Friday, December 11, 2009

So tell me if I've got this right



So, if I want to get as many frost and triumph badges as humanly possible in the smallest amount of time, I should:

1. Run the random 5 man dungeon every day. After praying to the Please Not Occulus God, it'll plunk us down at the start of a 5 man, and once we finish it, bam! Frost badges.

2. A 10 or 25 man version (don't matta which) of the weekly raid quest. That gives.... 5 badges of frost? AND 5 badges of triumph?AND 33 gold?

3. 10 man and 25 man weekly runs of Icecrown. 8 frost badges each, I think? At least for now, before they unlock any other bosses?

4. Ummm.... I think that's it. Right? They eliminated the whole "daily quest" which gave you current tier badges. I think.

ALSO. I thought Rejuv was brought down from a 15 second duration to a 12 second duration. But now I'm hearing that all ranks are 15 seconds? Confirm/deny?

And the new glyph of rejuv ticks faster based on your haste, but the duration is decreased as well. So, probably decent in 5 mans, maybe good in 10s, but not so much in 25s?

AND Gift of the Earthmother just got unwrapped and it's totally like when you expect a sweet new gaming system that you've been bugging your mom about for 4 months, but instead, this Earthmother chick jumps out in, I don't know, a pink bunny suit, and she's all like, "Haha, suckers! You're gonna need some HASTE!" And you're like "MOM I JUST WANTED AN N64 WHAAAAA"

Well, actually, that analogy kind of sucks, but basically we're going to need like 700+ haste to feel like we're on the ball with GCDs and such, right?

See, I was hanging around in my apartment the other day and then Pete was like, "So, Icecrown tonight" and I looked up from doing crosswords or watching the Food Network or decorating our lame little Christmas tree or whatever it was I was doing, and I'm like "Huh?" and he's like "Mmm, the patch hit today" and I'm like "wait, WHAT?!" It's too soon! Oh god! I still have a cloak and a neck from Naxx! Wtf! I should have been running heroics and raiding and stockpiling herbs and reading EJ and catching up on blogs! and Pete's like "Yeah, we're raiding Icecrown tonight" and I'm all like "alright, that's it, I'm getting on this shit."

So clue me in readers, are there any errors in my synopsis? Anything else I should know about? Any other big changes I don't know about? Do tell!


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Raaff said...

1. true
2. true
3. 2 per boss, any instance of icc
4. no daily quest for tier badges
5. rejuv = 15 secs (read patchnotes!)

Averna said...

@Raaf: I DID read the patch notes! Check it out: and you'll see "Rejuvenation: Rank 15 of this spell was providing a 15-second duration. It has been correctly reduced to 12 seconds." but then everyone was saying that all ranks were 15 seconds....

Morphster of Aggramar said...

The highest rank Rejuv originally was going to be lowered to 12 sec to match the lower ranks but instead they chose to raise all the lower ranks to 15sec. I feel your pain on the gear issue. I made a dranei dk on another server to play with some ally friends and retired my tauren druid for a bit. For Christmas I realm and faction transferred my druid but now I'm scrambling to catch up on gear (I have mostly 213's lol)

Averna said...

Yeah, I just realized I was reading old patch notes from October. Lol.

lissanna said...

we convinced GC not to nerf the duration of rejuv because we took a big Haste hit with the GOTEM nerf.

So, we managed to actually get them to buff the lower ranks instead!

Jaedia said...

Looks like everyone else has it covered, though remember, if you still need Triumph Emblems, if you run random dungeons after the first you get 2 bonus triumph and 13g alongside that. So free gear and awesome money :D

Littlebark said...

If you do the starter quest in Forge of Souls (Jaina for Alliance, Sylvanas for Horde), and follow it through till the end, you get I believe 6 Frost ones.

Av, you gotta the Halls of Reflection. The last boss in there will totally have you going weeee.

Keeva has a really nice post on the whole haste thing that we got hit with. I'm still trying to get up there. With all my preparing and being ready for 3.3, I forgot one tiny thing... Yup. I was still at 378 when 3.3 hit and therefore my haste blows right now.

Averna said...

@littebark - Oh, my god, YES. I did Halls of Reflection last night and HOLY CRAP. It was a wipetastic awesome epic fest of crazy awesome healing. I loved it.