Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Malygos: owned. BAM! Also, a kind of haphazard Malygos guide for resto druids.



Our guild downed Malygos 25 on Monday! ^^ /pride

I really enjoy the Malygos fight, a lot. I usually hate quests, dailies, and bosses that have anything remotely to do with a vehicle, but I don't really mind Phase 3 at all. In fact... I kind of enjoy it. Weird, I know.

Some tips/tricks that I learned (in no particular order):

1. If you have two (or more) druids in your group, talk about which people/groups you're going to Rejuv before the vortex. It helps to coordinate so that you're not rejuving the same people, and neglecting others.

              1a. Rejuv is your best friend. Use it. Prejuv anyone and everyone you can before the vortex. Don't waste a GCD on healing yourself until you're actually up in the air, (unless you're getting owned, and need one prior to that), because: you'll never be out of range of yourself - whereas other members in the raid will get thrown up into the air haphazardly, and some will be out of range. You should prejuv the people who might end up out of range once you're up in the air. Once you're in the vortex, I find that putting one LB on people who didn't get a rejuv is handy - it ticks quickly, (whereas you have to wait about 3 seconds for the first tick of a rejuv, which *could* potentially be enough time for them to die and go splat... (probably not, but who knows)) and it will bloom soon after they drop to the ground.

2. Eventually after a few wipes, you'll begin to visually see on grid who in your raid has less/more HPs than others based on how little health they have after the vortex. Usually (but not always) clothie dps and healers tend to take more damage in the vortex, due to their lower HP and more flimsy armor.

Edit: I take that back. They don't actually take more damage - the damage is similar across the board. It's simply that their health pool is lower to begin with. Try to throw a LB on these individuals along with the rejuv already placed, simply to ensure that they don't die. It's all about helping people survive.

3. WG used to not work in the vortex (it always gave an "invalid target" error message no matter who you were targetting). Now it works! Yay! Also, throwing out a quick WG as soon as people land after the 'tex is a good way to start topping people off. Everyone lands grouped up in the center, so you know it's going to hit 5 people who need it. (If you're confused about WG, see my handy dandy posts before this one. Lol. Facepalm. ...sigh.)

4. Phase two! Don't stand outside the anti-magic bubble. Don't die. (lolface.) Use your battle rezzes wisely! Rez someone in the middle of a NEW anti-magic bubble, AFTER a deep breath. If the dead are out of range, don't run out of a bubble to rez them. Most likely, you'll both die.

5. Group up between phase 2 and 3, before the platform breaks. Don't get overwhelmed by all the flapping wings. Once you land on your dragon, fly straight up a bit so you're eye level with Malygos. And for the love of god and all that is holy: 1. Put a lucky charm over one person's head, someone who you know will strafe correctly and stay out of the static fields. 2. Stay on top of that person! Looking at your mini map is immensely helpful. Zoom your camera out all the way. Make sure you're grouped up. If you're not, you won't get heals, and you'll die.

6. Healing on Phase 3 goes something like this: 3 3 3 3 3 4! 3 3 3 3 3 4! (yes, with the exclamation points.)


Ok - except also remember that you have to strafe around Malygos in a circle while mashing 3 and 4, and remember to always stay with that one person with the lucky charm on his/her head).

Start by targeting yourself (yourself = YOUR DRAGON. Very important). Put all 5 stacks (button 3) on yourself. After you get to 5 stacks of Revivify on yourself, keep those 5 stacks up. It will heal you. Which is good! Feel free to put a few stacks on other people too (again, button 3) if they're at low health. Remember that you need to target their DRAGON, *not* them. If you have grid expanded enough, you will actually have 50 different boxes on there - 25 raiders, and 25 dragons. Target the dragons! Pressing 4 will use up all your combo points and AoE heal the group. However, it does not eat any of your stacks - you'll still have 5 stacks on yourself, if you're keeping them up with the revivifies (button 3). The more combo points you have when you press 4 to AoE heal, the better the AoE heal is.

7. The Deadly Boss Mobs warning of "Malygos fixes his gaze on you" is just that - a warning. Do NOT hit your fire shield just yet! Wait 2 seconds (literally, count to 2) and THEN hit your shield (which is button number 5). If you don't have enough energy to hit the shield, don't despair - keep focusing on revivifying (damn that word is far too hard to type) yourself, because you *can* heal yourself through his fire blast (or whatever that is).

So there you have it, Malygos 101. Good hunting!


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Keeva said...

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I am now officially adopting the term "Prejuv".

Averna said...

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I was hoping that it would spread ^^