Friday, January 22, 2010

A Resto Druid's "Guide:" Marrowgar


Instead of a guide, I'm going to write up the things that I like and don't like about Marrowgar. Because there are many other guides out there. Also, click on "guides." Best guide in that bunch of links. =D

Things I like:

1. There is just enough tank damage to make me stay on my toes. I like that I have to prehot the tank because if I don't, he might take 2-3 big hits and go splat before I can get off my Regrowth.


3. Ever notice that the idle animation for Marrowgar is the same animation as a murloc? The way he looks to one side, and then looks to the other? Yeah, same movement. It's awesome. I believe Clari was the first one to notice this, or maybe it was Aeman. I forget. But check it out next time when you're approaching his room and he's chillin right there.

4. These are NICE.

5. If you stick close to the melee, you don't get hit by the blue flames! Which brings me to:

Things I don't like:

1. The blue flames that he shoots out? They make my frame rate drop to about 4-5 fps. And I'm already raiding with a latency of around 300 at all times (sometimes it drops down to around 250, woohoo!), so this just makes things feel... awful. I try moving my camera around to figure out which way Marrow is facing and my camera is like Move. (pause. pause. pause.) Move. (pause. wait.) Move. And then I'm on the floor right next to the tank and it pops up: "You have died. DUE TO A GIGANTIC CLEAVE, GG TREE"

2. When he does his Bone Storm whirlwind thing, and DBM yells at you to run away? There's really no point. I run in one direction, he whirlwinds in a similar direction. I get hit. There's nothing I can do. I understand that if the raid stays grouped up in a bunch and doesn't move, he'll just wail on everyone, but whenever Bone Storm happens I just feel like I'm running around like a headless chicken. BUKAWW! It's not really that big of a deal, but I just don't like it.

3. When you kill Marrowgar, after rejoicing over his dead body and drooling over epic loot, the very next thing you get to look forward to is Lady Deathwhisper's voice acting. Ugh. I know that WoW has a lot of bad voice acting (although that guy in Forge of Souls is pretty awesome, and XT was pretty great too), but this is just another level of bad.

Five goods to three bads! Not too shabby, Marrowgar, not too shabby. And it's not really your fault that Lady DW's voice is so annoying, and that I have to listen to her as we loot you. ./pat


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Beck said...


Oh no! It's nice that your frame rate let's you know what happened after it kills you, but does it have to be such a jerk about it?

If I was your frame rate, I'd be like... "You died in epic slow motions because you have exceeded the interwebs bandwidth of leetness. So sorry. Cheerio."

Or something close to that... I dunno why I gave your frame rate a British accent.

4shley said...

I think all frame rates should speak with a British accent.

Anonymous said...

Hm...this place is missing something?
Perhaps some music?

Oh, that's right! I have just the thing.
I'll just leave this Bound by Bone mix here for you guys to enjoy.

Sacrovir said...

Generally we British only get our accents used if it's something bad or evil. Maybe the frame rate should be British when it's very low, growing into American as it gets higher :D

theGnomeDruid said...

I actually find running around aimlessly on the Booooone Stoooorm the worst thing to do.

I run to a flame free spot, stand there and cast heals/Rejuv's on whoever is close.

If fire is coming at me, THEN I move.

The first few times we did that fight, it was chaotic as hell, and I did "run cause the mod says to run!" but the actual melee damage on that phase isn't horrible, it's mainly the flame patches you have to watch out for.

Also: I had never noticed the murloc thing before, but now that you point it out, it is SO TRUE.

Anonymous said...

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