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Practically, anyway. So these are some speculated new race-class combos (taken from

-Human Hunter
-Night Elf Mage
-Dwarf Shaman
-Dwarf Mage
-Gnome Priest

-Orc Mage
-Blood Elf Warrior
-Undead Hunter
-Tauren Paladin
-Tauren Priest
-Troll Druid

Interesting. Some of these don't seem *too* odd to me (lore people, feel free to interject with BUT YOU DONT UNDERSTAND THESE COMBOS COULD NEVER WORK). Human hunters? Sure, why not. They're diplomatic enough with races as it is, can't they be diplomatic with animals, too? And dwarf mages don't sound too weird. And to be honest, my knowledge of the horde side is so minimal, that I didn't even realize that Belf Warriors and Undead Hunters didn't already exist.

However, some of them DO sound weird. Troll druid? Wtf. "Ehhh, mon, lemme shift into da bear form, mon!" Dwarf shaman? I just can't imagine some grizzled, bearded, stocky old dude fling up his hands and drop four totems. SHAZAM! And then start to do the dwarf dance. "Aye, bring meh some ale and wenches! And then I'll summon my.... spirit wolves!"



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Icedragon said...

I can shoot one of them down right now, easily. Night Elf mages can't exist - the entire reason the Blood Elves broke off from the original race was because they gave up nature to feed their arcane addiction. Night Elves shun the they'd never willingly wield it.

TL;DR Kal'dorei don't huff mana paint.

Averna said...

@Ice: Maybe when you roll a druid mage and hit level 10, you open the pane to put your talent point in - and it's like, "oooh this talent in the arcane tree looks nice!"


You can't do that.



You can't do that.

Or maybe they'll just grey out the entire arcane tree. Or it just won't exist... Nelf mages will only get to pick between two specs: fire and frost.

Or maybe the third spec will replace arcane, and it'll be some weird nature spec thing.

The possibilities! =P

Littlebark said...

NO! Nononono!

A TROLL DRUID?! Like, seriously?!

A TAUREN PALADIN!? Hmmm, lets see. They're all nature-y. Not all "FOR THE LIGHT!"

Orc mage...

bah, so many things that are wrong there. Thrall already hate Locks because of their magic, I can't see him being all like "Oh hey guys! You can be all magicky too!"

-spaz attack-

Aerivore said...

The Tauren Paladin thing kinda seems weird to me but, it could go either way with how they've introduced the "Wounded Combatant" or whatever quest from Dalaran. There was a huge thing on some WOW site about it. Lissanna linked it.

This brings up a whole area that just drips interest to me, and could open up the possibility of paladins and/or priests for Taurens... Or, which would be hella cool, a new take on Druids. Sunfire, Solar Flare, etc etc... It just makes me go ^_^

Troll druids just make me confused. But there have been a few things showing how the classes are kinda sorta already in the game - Undead Hunter is that dude in EPL with his two blighthounds, and Sylvannas was a ranger (natural parallel to Hunters in most games/lore), Human Hunters doesn't sound weird at all, Belf Warriors shoulda been in from the start IMO, and I hear Blizzard already said they should have, too (they substituted Warrior for Hunter or something), Night Elf Mage I think was more or less revealed in the Alliance version of the same quest I linked above...

Some of these just don't seem so far fetched, to me at least.

Dwarf Shamans are kinda already out there, too.

coil said...

Yeah, Blood Elf warriors were cut because of the 6-class limitation of TBC (Lich King added the Death Knight class, so there's actually room on the character creation panel for 8 classes per race).

Aerivore mentioned the Wildhammer dwarves; my one other contribution is from our resident Enhancement Shaman, regarding Tauren Paladins: "HOLY COW!"

...which was, of course, immediately followed by a gkick. XD

Corgii said...

Dwarves were actually mages in early, early Vanilla WoW beta, haha.

I can see the new Tauren classes being hinted at via the little RP chat in Thunder Bluff, but it's so stupid... Leave the classes the way they are *sigh*

thegnomedruid said...

Oh man, I would reroll for a gnome druid. Totally. >_< Buh bye warlock.

Notabear said...

I'd roll gnome druid.

Troll druid? Blah. I wasn't impressed in ZA and I'm not impressed now.

Nelf Mages? LuLz?

Dwarf Shaman... Dark Iron Dwarves?

Gnome Priest. <- Makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

Dwarf Shaman have been in the lore for a very long time, so it is about time they are playable. I am so making a dwarf sham.

L. Williams said...

I thought Dwarves were for punting (yes, I mean dwarves, not gnomes)...

Anonymous said...

Punt me and break your foot in the process! XD

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine dwarf mages or shaman, these classes are just plain out of character for a dwarf.

I have a hard enough time accepting the existing dwarf rogues... I mean, there is nothing subtle about dwarves they are loud, drunk, and obnoxious. A dwarf could never sneak up on anyone, at the least you will smell the ale on his breath for miles away.

I hope, whatever they do, that Blizz provides some kind of acceptable lore/explanation of why these races can now be these classes.


Droodjerky said...

Icedragon - If Night Elfs can't be Mages, because they shun the Arcane. Then why can I, as a NE Druid cast a Moonfire or Starfire?

Littlebark - Why not a Troll Druid? Have you seen any of the Troll instances, they love the different animal forms and have a love for nature (well, some do).

Personally, I can't find anything on that list that isn't already in some fashion in the game...

Littlebark said...

@ Droodjerky: I can see the Troll Druid thing, if I squint my eyes and tilt my head to the side... but still. They (trolls) are way more savage, aren't they? Though I suppose if they can be shamans, then they can work at being druids as well.


Damn you, Droodjerky. You're not helping my denial thing. D: