Monday, March 2, 2009

Blast from the past: ZOMBIES.


So, hey, remember when there were zombies everywhere, and we all ate each other's brains? Heh. That was fun. And you gnawed off that dude's arm!! Oh man - and, and the time your corpse exploded all over my boyfriend!? Those were the DAYS, man. Ahhh. Welp, I just dug something I wrote a while ago out of an old guild thread, and thought it'd be fun to post it here =D

/start BFtP

I know I've said this a few times, but I still can't get over the creepiness/awesome factor of how they DON'T STOP FOLLOWING YOU. There's no aggro range that you can get out of.

Story time! I was in Westfall a few days ago on Oliena (my pally alt), trying to turn in some quests. Lo and behold, zombies. EVERYWHERE. In the inn, outside the inn, on top of the inn. Literally, everywhere. 'Aw crap' I thought, as I frantically tried to shadowmeld. After searching my UI for approximately 3.5 seconds, I realized that unfortunately, Oliena is not a night elf. 'Aw crap,' I thought again. 'Well, maybe I can just sneak on by and turn in this quest reeeal quick'. Run run run run....Click. "Greetings!!!" Thanks Westfall dude. Greetings to you too. Your mood seems to be a little off. There are zombies here, if you haven't noticed. They're going to kill you. No, really. You're going to die. Your wife and kids? They're also gonna die. Dead. Yeah.

RAWR. Now he wants me to choose a reward. I don't have time for this. I'd shift into bear form and give him a swipe to the face for being so slow, but then I remember that not only is Oliena not a Night Elf, she's also not a druid. Besides, I don't want to attract the zombies.

All of these rewards suck. THANKS A LOT. Quick, quick, ok the bracers sell for 32 silver but how much is the shield, buddy? 42s? Ok, yeah, just gimme it. HURRY!

This is when the zombies noticed me.

One NPC zombie immediately starts to run at me. So I take off and say, thanks Westfall dude, but you're on your own. So, I run. Run run run. For about 45 seconds or so. I think I'm going west towards the school house, but really, it doesn't make a difference. I aggro some fleshripper vulture thing, stop to kill it, happen to look behind me, and HOLY CRAP THAT THING IS STILL AFTER ME.

It's incredibly creepy to turn around, look across the calm expanse of fields that is Westfall, and see one lone zombie on the horizon still lurching after you. You can't stay still. It WILL get you. It wants your brains. I mean, yes, I understand that it will *eventually* die if it doesn't stop to snack on brains along the way to me. But my god, it was creepy. -shiver-

I think the event is awesome. Is it annoying at times? Yes. Does it inconvenience us? Yes. Is it totally different, completely dynamic and making me have weird dreams about zombies? Yes. Personally? I love it.

/end BFtP =D


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Just when I had forgotten about getting annihilated by zombies... my fps, my system stability...