Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dear Non-Healers.


Today in forum chat (yes, our guild website is cool enough to have a pop out chat feature =D), a hunter guildmate told me he was bored at work and wanted something new to troll (Vortexx, this one's for you! /high five). Sensing that a new blog post was necessary, I asked the burning question on everyone's mind - what should Averna blog about next?! Luthvian came up with the following. and Peli was kind enough to answer questions for an improptu interview (it was actually more like one question, and then some rambling. Whatever.). And without further ado:

DPS and Tanks want to know: what do resto druids want? Or rather, what do all healers want?

Well, a few things.

1. "Oh shit!" Tanks, please know when to use all your crazy "oh shit" cool downs. If the boss enrages and we need another 7 seconds to get him down, please pop survival instincts, barkskin, shield wall, divine intervention (lol jk.)to make sure that your survivability is at it's highest. We will be doing everything we can do keep you alive for as long as possible, and we expect that take advantage of all the available abilities in your arsenal that will assist in achieving this aspiration.

I admit, I changed some of those words around to make it an alliteration. What.

Moving on.

2. U r last. DPS, you should know that typically you're last on the "to-heal" list (I'm sowwy). The tank is the priority, followed by the healers, and then very closely followed by DPS - although usually healers can each fend for themselves. I kind of feel weird healing other healers. It's border line insulting. Kind of. It's just a strange feeling. Unless they have like 5% health and I bring them back with a critted swiftmend or something. That always feels good. Haha, I SAVED your ass! Get healin'!

Regardless, here's a very crude yet handy dandy flow chart.

Are you a tank?--> yes--> U can has
| hael.
no--> Are you a healer?--> yes--> U can has ur
| own hael.
no--> Are you DPS?--> yes--> U can has
| left-over hael.
no--> Who are you?--> gtfo


3. Use stuff. I'm pretty bad at this myself. I'll have a health stone chilling on one of my bars for like 4 fights in a row, and it's not like I wasn't taking damage. The warlock brings out more cookies, and I don't need one. What am I, a druid on a diet? Hell no. So yeah - I gotta work on that more. But DPS and tanks - use what you can to help the healers out, especially on long and mana intensive fights. Lifeblood, potions, healthstones, bandages, anything really does help.

4. Stuff you already know. Don't stand in the fire. Don't pull aggro off the tank and get one shotted. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get the adds that are gnawing at my bark OFF ME. Wasting multiple heals on myself just to stay alive when I shouldn't even be taking a SMIDGE of damage is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. If you're using Grid, you can SEE who has aggro. If you can't, then CONFIGURE it that way. If you're not using Grid, then you're WEIRD. Yeah that's right, WEIRD.

um, >.>

So aggro should be on the TANK. Not a HEALER. Get the adds OFF ME. /evil eye

But this is all stuff you already know, right? Right! So, moving on.

5. Pets. We're trying really hard to keep you all alive, really, everyone. That includes your wasps and kitties and imps and Bonemarrowgobblers. But honestly guys, it's unfortunate - typically pets are not high on my list of people/things to heal. Plz don't haet. Hunters, warlocks, and DKs: If your pet dies, I'm sorry. Seriously. I always feel bad when someone dies, but for some reason I feel doubly bad when a player's pet dies. It's not the best healing strategy a lot of times, but I pride myself on bringing back a player's pet from the brink of death. Cause you just *know* that that hunter was like "Awww SHI- oh wow, sweet. haha!" I get a weird satisfaction knowing that I did that ^^

Ok 1. I put a flowchart into a post in my blog, and 2. It's time for me to leave work and go home.

Both of these things make me happy!



8 remarks:

Vortexx said...

Yay more stuff to troll, you rock!

Loved the flow chart!

Luthvian said...

haha excellent :D

@3: as a rule, being an arcane mage, I DO NOT USE HEALTHSTONES. they share a CD with mana gems, and with arcane being as "OMGMANAIEATYOU" as it is, I use my mana gem every time it's off cd. the only time I'd use a healthstone was if we was the difference between life and death, since I cant dps if I'm dead. likewise, mana pot >>> health pot.

so I apologize in advance for that extra heal I'll need somewhere along the line.

Averna said...

Hahaha, it's all good, Luth. I actually didn't know that they shared the same cooldown. Essentially it would be like deciding between a mana pot or a health pot, for me. Makes sense.

Alan said...

Roflmao, you were definitely in a weird mood this morning.

Just wanted to throw this comment in, re: healers healing themselves. In general, I'd agree with this with the one exception -- Paladins! I'd much rather heal you and have you heal me because with Spiritual Attunement, I get 10% mana of all incoming heals. (ie. If we get healed for 10k HP, we get back 1k mana, and it costs much less than 1k mana for our 10k heal.)

Don't get me wrong - if everything is going nuts, I'll find a way to keep myself alive but when within reason, I'll almost always try to heal another healadin before I try to heal myself. ;)

Alan said...

^ Pallymar

Averna said...

HAI pallymar!!! =O

Typically if I see someone with low health, I heal them, and don't even notice who it is. Obviously I know where the tanks are on my grid during the raid, but with other damage going out, it's just like heal heal heal, whoever needs it. Most of the time I'll be doing this, and heal a healer without even realizing.

So it's not as though I see a healer who has low health and think, "oh, they'll get themselves, no biggie." It's more that when *do* heal them, they usually get to it first and my heal is an overheal. Hence, usually healers take care of themselves.

Spiritual Attunement - interesting! I learn something new every day. Is that a passive talent? Or an ability to keep up? Shows how much I know about paladin healing.... >.<

Pallymar said...

Spiritual Attunement is actually a passive talent that ALL Paladins have. Spiritual Attunement can also be glyphed (major glyph) to increase the bonus from 10% to 12%, but most paladins wont do it.

Fuyuko said...

The flow chart is AMAZING.