Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Argent Tournament: Part 2


You know what sucks? Being sick. I've had a 100+ degree fever for like 3 days now. I can barely swallow, and I've never seen so much mucus come out of a person, ever. It's coming out of my EYES. Yeah. As I've typed this little paragraph, I gotten up THREE times to blow my nose.

I went to the doctor, and she tested me for strep throat. Negative. "It's just a virus. You just need time to recover." Time? Give me drugs!!!

*coughcough* ow.


So, you've done the three days of dailies. You've collected 15 Aspirant Seals, and handed them in. Now what do you do?

You pick up a quest to go visit Squire David in the Aspirant Circle, in the northern parts of the Argent Tournament grounds. Once you talk to David, he'll send out a valiant dude on horseback that you'll have to defeat in order to complete the quest. Note: Squire David is a bitch to find. He's very small. Born premature, I've heard. A little slow sometimes. This map from Banana Shoulders helps point him out. See the area labeled B? That's where he is. Seriously though, it took me like 15 minutes to find him. I was standing RIGHT THERE, asking people in /say, "durr do you know where squire david is?" Of course no one helped me. Sigh. That's because it was OBVIOUS where he was. My excuse is that I'm sick, and not in the right mind.

So you defeat the valiant jouster duder, go back to the main guy in the tent, hand in the quest, and he tells you that you're worth enough to go talk to the people from your home city (they're in the same tent). You talk to them, pick up the dailies, and rock em out.

Now there's another quest that the Darnassus chick gives you. It's similar to the "hand in 15 Aspirant Seals after three days of dailies" quest. Except this time, it's "hand in 25 Valiant Seals after five days of dailies." You can only earn 5 Valiant Seals per day.

So essentially, before you can start actually earning Champion Seals, you do need to do 8 days of dailies.

And what can Champion Seals buy you? Well. You can get various weapons and gear. Nothing that looks much better than great PvP or PvE stuff, but it ain't bad.

You can also get a different mini pet for each race for which you become a champion. For Darnassus, you get the Teldrassil Sproutling (a little mini tree!)

More on Champion Seals in the upcoming Part 3!


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Sylly said...

awww I sure hope you're feeling much better very soon, Averna! Thanks for more Argent Tourney goodness. I NEED the mini me tree!!! =)

Lissanna said...

I've been sick all week, too, but not nearly as bad. I lost my voice and still had to lecture. THAT wasn't fun.

I'm working on the Argent Tournament stuff slowly. I might have a tree pet like 2 years from now at my turtle pace.

Doomkin said...

Awesome! Thanks for the great article.

Hope you're feeling better!