Sunday, March 22, 2009

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So. When this poll is done, I'm starting an alt.

I'm also *considering* starting it on an RP server.

Sometimes when I'm browsing WoW blogs on the interwebs, I'll stumble across one that focuses on role playing. The back stories behind each character always intrigue me. I've never come up with a good back story for Averna, and it makes me feel like I'm doing her a disservice. It would be really neat to start a toon from scratch, with a history, a personality. It would also be neat to have a new project in WoW - something fun and different. It's easy to get sick of the same old stuff on the same old toon. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Ave, but sometimes you need to shake things up a bit.

I don't think I'd be happy playing full time on an RP server. Being in character most or all of the time would get to me after a while. Although I'm sure that RP servers aren't much different than regular servers, are they? Can we really expect an entire server to truly role play?

So I guess my questions to all you RPers out there - are there any servers that are known to be decent RP servers? And would anyone be remotely interested in reading some RP-type stories about my new toon once a week or so, here on this blog? Do you guys come up with a back story for your character before you start? Or while you're first playing? Also, should I be feeling *super* nerdy because I'm considering doing this? Is RPing.... (/gasp) too nerdy even for ME?

Then I think, hell, I already play World of Warcraft. It's like in Firefly:

Wash: You telepathy? That sounds like something out of science fiction!
Zoe: Honey, we live in a spaceship.

So nerdiness aside (besides, do I really care what other people think?), any advice? Suggestions? Input would be appreciated!


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Lissanna said...

My druid was on an RP server for a couple years. What I figured out is that in 99% of situations, it's just like a PvE server, only you can report people for having more types of stupid names. However, there are always guilds or individuals who can make it a really fun RP environment. You have to search for a group of people on a server that you would want to RP with, not for a server that happens to be an RP server.

Icedragon said...

Moon Guard is known as a haven for roleplayers. You can't walk through the Cathedral District in Stormwind without being pulled into something. I'd be willing to help your alt along if you roll here :D

Honestly I just chose the server because the name sounded cool, then I realized I had to roleplay...and how much fun that can be. My name still gets reported once in a blue moon (apparently not many can accept a druid named Icedragon) but the server itself is like a PvE server with pockets of plotlines.

Running around OOC is how I usually go, but if something strikes me I'll slow down and enjoy a story.

I developed Ice's history after I created her (though she -was- my first toon) and it develops as the game does, based on in-game events (breakups, holidays, raiding achievements).

Step into the realm of roleplay for a'll find yourself wondering what your character would be thinking often -.^

SolIllandra said...
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SolIllandra said...

Personally, I've always felt the same way, I've just never gotten around to realizing it, so kudos to you for doing so. :) I've rather enjoyed it in the past when people have shared in-character stories of thier character in their blog, so I think that would be pretty cool here, as well. I not heard of any realm being particularly fantastic, but I have heard some negative things about the RP-PvP realms. Back in Star Wars Galaxies, when I did roleplay a lot, I usually developed a frame for the character, then I filled ind etails as events occured and gave me ideas for her past and how she would react.

Corgii said...

I'm currently rolling a Draenei Paladin on Wyrmrest Accord; I heard the Alliance RP there is great! I also only plan on playing her casually as I just enjoy RPing as a little past time. If you roll on WrA, add me!


Averna said...

Thanks for the input guys, it's really appreciated!

@Ice: Good to know about Moon Guard. Sounds neat ^^

@Corgii: What level is your toon right now? Let me know how it goes!!

Roman said...

RP guild will do.

Oh, Firefly is great!

Pallymar said...

Regardless of how nerdy RP is or isn't, if you enjoy it - go with it. I mean this in the nicest way possible - screw the readers! If you're not writing what you want to write about, then your readers will pick up on that. Trust me when I say that we'll enjoy reading what you write about regardless.

Oh, and Firefly reference = win!

Sarai said...

I also RP on Moon Guard horde-side. It's pretty good so far, but if you roll horde, keep away from Silvermoon. >.<

I do most of my RP-ing on normal servers, actually, because that's where most of my characters are. So you don't really -have- to go to an RP server (though it does help!)