Saturday, March 21, 2009

Look, a poll!


Guys. Listen.

.....I got alt fever again. This always happens when I'm leveling a higher level toon (for instance, my lvl 45 mage) and start to reminisce about the good old days... where levels flew by in a matter of minutes... the sweet and slightly salty taste of dinging left and right.

So I succumbed to the pull of sweet lowbie leveling and created a warrior. This warrior is level 16 now, and she is totally bad-ass. She's a draenei named Lutu and is so bad-ass she doesn't even use a shield. She's all sword, all the time. BAM. Sword to the face!

The only problem with Lutu is that, well, she's a warrior. And I am NOT having fun with this warrior class thing.

1. You can't pull mobs from a distance. EDIT: I realize that warriors can equip bow-type thingies, and I am just a noob for not having one. I've been meaning to get one, really. I trained them! Whatever. Ok, point one invalid, no comments please, moving on. 2. If you have a weapon that's got a 3 second swing, you hit one of your special abilities and you have to wait 3 seconds for it to hit. FRUSTRATING. 3. I hate melee-ing. 4. I hate the stances mechanic. 5. NEED MOAR RAGE RAWR

Point is, I'm considering deleting her and starting someone new.

And here in lies the conundrum. Let me list the 10 classes we have here.

Druid: my main toon (Ave)
Mage: alt (Airalee, lvl 45)
Rogue: alt (Ratcha, lvl 35)
Paladin: alt (Oliena, lvl 18)
Shaman: alt (Resus, lvl 19)
Hunter: alt (Carmina, lvl 21)
Warlock: tried it briefly on a horde server, didn't like it. Then again, I was a blood elf, so maybe it was just that that I wasn't liking.
Death Knight: made a toon, deleted it after I got like 3 bubbles of xp. I have no interest in playing a death knight. See: eulogy for Evis.
Warrior: Lutu (see problems above)
Priest: tried it briefly, died a lot, got pissed off, deleted toon at lvl 12. See: eulogy for Rosin.

So here's where you come in. I'm going to start a toon from level 1.

What class should she be?

Check out the poll on the left and vote! And leave a comment here explaining why you voted for the class you did.

Once we have a winner, we'll start a contest to name her.... /grin


14 remarks:

coil said...

I say try the Paladin again... I had a ton of fun leveling my retadin. Or you could try dual wield with the warrior for a different (faster) flavor.

Enhancement is also a lot of fun. (: But if you're trying to escape the melee thing, I can't really help there. I'd probably recommend leveling a Moonkin. (;

trizophenie said...

Druid, because... well... it's a druid! There is nothing to explain with druids!

Anonymous said...

Warlocks can be a ton of fun, and have a nice and differing playstyle than a Druid.

Give 'em a try again! =D

Luthvian said...

to quote amy, warlocks are just fail mages. don't bother.

shamans are great fun once you get the totem mechanic down, and they're so much less squishy than a priest or similar, but you don't have to worry about crappy melee like other tank-y-er characters.

did that make sense? I hope so.

Casey said...

I've tried all the different classes possible, getting some up to Outland and others staying at lower levels. The one I really stuck with was my warlock. I've enjoyed him all the way from 1 to 80. DoTs and Demons: that's how I roll.

SneakyFox said...

Coming from the guy with one of everything...

Totems, totems, totems!
They are like pets! But they don't sass and you don't have to clean up after them!
And don't forget frost shock!
So uhm... yeah, make a tauren shammy on Tichondrius :-p

Vargarth said...

Go go, level your shaman!

I too did a similar thing and rerolled a Tauren Shaman, Juspeczyk (seeing as I am a Hordie).

Still a lowbie, but rather fun so far, nevertheless.

Pallymar said...

I vote the Shammy. I might be biased, cuz it's my current alt-interest!

Lissanna said...

As a primary druid player, the only class I've been able to level up (besides my second druid) was a shaman. The shaman has the same sort of caster-hybrid thing going on, with a dose of melee that isn't so bad. I got away with leveling my shaman mostly elemental for a while, which wasn't too bad, other than mana issues.

Raaff said...

Isn't it time you tried some horde tauren druid love?

4shley said...


okay, I voted shammy

Roman said...

I love shamans. Trolls.
But what the point? You should listen to yourself, or there will be one more dead alt.

Averna said...

@Roman: If I wanted a potentially dead alt, I would have put all the classes in the poll. I only picked ones that I was interested in playing again =D

Beltain said...

I have one of everything just to mix it up if I get the healing doldrums with my druid -- feel the need to bash heads I have an enhance sham; the need to blow things up a mage; hunters for some different mechanics of ranged dps... the list goes on. Honestly I voted Priest since you have 19 sham already and waiting for the leveling love. Don't get me wrong baby priests are painful and it took me to mid 20s to start enjoying my priest who's currently chilling at 38.