Thursday, October 2, 2008



All of these toons are proud members of the guild Ascended!


Night Elf Druid: Lolbloom Extraordinaire
Level 80

...and other alts:

Human Mage, Pyromaniac
Level 50

Human Rogue, Assassin in the night
Level 35

Draenei Hunter, The chick with the bear named Kitteh
Level 80 (!!)

Draenei Paladin, 'My hair looks hot and badass but I never get any play time'
Level 20

Fiorea (guildless, on Moonguard)
Draenei Shaman, 'Let's try out this RP thing!'
Level 13

Fiorea (take 2)
Draenei Shaman, 'I liked that other Shaman's name but wasn't so sure about RP, so I got rolled again on the Bonechewer server!'
Level 43

Gnome Warlock, 'Obviously when you subsitute 'Y's for vowels, you get Averna's evil twin. Just more..... gnomey.'
Level 14

Draenei Priest, 'ANOTHER Draenei?! Also, I'm leveling with Kholee, one of Fuyuko's toons!'
Level 10

Draenei Death Knight, Grim Reaper
Level 58


R.I.P to Rosin, my lvl 12 night elf priest. I hated playing you, Rosin, and I didn't like your face. I took all your gold and stripped you of your bags and clothes and killed you. May you be happy in the afterlife of deleted toons!

R.I.P to Evis, my lvl 55 human Death Knight. Evis, I made you simply to rack up the rested xp just in case I wanted to play a DK. Turns out I don't want to play a DK. Although that level and a half of rested was tempting, it wasn't enough to make me want to bash my face repeatedly against the hard cold wall that is Outland. Thankfully, I put no time or money into your cause, Evis, so killing you was completely unemotional for me. May you also be happy in the afterlife of deleted toons!

R.I.P to Resus, my lvl 19 draenei Shaman. Resus, you were cute, but Fiorea is much cuter. Also, your name sounds like some kind of monkey.

R.I.P to Spelling, one of my two bank alts (the other being Crossword). Spelling, both you and Crossword served me well. You kept my low level herbs and cloth safe. But Crossword had more bags that you did, and one of you had to be deleted to make more room on the server to appease my altaholism. Besides, Crossword has a much cooler name. Maybe if you had snagged the name Grammar, you would still be alive. Unfortunately, someone else on the server has that toon name, so it was just not meant to be.

Updated: February 13, 2010