Monday, April 27, 2009



So I fiddled around with Adsense for a bit on this blog, just to get a feel for what it's all about. I've never wanted to put ads on my blog, because 1. They'll all be gold farming ads, 2. I wouldn't make any real money from them anyway, and 3. In general, I think ads make blogs look cluttered and cheap. But I wanted to see how clean I could make them look, so I put some ads up, out of the way of things (you can see them at the very bottom of the sidebar), tried to color code them/sleek them down as best I could, and then checked to see what they were.

This is pretty hilarious, what google thinks this blog is about, and what ads should be on it.

So far we have:

1. Druid Hill Apartments in Atlanta (live with your fellow druids! Also, Georgians!)
2. Fire resistant clothing, specifically pants (defeat Onyxia... IN REAL LIFE =O )
3. Progressive auto insurance (accident-prone on your chopper? Progressive can help!)
4. Top leveling guides (Ok, this one actually make sense)
5. How to be an OP warlock or rogue (because this is a dps blog, not a resto druid blog - oh wait-)
6. RAM mounting systems (not only mount your jousting horse, but also your ipod or laptop!)
7. Watermelon. (wtf?)

Number 2 really gets me good. Fire resistant clothing? IRL? Unless you're some crazy stunt person, who the hell is walking around, thinking "Boy, I sure with I had fire-resistant clothing for those times when I spontaneously catch on fire OH GOD THERE IT GOES AGAIN IT BURNS WHAT DO I DOOO-- oh hey, look at this ad!"

Anyway. I'm going to leave the ads up for a couple days and see what they do. I'll most likely take them down in a bit; I highly doubt anyone will find them interesting enough to click on.

Do any of you run ads on your websites/blogs? What programs do you run? (Adsense or something else?) I'd be interested to find out; let me know in the comments section!


2 remarks:

Sylly said...

bwaaahahaha you had me laughing out loud!!! =)
no ads on my blog, so I can't help you there, but I would do most anything to have links to fire retardant clothing on my blog...

Joyce said...

Hehe, I was running Adsense for a while, and it kept linking to people that would put up fences for fencing seems like a weird thing to translate. :)

I'm currently using ProjectWonderful since it makes more sense for an art/craft blog, and because I can turn those funds right back around into ads for myself if I choose. ^_^