Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why did I roll a druid?


When I made my first toon in WoW - which has really been my only toon, not counting random alts I made after - I spent literally hours figuring out her class, her features, her NAME (now *that* took forever). I didn't know right off the bat that I wanted to be a resto druid, you know? I had no other fantasy RP games to go off of - I never played D&D, or Diablo, or anything else with wizards or paladins or warriors.

Before I actually started to tear my hair out, I caught wind of something glorious:

In WoW, you can turn into - A KITTEH?!?!?!

I was sold instantly. A druid I would be! I would turn into a small fuzzy kitten and frolic among wizards and rainbows! I would instantly kill monsters with my aura of pure cute! Occasionally, I would use my claws to scratch at things!

Little did I know that you could also turn into a bear, a sea lion, a cheetah, a small-headed furry feathery conglomerate of aminals, AND a tree.

But before I could actually start spam moonfiring level one baddies, I needed to pick a name. I'm not a huge control freak, but I agonize over stuff like this - I want it to be *perfect*. So I sit and think. And think. And think. And think some more. I want it to be meaningful, you know? I want it to be DEEP. >.> I WANT IT TO BARE MAH SOUL TO TEH WORLD

Eventually I'm thinking "screw this baring my soul shit", and I find myself mindlessly clicking through the random name generator. At this point, I just don't care - I want to play, dammit! - and besides, Pete mentioned that if I *really* hate my name later on, I can, in fact, change it.

Ok, gogo random name generator!

Note that at this point, I'm pretty fed up with this whole naming thing.

Penelope - Way too normal. I want something EPIC.
Gettokiwi - Um, okay. Not *that* epic. Ghetto kiwi? Huh.
Saladire- What am I, pissed off at my lettuce?
Fu - Yeah, F you too.
Ayn - I *hate* Ayn Rand. No way.
Arisha - nice. And bleh.
Raina - also kind of nice. Also kind of bleh.
Marfa - Sounds like I'm trying to say "Martha" and failbombing at it.

Ok, so the random name generator = pretty much fail. At least for my purposes. Time for more thinking.

And then, I came up with Averna. I'm a huge Latin geek, and I love Roman mythology. Averna is (among a few) the goddess of death, similar to Proserpina (or Persephone, if you follow the Greek side of mythology more). She's not a well known goddess - in fact, I think she's barely mentioned more than a few times in the mythology I've read. What a cool name though, huh? I was pretty pumped about it =)

And that's what I've been ever since. I leveled her from 1-80 and loved it. I hear about people who jump their mains around, but I've never gotten sick of the druid class, and I don't think I ever will. :P

Wow, two posts in one day. Do I get an achievement for that?


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Icedragon said...

"I'm a huge Latin geek, and I love Roman mythology."

Dear Elune, marry me? I can't say how many times I've sat at the character creation screen trying to think of a Latin name for my new critter. Followed by a burst of "non bona dicta" if the name is taken in a certain case/declension :P

Anonymous said...

Jadenrose, my first character, my first druid. When WoW came out I dove right in on release day (or about a week later, rather). I knew nothing of druids or what to be. I read the side bar information on the character screen. The background for Teldrassil captured me and the night elf was to be my own.

She sits in Northrend, waiting to hit level 80. Sadly, she is one of very many alts. And I don't play favorites hehe

"Gotta play 'em all!"