Monday, February 9, 2009

Wild Growth = Smart Heal. Duh.


So, um. Wild Growth is a smart heal, not a party heal. It picks 5 people in the raid, who are in the greatest need of health, who are no more than 15 yards away from you. It heals them.



I consider myself to be decently informed, pretty good resto druid class leader. I play almost every day, I read up on elitist jerks, a bunch of resto blogs, blue posts galore, and never once, ever, did I come across anything that said "wild growth" and "smart heal" in the same sentence. I also scoured the patch notes when WG came out. I don't know how I missed it, or why. I have no idea. I mean, when I google it now, I see various things about it....

I thought for SURE it was a party heal. I didn't think to look it up either, because I had no reason to. I just "knew" I was right. It would have been like someone walking down the street and being like, "WAIT. Is the sky blue? huh. I don't know. I should look it up." /encyclopedia. Why would they do that? They can just look at the sky, it's blue, everyone knows that, it's not something you have to look up.

But obviously that analogy doesn't fly because the sky IS blue, and in this case, WG is NOT a party heal. But you see what I'm saying.

I'm gonna go crawl back under my rock now.

EDIT: note that it was that set me straight on this. I <3 you, resto4life!

Ok, NOW I'm gonna go crawl back under my rock.


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Keeva said...

/hug :)

Don't sweat it.

I remember the day someone explained to me that Lifebloom was meant to be maintained at 3 stacks, not cast once and allowed to expire all the time.

I felt like such a noob :(