall scamper around and look important, and maybe Steely will give me some recognition! Steely! Hey! Look over here! /scamperscamper" And Steely is all just like "/yawn". The poor guys, I feel kinda bad for them. Then Steelbreaker fusion punched my tank in the face and they all laughed at us, and then I didn't feel that bad anymore. "Decipher THIS"??? I'll decipher your MOM! What now! Screw you guys! No one fusion punches my tank and gets away with it!!! /RAWR

So, as stated, there are three bosses in this encounter, and as such, you'll need three tanks. There's Steelbreaker (the huge guy in the middle), Runemaster Molgeim (the middle-sized guy on the left), and Stormcaller Brundir (the smallest guy running around).

They also do different things depending on who you kill last, but for this guide, we'll focus on the most typical order: Steelbreaker --> Molgeim --> Brundir. Because if you try to kill Steelbreaker last, he does this thing where each time someone dies, he heals for 15% and does 25% more damage (I read that and went: o.O) So we'll focus on the standard order for now.

Eh. Reading this over, this really ain't much of a resto druid guide, because to be honest, it's pretty much "roll heals on your assigned tank, off heal the other tanks, raid heal." Pretty basic. But if you wanna keep reading anyway, go for it!

Each tank will be in one area of the room, and you'll be assigned to one or more of them. Try to stand near the middle of the room, so you can reach most of the tanks with your hots.

Steelbreaker's tank will take the most damage, and then get blasted with a Fusion Punch that HAS to be dispelled, usually by a paladin or priest. Because druids can't dispel magic, you don't need to worry about the responsibility of cleansing it off. Just keep your heals rolling. Steelbreaker also has an aura that will do raid-wide tick damage, so I try to keep one LB rolling on as many people as possible. As Lissanna pointed out, LBs are pretty cheap if you let them bloom, so you'll probably be able to do this just fine.

Brundir's tank will have to watch out for two things: 1. an AoE Overload ability that blasts people in melee range, and also a chain lightning that someone (usually a rogue) will interrupt. This tank can eat the overload, and doesn't take too much damage otherwise, so if you're healing him, feel free to heal the raid or other tanks as well.

The dps and tanks on both these guys will be doing a little rune dance (keeping the boss out of runes that will increase its damage, while trying to stand in those same runes which will increase their own damage - Molgeim puts these down), but this doesn't affect you, so don't stress.

However, once Steelbreaker dies, Molgeim gets pissed and starts throwing down these huge green runes of death. If he puts one down near you, you need to GTFO as quickly as possible. This isn't just a "oh I'll sidestep a couple feet and be ok" kind of gtfo, this is a AMIGODRUNRUNRUN type of gtfo. If your little tree legs don't book it, you'll probably die. The rune is HUGE. More huge than you'd expect anyway, the first time you see it. It does a lot of damage. It hurts. I think Blizzard nerfed it a wee bit but it's still huge. Did I mention that it's huge?

You've been warned.

The problem with the huge runes of death is that because they are so freaking huge, it's easy to run out of range of your tank. THIS BE BAD because when other healers are running away just like you are, they can't cast many heals. BUT YOU CAN! So you want to run out of it but you want to do it intelligently. It's hard to run away intelligently when hesitating to think for a mere split second will kill you, so try to be intelligent *before* the huge rune forms. Get a good position, note the position of the tank and dps in relation to you, and figure out where you'll run if said huge rune of death forms below you. I've said huge TEN times now. *Excellent.* Resto druids everywhere will now be prepared for the hugeness that is Molgeim's green rune of death. Yesssss!

Molgeim also does this lightning bolt thing every so often that'll blast random people for about 7k. If someone gets hit by two of these they can easily die, so get ready with your Nourishes.

Once Molgy's down, you just have the little guy to worry about. Keep range - don't stand close. He'll keep doing his overload ability, and also eventually do this tendril of light thing that'll float around and target random people. RUN AWAY! And heal while you're doing it!

Then, win loot!

[Unblinking Eye]
[Phaelia's Vestments of the Sprouting Seed]


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RaĆ­ne said...

In terms of the "huge green rune of death" that Molgiem puts out:

It's larger (I'd go with nearly twice the size of) than the Hodir's Flash Freeze glyph that occasionally falls on the floor. Oh yeah, and if you're targeted with the green rune you'll be in the center of it. So yeah...huge.

Fuyuko said...

Yeaaaah, I was bad and all "lolwut" when he did overload on Wed. =(

Holy priests can't stealthily die either. Big blue angel of "SHOW EVERYONE IN THE RAID WHUT U DID."