Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sixth screenshot tag!


It seems that this meme was started by Maiara, and I got tagged by Leafy to post the sixth screenshot in my screenshot folder. Er, actually, I kind of self tagged myself in his comment page. But he said to! So.

Bwuahahaha. This was from when we first started Heigan in Naxx. It was probably the second time we had tried him, ever, and that was back when the lag was so, so awful. I mean WoW still has issues with lag, especially when Wintergrasp is up, but this was when it was *really* bad. Like, 4 second "cast time" for instant heals kind of lag. The kind of lag where you just spam all your heal buttons and all those buttons stay lit up as they try to process and get through to the tank. I was so pissed that I had died from the flames here, even though I was technically IN A SAFE ZONE. So I took a screenshot.

This was also close to when I first started taking screen shots, period. I have none from when I was leveling, or from TBC. Which is sort of sad. It's like when you realize that for the past 2 years you just haven't been using your digital camera for really anything at all. And then you tell yourself that you'll start carrying it around, and use it, but then it just sits in your purse, and then after a few more months it's out of battery, cause when you try to turn it on (which is once in a blue moon) it shuts off like 3 seconds after that, and then you stress out that you'll lose it somewhere or that someone will steal your purse and it'll be gone forever, and that camera was pretty expensive. But it's not like you're using it any more than you did before.

I should take my camera out of my purse.

Or start using it more.

Either or.

TAG! You're it! If you haven't been tagged with this yet, feel free to post in my comments and tag yourself (yeah, I'm taking a cue from Leafy here...) The first few people to tag themselves and post their screenshot will be linked here. =D


2 remarks:

Vortexxx said...

I got owned the first few times I tried Heigan as well. With the horrible lag I figured out I had to run "through" the poison wall and not stop in order to survive...

Wise Fox said...

Damn, you have already been tagged!