Monday, April 27, 2009

The Argent Tournament: Part 3


Part 1 and Part 2, if you fancy.

So you're busy collecting Valiant Seals for Darnassus, right? You need 25 of them to become a tried and true champion. There are a few different dailies that open up for you over by the Darnassus peeps: one that has you kill scourge, one where you joust NPCs at the AT, another where you joust NPCs in Icecrown, and others that have you go get weapons from hot wenches around Northrend by wooing them with kisses, flowers, or flames.

Note that on the west side of the tournament, there are other dailies that have opened up as well. These are similar to the Darnassus dailies. They have you kill scourge and joust those same people in Icecrown, too! Well that's neat, because it means these dailies overlap. Two birds with one stone, baby! They also have you do a group quest to kill an elite dragon, Chillmaw. As a resto druid, I do NOT recommend trying this alone. =P Fortunately, there are always quite a few people hanging around in general chat that need the quest as well.

Note that the rewards for the west side dailies are different. You don't get Valiant seals for them: instead, you get a choice between a Champions Writ (with these, you can buy rep from quartermasters once you're championed with them), or a bag of money (10g), PLUS, you get Champion seals, no matter what. Now, Champion seals are the currency used to buy things from the faction's quartermasters, like mounts, noncombat pets, or gear. Note that you can only access a faction's quartermaster once you're championed with them (except for your own faction - you can access Darnassus' quartermaster from the very beginning).

So you're doing your dailies each day - and what happens when you get all 25 Valiant seals? Well, you turn in the meta quest, become a true champion of Darnassus, and you get a PET BOY. No, I'm not kidding. You get a noncombat pet, which happens to be a boy. Isn't it wrong to think of him as a pet? I mean, he's *officially classified* as a non combat pet. He's a *pet*. God. It really seems wrong. He follows you around and carries all your stuff for you. He also will carry around a banner of any faction you have championed whenever you ask him to. It's hilarious.

The other exciting thing that you can do (other than order around your squire and make him carry heavy things) is go and champion another faction. And no, you don't have to be exalted with a faction to go ahead and pursue championship with them. Personally, I chose Exodar. Why? I don't know. Draenei chicks are hot. What. Also: elephants! Er, elekks. Whatever. ALSO: I need to get my rep up with them, because I'm not yet exalted. Doing dailies for them gives you 250 rep for Exodar each time you hand one in, and once I get 25 Valiant seals, I can turn in those Champion Writs (that you get from turning in the other set of dailies on the west side of the AT) to the Exodar Quartermaster in exchange for 250 rep.

So there you have it: A quick three parter for the Argent Tournament! I'm so close to getting the mini-tree pet, I can taste it. I think I'll be getting it tonight... you can bet good money that I will post pictures of my baby tree on here soon! =D


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Doomkin_at_Heart said...

As a Tauren Druid, I'm very jealous of the baby-tree pet you elves can get!! Grrr!

Anonymous said...

and everyone is hoping for a nerf on all tauren's overall power.