Friday, March 27, 2009

The alt poll is complete


...and there's been an overwhelming response for a baby shaman to be created!


Human Warlock: 26 (19%)
Draenei Shaman: 59 (44%)
Draenei Priest: 20 (15%)
Night Elf Druid: 27 (20%)

I was going to have a poll to name her, but I'm itching to get her started, so you'll all just have to be stuck with whatever I come up with =D


BAM! There you have it. Fiorea, and it's not "FEE-oh-REE-uh", it's "fee-OR-ia".

And she's already level 11.

More to come later, if I actually get up the guts to write some RP about her.

Ok, ok. EDIT: She woke up from the crash with her fiance dead, her friends missing in action, and she hates it when people say "The Naaru have not forgotten us." Because what the hell did the Naaru ever do for her? She's trying to find some sort of purpose in her life, now that the person most important to her is gone. She hasn't really thought about that much yet, though. She's too full of rage to do much of anything but kill stuff that gets in her way. She'll calm down soon and eventually figure it out. =D


8 remarks:

Corgii said...

Aww you're on Moon Guard!

Averna said...

@Corgii: I know, I know! I spent a long time trying to decide where to roll; it's no knock on you!... I'm considering making a toon on WA just to say hi though ^^

The Ghost of Warcraft Past said...

Good choice. :)

Lissanna said...

Have fun leveling!

SneakyFox said...

Hehe, have fun! :-)

Icedragon said...

She found me on my bank alt and we had a fun couple hours together :D

Yay for RAS [Roleplayer's Addiction Syndrome]!

Oh, and MG owns -.^

SneakyFox said...

RYN (March 22): I don't know if that would be considered cheating or not. Personally if you want the achievement I don't see the harm in it unless you have lots of people out there trying for it.

Pixielated said...

I have a shammy alt and she is a blast. She's elemental and may be resto when she hits 80... I'm, going resto/feral on my druid and I'm half tempted to make my shammy my healer and make my resto druid a more dps/tank oriented character. We'll see... congrats on the decision!!!