Saturday, November 8, 2008

Where we're going, we don't need.... roads.


Out of all the instances out there, I gotta say that Old Hillsbrad (Durnholde Keep) is my favorite. First of all, it's a pretty quick instance, and secondly, Thrall is so badass! He's one of the few NPCs that will actually *run* instead of walk while being escorted - he even rides a horse at one point to make travel go more quickly (granted, it's a not an epic mount, but I mean, hey, Thrall is practically the same size as the poor little horse - so I can see why it might not be able to gallop its ass off). And he actually does some damage to mobs, rather than just aggroing them and then dying in 10 seconds like most escortees. <3 Thrall!

The other neat thing about this instance is all the little cameos. For instance, one of the first quests you can pick up in Westfall is the "Poor Old Blanchy needs her oats or else she'll starve" quest (this quest irks me for some reason. There's no rational reason why it should. Perhaps I've just done it too many times on too many toons. Dammit Blanchy, get your own damn oats). Where did Old Blanchy come from? 7 years ago, Old Blanchy was Young Blanchy, and you can find her in the barn that Thrall runs into during the instance. Neat, huh? /pat Young Blanchy

Also, you know in Southshore the little goblin merchant (inventor?) who walks around with his little machine, Mark 1? You can find him in Old Hills as well, with an earlier machine, Mark 0.

And in present-day Duskwood: that huge pain-in-the-ass quest that ends with killing Stalvan Mistmantle? Well, 7 years *before* the Moonbrook school teacher went nuts and butchered his lover (and student) Tilloa and her husband-to-be, along with much of the rest of Darkshire, he could be found napping in bed at one of the inns in the Old Hills instance in Southshore. Yup, he's there, un-undead.

Now, I'm not a huge follower of the WoW lore like some people I know, but this type of stuff makes me want to get into it more. I love it when Blizz takes advantage of something like this and really puts a lot of effort into the details.

My only complaint about this instance?

Druid gear looks reeeeal crappy on humans.


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pockethealer said...

That is a very fun instance, although I think my favorite outland instance is Mount Hyjal. Maybe it's cuz I'm a huge War3 fan and that level was just awesome, but something is really fun about fighting waves and waves of baddies and then beating down a boss.

Caverns of Time was a really cool addition to WoW and I can't wait for Strathholme.

Averna said...

Totally. Unfortunately, I've never done Hyjal =(

Because I started playing only about 5 months ago, I never got adequate gear to meet T6 requirements... I just missed the mark - and then they nerfed everything and interest in raiding went downhill.

However, I've watched on while other guildies have done it, and it seems *awesome*. I wish I had been able to see it firsthand while it was still considered to be difficult =P

WOW power leveling said...

Not bad! I will come back to read more soon

coil said...

"Druid gear looks reeeeal crappy on humans."

OH MY GOD I KNOW. My human version is absolutely hideous. ): So glad I spend most of the instance in bear/cat.