Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mah UI. Let me show u it.


zomg, ui.

Hey Peli, grats on being a master cook! ^.^

I'm one of those people who pretty much uses the basic Blizzard UI....minimap top right, chat bottom left, etc. I use Grid (along with clique) on the left, and that little tiny box a bit to the right of Grid is my Decursive. I adjust where Grid and Decursive are if I'm in a raid and they expand to accommodate for 10/25 people. Recount is there in the bottom right corner, and when I'm in a group, Omen will also pop up under that (I usually move Recount up a bit on the screen to make room for Omen. Not that I'm really *ever* in a position where I need to look at Omen to check my threat, but it's a required mod for raiding with the guild, so I just have it there out of habit).

Hey, check it out. I'm first on healing. LAWL I R AWSOME

I always have my Swiftmend set to 5, in both Nelf and Tree form. I typically Rejuv someone (or look on my grid to see if there's already a rejuv on them (a little dot will show up if that person has any hot on them that can be swiftmended, regardless of who put it on them), that way I don't have to rejuv them with mine if I don't have time to waste the 1+ second GCD), target them, and then hit 5. Other than that, I don't usually use my number buttons at all, unless it's shift-1 for starfire, 2 for wrath, or 3 for moonfire while doing dailies. Occasionally I'll hit 4 to lolbloom myself in Nelf form, but other than that, all my raid heals are bound to shift-click, ctrl-click, etc.

A quick breakdown of that goes a little sumpin' like this:

Shift-LeftClick = Lifebloom
Shift-RightClick = Rejuv
Ctrl-LeftClick = Regrowth
Ctrl-RightClick - Wild Growth
Ctrl-Shift-LeftClick = Nourish
Ctrl-Shift-RightClick = my oh sh*t button, a macro for Nature's Swiftness + HT.

Edit: I just remembered that I don't have a click-to-cast set for Healing Touch, and I use 3 for that in tree form. I rarely use it, but if I do, I'm hitting a button.

All of this clicking happens on Grid, with the use of Clique. With Clique you can set any "click combo" to any spell. It's really, really sweet.

That little Question Mark icon that you see in the bottom right hand corner is a macro for selling all of my gray items in one fell swoop to a vendor. I got it through word of mouth from my guild leader, so I don't know who originally came up with it (whoever you are, wherever you are: You totally rock). It's really helpful when you have bags full of grays and just want to get rid of them quickly. The macro is this (and again, I don't take credit for it. Note that you can also get this macro (and other good ones) off of wowwiki and the like):

/script for bag = 0, 4 do for slot = 1, GetContainerNumSlots(bag) do local name = GetContainerItemLink(bag,slot) if name and string.find(name,"ff9d9d9d") then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Selling " UseContainerItem(bag,slot) end end end

Moving on!

zomg, bags.

Oh hai, look, it's me!!! /wave
Shen Kang Cheng *totally* feels the love.

My first bag (my backpack) is usually kept clear of mostly anything. When I pick up an item, it'll go right into my backpack, and I like knowing where it is and being able to find it quickly. Right now I have a tiny green ragdoll in there because... well, I don't know why. Cause I'm so cool, perhaps? My hearthstone chills right there in the bottom right, always.

The bag above that one is all my tank gear. I always carried my tank gear on me during TBC, and then eventually I was like, why the hell am I doing this? I'm never going to tank unless I go and respec, and if I go respec, I can pick up my gear from the bank. No, wait, strike that. I'm just never going to tank, period. So I threw it all into storage. Now I carry it on me so I can compare off-spec drops to my current gear in raids (because I'm starting to entertain the idea that maybe I'll occasionally want to be a bear at some point!! =O)

The bag above THAT one is for quest items, which was always useful during leveling. The things I have in there now is left over from leveling 70-80... I don't even know why I still have that stuff. I don't even know what it all is. Vrykul Scroll of Ascension? War Horn of Acherus? Who knows. I guess if I ever go back to Icecrown to finish quests, I'll find out :P. Also, why am I still carrying around Drakkari Offerings? Hm. I wish I could turn those into Relics of Ulduar...

The Dragon Hide bag is all my random and only-sometimes-necessary crap: reagents, fishing pole, tabards, bandages, a variety of useless feasts (the ones that make you bigger/smaller), and a couple trinkets (the Spirit-World Glass, and the Alchemy one) in case I need to switch them in for a fight where I want more mana regen. And for some reason, snow balls. And that bottom row there is the PvP gear I've collected.

And the last bag is all my consumables. Flasks, regular food/drink, buff food (two different kinds.. good stuff for 25s, not so good stuff for 5 mans), random potions, mana/health pots, etc.

I'm actually pretty surprised at how organized my bags are. I used to be one of those people where you'd try to trade with me and it'd be all like "Inventory full" and then I'd spend a full six minutes trying to figure out what I could get rid of. /thinks to self: "Hm, but this stack of gray useless shards would sell for like 3 gold! What about this quest item, do I need this? /open quest log Hmm I think I might need that later on... OH can I combine these two stacks of potions? Ah, no, they're different; they just look the same... well, this stack of grays sells for less than that first stack, and there's only 12 of them here.. I guess I could - " And all the while the person trying to trade with me (who's probably being super nice to begin with and giving me some flasks they made, or some mage food, or something) is like um, what are you DOING over there?

Yay for better bag organization!

Now if only my bank was like that... :P


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Vortexx said...

a) you have too much shit in your bags

b) how do you only have 2800g? learn2farm :P

Averna said...

1. Hush. I'm workin on it!!

2. Also hush. I used to have like 5k! then I bought some sweer BoE boots from the AH for like 2k gold.

Averna said...

and by sweer... i mean... sweet.

Peli said...

Averna, you need to beautify your UI. Looks like I have more teaching to do to you young grasshopper!