Sunday, April 5, 2009



I was tagged by Sylly at Rolling Hots for this haiku extravaganza. The rules are simple: write a haiku about any number of different WoW classes. And without further ado: /clear throat

Rogues: Ow.
Rogues: 'Lolstep, stun stun.'
Me: 'I can't cast that right now.'
You have died. Aw, man.

Priests: Fuyu*.
How can I explain
the priest class in just one word?
Easy: Fuyuko.

Death Knights: OP.
"Death Knights are OP!"
Pfft, chains of ice can't stop me
Lol, /shift travel form

Paladins: Better armor.
Paladins have plate.
Well guess what, I have barkskin!!
....yours is better. /weep

Shaman: <3
You have that totem
That gives me SICK spell power.
I love you so much.

Warlocks: Neat.
You give me summons
And healthstones. And you have dots.
You're evil, but neat.

Hunters: I'm sorry to hear about your pet.

I try to heal pets!
"Charred bones will litter the floor!"
...your pet's bones. Sorry >.<

Mages: My savior
"Aggro." Oh no, adds!
/runrunrun... tree legs - too slow!
'chhenk' Frost nova - saved!

Warriors: Lucky dual-wielders.
Why can't *I* have this:
Staff of Restraint in each hand.
WTB!!! /stomp foot

Druids: Seal form = win.
Bear, tree, or boomkin?
Let me tell you. If I could,
I'd heal in seal form.

*credit goes to Pete/Valis for thinking up the Fuyu one =D

I'm not going to tag specific blogs for this, because not everyone likes writing poetry ^^ However, if you do participate (which you should!) leave me a message in the comments section, and once you have your wow-ku post up, I'll link to you here =)


5 remarks:

Icedragon said...

Can't...roll Lifebloom... XD Nice haikus hun, the hunter pet one tickled me.

sylly said...

rofl! you assailed this meme with epic win, Averna! woot woot! =)

Silvermoo said...

Hahaha, love the hunter one... "Theres always the rez afterwords?" ;-)

Anonymous said...

ZOMG! I want to heal in seal form too....maybe a portable pool... Hummm

Averna said...

@Anon: I just picture us throwing our little seal fins up over and over again when we're casting hots... bahahaha. Portal pool FTW!