Wednesday, June 9, 2010



I was just thinking today about how I actually started playing WoW.

Me [looking over Pete's shoulder]: So what are they all doing?
Pete: Well, they're just hanging around.
Me: But I mean... why? What are they doing?
Pete: Well, this is a city. It's called Ironforge. People are just chilling here.
Me: But why? Is this some kind of arena? What are they actually doing? Can you fight people?
Pete: No, it's a city, it's a safe haven. Unless some horde roll in and own the place, we're safe.
Me: So you can't kill anything?
Pete: Well, you can kill stuff if you go outside the city. There's bunches of things to kill. But you can't kill Alliance members.
Me: So who CAN you kill in the city.
Pete: one.
Me: Huh.
Pete: Uh huh.
Me: How come you can run through people.
Pete: It's just how the game works.
Me: Huh.
Pete: Yup.
Me: But what are they all DOING here?? Why would anyone just stand around in a city. I mean - that guy, that guy right there. On that horse. Why is he going over there. What's he doing.
Pete: ....I don't know. Maybe he's going to go buy some mats, or sell something on the AH.
Me: What are mats? What's the AH?
Pete: Well--
[Pete randomly opens his bags for whatever reason]
Me: Holy crap, what ARE all those things?
Pete: Uh, well, there's lots of stuff.
Me: Do you actually know what they all DO?!?!
Pete: Yes.
Me: [impressed]
Pete [thinking]: Dear god, I just impressed a girl by opening my bags in World of Warcraft.
Me: But they're all DIFFERENT.
Pete: Right. Food, items, gear, mats, whatever.
Me: If I played this game, I would NEVER keep ANY of that stuff straight, ever.
Me: So can you go kill something for me?

[Later, Pete is in Nagrand]

Me: Oh, my god, there's water, falling from the sky!
Pete: Yeah, kind of neat, huh?
Me: OH! There's a lake!!!!
Pete: Mmm.
Me: Can you swim in the water?!?!
Pete: ...uh, yeah.
Pete: ......
[Pete swims through water]
Me: *squeeeeee*
Pete: You know, if you played a druid, you could swim in the water AND be a kitty at the same time.
Me: [already in the process of DLing the free trial of WoW]


8 remarks:

Martin said...

Nagrand is still one of the most beautiful zones in WoW.

Kae said...

That is so cute :)

Mauro said...

Impressing a girl for opening your bags in WoW? i would marry that girl right there >_<

Rades said...

Haha, the swimming through water bit made me laugh. :D

celticmyst08 said...

Bahaha, this was so me when I started playing because of my boyfriend. *giggle*

lxsli said...

"Pete [thinking]: Dear god, I just impressed a girl by opening my bags in World of Warcraft."

You made me laugh so hard I think I scared my housemate.

Dave said...

Haha, that's awesome. The water thing made me rofl. ^_^

Rheace said...

LOVE IT! The whole story, I love reading stories like this after playing a few years and getting my husband and friend into the game. Great story. :)