Monday, February 23, 2009

Resto4Life, you will be missed.


I just learned today that Phaelia of Resto4Life is shutting down her blog soon.

This is a big deal.

Resto4Life has always been THE resto blog on the internet. It's the place that had all the answers, all the math, and wasn't like Elitist Jerks in the sense that, well, Phae isn't an elitist jerk.... at all. Phae ALWAYS responded to each individual comment, and took care to never belittle anyone for a silly question. I never found any trolling or douche-bag behavior on her site. The website was like a sanctuary. Seriously.

It's obvious that she put a lot of love and time and effort into that website, and it's going to be sorely missed. But it's also obvious that this decision was *really* difficult for her to make, and I think it's good that she was able to step back, evaluate life, and actually face that difficult decision.

We'll miss you!!!!

(PS - congrats on the baby!! =D)


2 remarks:

Matunnos said...


The druid community suffered a great loss today.

Averna said...

It's true. I completely respect her decision, but you're right, it is a great loss. =/