Friday, April 3, 2009

Soloing Anzu the Raven God

Occasionally, I'll be featuring some guest posts on my blog. Today, once again we have the rawr-tastic Aeman, who shows us that soloing old content isn't just for the birds. ^^

Who's that sneaking past Darkweaver Syth? It's Guestcat!

My last post actually got replies, so the rest of you have those big-hearted commenters to thank for my continued persistance (I know, I know - it's a resto blog. A cat can dream). Trismegistus asked my secret for soloing Anzu, the Raven God, and I'm back to share.

Before you walk in the door, I'd recommend the following:

  • Heroic-quality bear-oriented gear. I was probably 50% Naxx25-geared when I first started on Anzu, and I wouldn't recommend too much worse than that.
  • A talent spec that includes the major bear-oriented talents - particularly Feral Instinct (for both Prowling and Swiping) and Improved Leader of the Pack. This is the spec I use.
  • A PvP trinket.
  • A half-stack of Heavy Frostweave Bandages, and the following macro:

    /cancelform [nomod,stance:1]
    /use Heavy Frostweave Bandage

After you walk in the door, I'd recommend stealthing. (; With 3/3 Feral Instinct you can easily walk past every mob in the instance, with two exceptions. Darkweaver Syth, the first boss, can see through stealth - you can kill him if you want, but as long as you keep to the outside of his room you can still walk right by him. Secondly, there is a flock of birds in the first hallway upstairs. Sneak by them on the right side, but watch out for one who will fly right up to the edge of the corridor.

Now, in gear good enough to kill Anzu you can take any pull in the instance with very little personal danger. It's not really worth the time, though. If you do choose to, just be careful of the dual-wield guys guarding three doorways after Darkweaver Syth. They're quite mean, and enrage after you kill one. Watch out for the knockback from the Wind Serpents, too.

So, you've stealthed to Anzu's room! Problem is, it's full of mobs. You can sneak in to the near left corner of the room, behind the tomb there, and unstealth if you need to buff. Use Thorns; every little bit helps. Equip your PvP trinket and start pulling! Be sure to CC one or two mobs per pull to decrease the incoming damage - your only healing is going to be from Imp. LOTP, which has a 6 second cooldown. There are a variety of mobs to worry about, but here's a general guideline for each type:

  • Prophets: Either Root these or kill them first. They fear, which you can either outrange (if rooted) or break with your PvP trinket (but save it for dire need... being feared isn't bad, but being feared into another pack is). When they die they turn into a spirit which can actually do some damage to you, since it's spell damage that goes right past your armor.
  • Birds: Sleep them - they're not dangerous, but if there's a bird in the pull that's one more CC you can use to minimize incoming damage.
  • Shadowcasters: not dangerous.
  • Shamans: not dangerous (summon a small add).
  • Talon Lords: Root them if you're not rooting a Prophet. They've got an annoying stun.
  • The Wind Serpent: just make sure you don't pull it along with another group.

In dealing with each pack, all I do is throw up Demo Roar, Swipe when Mangle's on cooldown, and Maul when I have plenty of rage (most of the time). Between Imp. Mangle, Feral Instincts-buffed Swipe, and Glyph of Maul, you can dish a pretty pile of AOE damage. If you feel like it, throw a Lacerate on a mob or three for the Rend & Tear bonus to Maul. Nature's Grasp can be handy if you want to take some pressure off.

Once the room is clear, it's Anzu time. I didn't bother with the bird spirits - since it's only you, any spell you cast is going to trigger Spell Bomb. Just tank and spank him in bear form, but stop before you hit 66% and wait for a Paralyzing Screech. Once he Screeches, burn him down to 66% to banish him. If you're low on health (or even if you're not), hit your Bandage macro. The benefit to leaving bear form is that the bandage will heal a greater percentage of your health in caster form than it will in bear. Since you waited for the Screech, you won't be interrupted mid-bandage by a stun... and since it's not a spell, it won't trigger Spell Bomb! SNEAKY.

Bandaged up, drop back into Bear Form and get ready to take out the birds. You'll probably have to maneuver them a little to get them in front of you, but just Demo Roar, and Mangle/Swipe them down. If Anzu comes back while there are still some up, just keep plugging away. I consider the birds my "regen phase" - I crit enough on them to get some nice healthy Imp. LOTP procs.

*A note regarding 3.1: Next patch, Swipe will be targetless and 360 degrees, but remember that you can't dodge something that attacks you from behind! You still want to keep the birds in front of you as best you can.

That's all there is to it! Repeat at 33% (remember to wait for Paralyzing Screech), rebandage if you need to, and then burn him the rest of the way down. For cooldowns, I would suggest saving them for:

  • Barkskin: the banish phase. More mobs = more incoming damage mitigated.
  • Berserk: cleanup after a banish phase, if you still have a lot of birds up.
  • +Dodge trinkets: Anzu. More damage per dodge mitigated, and you may have birds behind you during the banish phase that you can't dodge.
  • Health Potion: any time, if you don't think you'll make it till you can bandage again.
  • Survival Instincts: the home stretch. You don't want it to wear off while you're still in combat.

Bonus Plan B Strategy
I don't personally bother with either of these, but there are two additional things you can do.
1) Use Regrowth or Rejuv on one or more of the bird spirits. I used Regrowth back at L70 since it ticks for 21 seconds. The Hawk spirit will mitigate incoming damage to you, while the Eagle spirit will damage all enemies in the room. Because of Spell Bomb, you'll want to combine this with:
2) You can pull Anzu into the near left or far left corner, behind the tomb. When he banishes, run around to the opposite side of the tomb and you will be able to cast spells (e.g. heals) without fear of Spell Bomb because Anzu is out of line of sight.

So why go through all this trouble of killing Anzu? Well, there's a chance at this fancy little drop: The Reins of the Raven Lord - one of the coolest mounts in the game.

Hope that works for you, and I hope your luck with the mount is better than mine. (: Oh, and a final note for Night Elves: if everything goes pear-shaped on trash or on Anzu, just remember the last line of defense: run to the corner and Shadowmeld. Sorry Taurens... if it's any consolation, your dance doesn't suck and your Swift Flight Form is cooler than ours.

Well, back to Sethekk Halls I go... Guestcat out!


6 remarks:

dzejkej said...

Thanks for helpful post.

I noticed you recommend using PvP trinket. It is not required as you can pull, then activate berserk and kill that fearing guy. Then wait for cooldown and go for next pull :).

coil said...

LOL, shows how much I PvP... I completely forgot that Berserk clears and grants immunity to fear effects. Nice catch.

Anonymous said...

I've been doing this run since I was in new 80 blues. I'm full valorous now, but often have to do it in pvp cat spec which is, imo, even harder. This has taught me a bit about the pinch points in the fight, which maybe you'll find useful.

* You should be aim to heal to full during the first bird phase. Spells will give you more health than bandages. For spell bomb, you can just remove curse or (sometimes) ignore it... 1k health isn't a lot.

* If healing to full is hard, consider swapping to a healing weapon and idol just before banish phase. Outfitter mods can help.

* Birds do very little damage. If a regrowth and a nourish don't get you to full, then it's worthwhile to throw up rejuv and lifebloom while taking hits. Kiting while you do this will help a little.

* Birds do so little damage that you should be building heal during these phases from LoP.

* Phase 2 is the hard part, if you're not overgeared or tank spec. It's easy to get into an attrited to very low health here. Wait for a screech during this phase, then use berserk to burn him into the next phase. Keep FFF, demo roar and lacerate stacks going in between spamming mangle/maul.

* Use the same tactics healing during the 2nd bird phase. If you're still lowish health, then build your rage up and pop Nurturing Instinct and Frenzied Regen (in that order). This is a GIGANTIC heal... usually about 35% of my total healing in the fight. If you make it to phase 3 with these cooldowns still available, then you'll definately win.

* Improved Leader of The Pack is the only super-required skill for this... it accounts for roughly half of your healing during the fight. The second big helper is Glyph of Maul; it's amazingly useful on both trash and bird phases. If you don't have it, then it's worth taking the time to drop a hot on the eagle spirit at the beginning of a bird phase.

* Try to have Barkskin available for screeches and have demo roar up. You stop dodging while stunned and take a lot of damage.

* IMO, it's worth killing the other two bosses. A full clear takes about 16-20 minutes. Of that, only about three mins are spent killing regular bosses, and you should make 25 to 40 gold in vendorable items. Some of the epics drops are worth 13g. Also in case you mess up, killing the first boss prevents Anzu trash respawns. Killing the second boss gives you a quick run back.

* Proper use of berserk vastly speeds up the run. Berserk to clear the first group in Anzu's room. Kill the serpent and next group normally, then berserk will be available for the next group. Stealth to the last boss, and it will be available by the time you return.

* Trash: The birds and pally mobs in Anzu's room are tough, but can be hibernated or rooted if you don't have berserk up. Kill prophets first. Try to have either berserk or trink available for each pull. Also try to bash fears.

* Cat Feral Charge is a funny way to bypass the bird pack when going in. :)

Anyway, hope that's useful to someone. Here's hoping he drops for all of us.

Wintersdark said...

aaaah dammit, huge post lost. Anyways, a few tips:

1) as the above commenter noted, berserk is your friend on the trash packs.
2) you can los the spell bomb. Fight Anzu beside the stone casket thing to your left when you enter the room. When he banishes, run around to the other side, HT to heal, regrowth/rejuv, bear up again and bank the birds
3) essence of gossamer is your friend. Lots of Sta + a shield proc that totally nullifies the birds attacks.
4) don't go full mitigation/tanking gear. If you've got some good cat pieces, mix it up. You do want to kill him after all!
5) nurturing instincts is extremely good here. It adds a LOT of +healing, making the encounter trivially easy. I dropped Imp Mangle for it and never looked back.
6) honestly, I feel a hybrid cat/bear build is better for this. The build my Druid has now is what I used farming mine, pulls 3500 dps overall in 25 man raids, and is perfectly capable of tanking anything save sarth3d. (Ellayna - Undermine)

Finally, I got my Reins before I had a single ilevel 213 piece, just heroics and rep/badge gear. It's very doable for a somewhat new 80.

Anonymous said...

In ilvl 200-215 gear I don't have trouble with Anzu or his bird spawns, they hardly hit for anything and a pot/herb-life/frenzied regen is plenty to keep me up.

I only have trouble with the shadowmages and time-lost when clearing the room. Their spelldmg goes right through armor and hurts bad, so I typically CC or try to kill them first.

Here is hoping the mount drops for me soon!

Zephryx said...

I got this mount the ninth time I killed this boss, He isnt hard at all once you get everything down, including your own technique to pulling the trash. I'm a druid in all item level 200 or equivalent gear(for my feral set that is since its my off spec) and In bear I barely make 24k HP. I do not even use a pvp trinket though it has proven useful a few times I did try it. Particularly on Anzu since I'm an herbalist, in phase 1 just before he goes into his first banish I pop lifeblood which normally makes up for a lot of damage that has been caused already. After the first banish phase I regrab Anzu and pull him into the same exact spot as I left him, and I do my normal routine and if I start to lose some substantial HP I pop frenzied regen and barkskin to reduce damage taken, this combo normally brings me back to full health or just under, which is ready for another banish phase considering you can pop out and throw hots on yourself when he does banish. After this step, its smooth sailing, I take Anzu's sorry ass into the center of the room and pop berserk a survival instincts and I go all out until he is dead. Rotating all these abilities and knowing when to use them is key, its all situational and make sure to always have faerie fire in your rotation for extra damage and less armor on Anzu, and always have up demoralizing shout so he hits you less hard. Best of luck, happy farming!