Saturday, May 30, 2009

New forms? LET'S QQ MOAR


So, guys, new forms! Finally! We got bear form, and cat form coming next week, and later, tree and moonkin form!

Let the forum and whining begin! /popcorn

"Like i said in my original post the new form is terrible."

3 years of nerfs and class isssues never made me rerroll but this might." (LOL!)

"The NE Bear suxz I actually think the old skin looks much better it’s meaner looking. My biggest beef is that they missed the opportunity to do something really kewl which would be to make Feral Druids different then Resto/Boomkin wanna b’s." (Uh, excuse me?)

"Druids aren't getting new forms. The same old forms are getting a re-skin. Tanks are still bears. Dps'ers are still cats. You'll just be a different color." (Well.... of course the tanks are still bears. What, did you want tanks to suddenly look like, I dunno, Hand Banana?)

"Meh, my opinion is that these ones still look hideously ugly."

And then!

"People should be appreciative. You're getting 10 new skins to choose from Instead of 2 you were assigned..... Be cool. Quit complainin' when you're given good new things."

"I have never seen a community so full of horrible negative ingrates in my entire life. If I were on the art team I would just stop the release, seriously, you people don't deserve a god damn thing. Blizzard didn't update your art for 5 years, now they finally do it and you spit in their faces."

"Stop stereotyping all druids saying they are incredibly !%%%%y and ungrateful of the new models just because a very small portion of the druid community doesnt like them. I am happy and love the new models, so please dont classify every druid as an ungrateful @$%#. "

And my favorite 'off-topic' post I ran across:

I don’t know about my fellow druids but I now hate flying in swift flight form it’s slow and has become a chore instead of the joy it use to be."

o.O Seriously?! HAHAHAHA. You can INSTA-SHIFT.

Everyone, QQ moar.

EDIT: There WERE quite a few posts of people who really liked the new forms. I didn't include them because, well, they weren't funny. ;) But yes - there are MANY people out there who are happy with these changes!

What's my opinion? I think they look neat. It doesn't affect me all that much, so any change is exciting. It doesn't have to be 100% perfect. I can't wait to see tree forms, though! =)

This post's got it right:

"But - I want to attack cats and bears that wear helmets and capes."

And the subsequent blue post:

Due to some of the feedback we've received concerning the new druid bear forms, we've decided to make some changes with how we intended to approach cat form. Here is a glimpse of the new direction.

As I've said before, all I want is this:



And when I say *all* I want is this, I mean, I want this, AND I want to look better than Applebough in tree form.

/tar Applebough


7 remarks:

Doomkin_at_Heart said...

Sigh... some druids certainly do come across a bit whiny and ungrateful.

Are they everything everyone wants? No. They weren't before, and they'll never be even now.

I for one think they look spectacular! Kudos to the art team!!

I'm fantastically excited about the Moonkin and Tree forms. Hopefully they make it for 3.3!

Jong said...

I'm really looking forward to new cats! I like alliance cat much more than horde cat. mine looks like the wyvern mount and it's head is oddly elogated from the side view.

Fuyuko said...

Hahaha, I <3 Blizzard and their sense of humor.

I do find it pretty silly that so many people are complaining about being given more options.

If you plan on rerolling your class because you have stripes now, then you really didn't love your class to begin with, now didya?

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I really don't care about new forms. I don't much care what things look like in the game, I am just here to raid and have fun.

However, I am glad they are doing this, because I know ALOT of people DO want some changes and DO care about the way things look.

I will probably change my skin for each form, but mostly just so I won't conform as much... boy, do I hate conformity.

Aynon said...

Thank god we are getting new looks, I was sick of seeing all the druids look the same.

Im looking foward to see Tree and Boomking Forms.

Adsski said...

I think this is great, it'll be nice to be able to change colour once in a while after all, i've been looking at my purple cat self for years now.

I do hope though that Blizz have some secret models hidden away though and im thinking here about armoured models (like the bear in golden compass) Now this could be implemented through a new Druid quest line (yes please) with parts of the armour dropping of various bosses, akin to Anzu but more bosses need to collect the parts and then a final quest to get the new model. I also think it should be limited to normal heroic dungeons rather than raids to keep the non raiders happy.

Aertimus said...

Okay mentioning Golden Compass just took me from generally uninterested in feral forms (because I am never in them) to VERY interested.