Saturday, November 7, 2009

It should be MOAR dots, not MORE.


The neat thing about raiding again on a whim one night after not raiding really at all?

You get a TON of achievements in a very small amount of time. :D


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Littlebark said...
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Littlebark said...

Try two....

Grats and welcome back!

Fuyuko said...

Achievement spam!!!!!!!

Dreaming said...

Hi here, happy to see you back in.
So well, if you want some more blogging fun, here is a little questionnaire for you to answer:
I've tagged you on my own answer ( just because I like to read your blog.
Cheers for all the new things in your life, and have fun raiding again :)

Averna said...

Hey, awesome! This gives me something to blog about =D