Wednesday, February 4, 2009



So I was pulled into a Naxx 10 pug about a week ago. A guildmate of mine was organizing it, and they needed a healer. I wasn't planning on doing Naxx10 that week, so I didn't have to worry about a lock out. I said, sure, why the hell not.

So we all get together in Naxx, summon people who aren't there yet, I have the typical personal debate with myself whether or not to talk on vent (people tend to get... interesting when they realize a girl plays WoW), I check out the tank's health points, make sure I have all my food buffs on, reagents, pots, a flask, all that jazz.

After we get through most of the first wing, the spider wing I believe, I'm thinking to myself, why am I doing this?

And it wasn't even like the pug was a bad pug (we did wipe a couple times, but managed to pull everything together in the end). It was simply because 1. I don't need badges of heroism (unless I *really* wanna work on my mediocre tanking set), and 2. I don't need anything that drops off these guys. There's nothing here for me. Granted, I love healing people in PvE, it's why I play the game - and I think that was the inital draw when my guildie asked me to come along.



*THIS* baby drops:

Embrace of the Spider

I've been waiting for this to drop *forever*. And I completely had forgot that it drops in Naxx10.

AND I won it with a 55. bwuahahah

So at that point, with the combination of Embrace of the Spider AND The Egg of Mortal Essence, I had 2047 spell power in tree form. I remember back when WotLK came out, and my boyfriend's roommate (she's an AWESOME druid healer on another server, in a guild that pushes content) told me that she had 1800 spell power. At the time I had... like, 1420? And I totally died when she said she had 1800. I bemoaned the fact that I would never get there. It just wasn't possible! It couldn't happen! There was NO WAY.

-snrk- LOL


After giggling over my ridiculous stats, I realized that I had taken out the Spirit-World Glass to put in the new trinket, so I lost a lot of mp5. I think it went from 307 mp5 while casting down to 270-something. So I regemmed a couple things (taking out a couple +19 spell power gems, and replacing them with some hybrid gems that had both spell power and spirit) and now my mp5 is up to 291, and my spell power is 2002.

Disgustingly awesome. Needless to say, I am happy ^^


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templar said...

Don't you just love it when the ONE piece you could possibly use happens to drop?

~Llanion (