Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More resto druid PTR tests.


Logged onto the PTR again, and here are a couple more things that I found.

1. The bloom of lifebloom does increase directly with the number of stacks. My numbers:

One stack bloom: 2902
Two stack bloom: 5803
Three stack bloom: 8705

So we can safely say that if you have a three stacked LB on someone, it will bloom for pretty much exactly three times the amount of a normal bloom on the current server.

2. I tested out how long it would take me to run out of mana by stacking and refreshing two different 3-stacks of lifeblooms. The conditions were: 17256 mana pool, 569/306 mp5, 2 piece tier bonus, ToL form, and no Glyph of Lifebloom.

I waited until the last possible second to refresh each stack on the two different people.

I ran out of mana in 2 minutes and 42 seconds.

3. As of today at 4pm server time, the reported Lifebloom bug is still there. When you let your LB bloom, it doesn't refund the mana back to you, it refunds it to your target. A really nice warlock named Redchim (thanks, buddy!) cast a few spells to get rid of some mana, and when my 3-stack bloomed on him, his mana jumped from 850o to about 10000.

4. It seems that new glyphs are not up yet on the PTR. Scribes have said they've gone to trainers (nothing there) and have tried doing Northrend Inscription Research (both major and minor) only to come up with nothing. So much for trying out Glyph of Nourish.

More updates to come as I think of them =)


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Corgii said...

I really need to go try out the PTR! *bonks self*

I didn't realize when reading the patch notes before (perhaps it wasn't even in the notes?) that the final bloom was increased based on the size of the stack; that's an interesting change.

Hopefully they fix that bug and give us access to the glyphs soon!

Keeva said...

Still laughing at the thought of us being assigned to the mages :D

~3 minutes is a bit ouchy, but I guess that isn't factoring the mana you would have got back if you were allowing the second tank's LB stack to bloom each time - that would cushion the mana blow a little.

WTB bug fix :)

and WTB confirmation on the Nourish glyph: stack or no stack? I'm so impatient.

Corgii said...

I finally got on and did some testing of my own... the results made me a sad, sad cow...

Averna said...

@Corgii: glad you made it onto the PTR; I'll be looking forward to seeing what you think of it on your blog =)

@Keeva: I agree; I'm so impatient to know if that glyph stacks. I wish they would just tell us.

pantalaimon06 said...

Hi Averna,

I'm glad to see the effort being put into the testing of this change, and the attempt to remain objective about it all. I'm glad to see that there's a basis for your objection to the change, and pleasantly surprised to see that the general tree reaction is very mature compared to, say, your average DPSer nerf ;)

I know this would be a bit of a pain, but any chance you could try this again under a few more realistic conditions; namely with replenishment and BoW, and perhaps keeping lifebloom + rejuve on two tanks (because that's the specific example GC quoted)? With/without innervate? That's a lot to put on ya, but it'd be a more realistic simulation of a raiding environment :D

Averna said...

@Panta: Absolutely. I would *love* to test out LB in a more "true" raiding environment. I'll try my darndest to put something together soon... our guild was going to put together a 10 man PTR Ulduar run, but it doesn't seem to be happening.

The thing is, you're right, Blizzard has stated that they make instances and class changes based on the assumption that you'll have replenishment in the raid. And in 25s, it's very rare that you won't have the paladin wisdom buff.

I'll try to set something up with some of those buffs. If I can't get into an actual raid to test it out, I'll at *least* try to find a paladin to give me BoW. =)

pantalaimon06 said...

Hmm, I was thinking more (and correct me if I'm wrong, I don't play a class that currently provides replen - well, not until 3.1 anyways :P) if you could party with a hunter/mage/ret pally that's beating on a target dummy. That would give you replen, right? And you could then roll hots on yourself and your partner-in-crime.

Of course, if dummies don't proc replen, you'd have to wait until you raid :(

Averna said...

Hehe, I actually just asked a hunter guildmate if he wanted to party up and wail on a target dummy for me to proc replenishment =D Not sure if it will actually proc for the whole party on a dummy, but I'd assume it would. He'd have to dual spec survival, because he's currently MM, but he says he could do it for me. We'll probably both get on there tomorrow night and test it out =)

Icedragon said...

Hmm...not liking the looks of the regen double-nerf (first Spirit, now a core healing spell?) but your numbers are accurate for showing the extent of what they've changed on the PTR. Up there with Phae's renditionson the past :D