Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Battlegrounds, in order of most favorite to least favorite:

1. Arathi Basin

2. Alterac Valley

3. Eye of the Storm

4. Warsong Gulch

I don’t understand people who enjoy WSG. It’s awful. It sucks. Also, it blows. I would rather do EotS than do WSG. Yeah, it’s that bad.

I’ve found that communication is non-existant in WSG. Granted, most alliance players in a pug BG have trouble with basic communication, along with spelling and grammar. “BUFZ PLOX!!!!!11oneone.” Nuh-uh, bitch, no buffs for you. L2type, and then maybe I’ll throw you a MotW. You know what, I’m even gonna go out of my way to individually buff thirty-nine other people in an AV, just so that you don’t get the raid-wide buff. Eat it.

Back to WSG. Communication is nil, people fight in the middle of the BG (this is not an objective people! There is no possible way to win if you only fight in the middle of the field!). (And I know that people fight in the road in AB and EotS, but in my experience, WSG middle-fighting trumps both of ‘em). (No more parantheses for a bit). (Sorry).

The basic strat: A strong offense runs to the other base, gets the flag, heals the flag carrier as he runs back, and burns down the opposing team’s flag carrier as he comes back. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. Every single time I’m in WSG, the flag carrier totally eats it on the way back cause he decided to go on a suicide run with no healer with him, and he’s oh, I don’t know, a mage or something. Mages wear cloth. And can’t heal themselves. And can’t run fast (correct me if I’m wrong - I don’t play a 70 mage or anything - but mages are crappy flag carriers, right? Not cause they suck at playing, just cause of their build?). OR, everyone fights in the field and ignores said flag carrier as his health slowly dwindles to nothing, OR, everyone fights in the field and ignores the other team’s flag carrier as he merrily skips by everyone to his home base. Or (and most likely), all of the above. Every single time.

Pretty much the only reason I’d ever do WSG is for the small rush of adrenaline I get when I’m the flag carrier. Other than that, I’d rather set babies on fire.

(Ok, really though, I wouldn’t do that. Really. Don’t call child protective services for all the kids who live in my neighborhood. Thanks.)

Arathi Basin and Alterac Valley are pretty rad, because 1: We tend to win them. And 2: See 1.

Before everyone gets all wrahhhh on me here, honestly, I think it’s a coincidence. I know many people who are just as good players as me, if not better, who report losing quite often in AB and AV. I think I’ve just had good groups and some good runs. I find that communication is better in AB than in WSG. I don’t know why. Anyone care to explain, or beg to differ? And in AV, you don’t necessarily have to talk all that much until it’s time to go all in, so communication is less of an issue to begin with.

So. What’s YOUR favorite battleground?

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David said...

I actually prefer WSG to the others, but only when I can find a few people willing to work with me. Doesn't matter if it's a pug or partial premade, 2-3 people working together is all it really takes to make WSG fun and winnable.

I think that most people's issue with WSG is that the outcome is binary. You either win and get honor/rep, or you don't win and possibly walk away with nothing for your time spent.

Also, having part of the team camp the middle and soften the horde as they try to move back and forth. On Kel'Thuzad, one of our normal premade strats was to have eight people camp the middle and keep the horde from moving around. The two would manage the flag running.

Keeping the entire team together for the flag run, then returning your own flag on the way back is also a good strategy. It generally works better with a less organized team.