Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New trinkets from Ulduar!


MMO-Champion has reported on three new trinkets from Ulduar for us to drool over:

Energy Siphon (10 man)
Equip: Restores 43 mana per 5 sec.
Use: Increases spell power by 408 for 20 sec. (2 Min cooldown)

Pandora's Plea (25 man)
+108 Intellect
Equip: Your spells have a chance to increase your spell power by 850 for 10 sec.

Spark of Hope (25 man)
+100 Spirit
Equip: Reduces the mana cost of your spells by 42.

The Energy Siphon trinket is nice, but dps casters and other healers will be vying for it more seriously than we will. The trinket's use is great - of course it depends on what you're casting during the 20 seconds it's up and how long the fight is, but if you use it *every* 2 minutes, it essentially increases your spell power, on average, by 68. A +68 spell power/+46 mp5 trinket? Formidable.

Pandora's Plea has a disgusting amount of intellect. It'll increase your mana pool by 1620, and your crit chance by about 0.7 %. I also wonder how often that equip mechanic procs. Every minute? Every two minutes? If you put one lifebloom on someone while under the +spell power effect, it will essentially increase each tick of that one lifebloom by 97, give or take a little bit. /om nom nom

And last but not least, the Spark of Hope. If it turns out that druids are having mana issues come 3.1 (I'm still hoping that our mana regen won't be terribad, but that's wishful thinking), Spark of Hope will be fantastic.

MATH: A rejuvenation costs 629 mana (18% of base mana). Subtract 42 from this - now it only costs 587.

Let's put it in different terms. If you have this trinket, you can cast 15 rejuvenations, and the 16th will be "free". 16 rejuvs will cost the same about of mana (give or take some decimals) as 15 would without the trinket. So it's not something that will be immediately noticable as you cast, but it definitely will help.

Besides, +100 spirit?? /swoon

My only hesitation with all of these trinkets is in their lack of straight up spell power. I realize that spell power isn't *everything*, but I really, really love my Egg of Mortal Essence and Forethought Talisman. I'd take the Spark trinket over my Egg trinket in a heartbeat, though. A bit begrudgingly, but in a heartbeat nonetheless.

I'm sure there will be some +spell power trinkets that pop up eventually, simply because they cater to so many different classes and specs. Any of you guys seen any yet?


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Jason said...
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Jason said...

I really only see the Spark of Hope being a druid trinket. Actually it could very well be the best in slot trinket for both holy priests and resto druids come 3.1.

As for the Energy Siphon, it oozes Resto Shaman. I can see a DPS caster going for it as well, but the MP5 is pretty much a wasted stat for most caster dps. There are definitely many better trinkets out, even now that are better suited for DPS.

Finally, my paladin's heart definitely skipped a beat when I saw Pandora's Plea. 100 int, and a proc ability just makes him all gooey inside. With kings and divine intellect, 100 int translates to 126.5 int, 1897 mana, 39.5 MP5 from Divine Plea, 25.3 Spl dmg, and .759% crit. Can anyone else say wow?!?!?!

Averna said...

@Jason - agreed, Pandora's Plea is heavily weighed towards the paladin class, whereas Spark of Hope definitely says "druid" to me.

I basically just rounded up trinkets from MMO-Champion that a druid *could* put to use. Trinkets with hit or agi or dodge weren't relevant - mp5, int, spirit, etc, were.

But I definitely hear you - I don't think that I would take the Energy trinket over the spell power ones I have now, for instance.

Jason said...

I would love to get a Spark of Hope on my druid, but we all know that the holy priests are milking the "priest regen is terrible in 3.1" card. Being in a loot council situation, I think that the priests might get priority over a druid, even though the 3.1 mana nerf is the same for druids and priests.

sylly said...

zomg droooooool! pass some of those goodies this way. I just want to look. ::bats eyelashes at Averna while lacing up her running shoes::